How to insulate a balcony

September 19, 2011
Renovation of apartments

How to insulate a balconyWarming the balcony does not require major rework or a large investment of funds, but it allows you to purchase an extra room. Although in some cases, large insulated balconies can replace a full room. You can do all the work on weathe loggia or balcony with their own hands and at the same time save half the amount spent on repairs.

Usually the walls of the balcony are thin concrete slabs or a metal grid. For a warm balcony, this is clearly not enough, because then you will have to install double-glazed windows, and they can only be installed on a solid foundation. For example, metal forging is not suitable for such loads. For insulation it is necessary to lay out the balcony with foam concrete or brick in half-brick. When reinforcing the parapet in the wall to which the foam blocks or bricks are attached, metal rods or other fittings are hammered to secure the parapet. This laying is a draft, so its implementation is possible even for beginners.It is better to choose light materials for warming the balcony and hardening the parapet, because the balcony is still a hinged structure.

The approximate scheme of balcony warming is as follows:

  • Balcony preparation for glazing;
  • The glazing process itself;
  • Removing cracks and sealing the balcony;
  • Warming of the balcony and the supply of necessary communications;
  • Interior decoration and arrangement of the balcony.

Sometimes there is no other balcony above the balcony (the last floor, for example). In this case, the ceiling will have to do on their own. As a reliable material for these purposes, there is metal concrete with a thickness of 4-8 cm and with reinforcement in the middle. The design of such material will not allow the ceiling to sag and will serve as a reliable support for thermal insulation materials.

how best to warm the balconyInstallation of windows for glazing a balcony is possible only with a reliable parapet and roof. Before ordering and installing double-glazed windows, it is better to invite a wizard from a window company who will advise which window opening is needed. After preparing the walls for the balcony, you can proceed to its glazing. Now the best option are plastic bags - they are relatively inexpensive, practical in operation and reliably protect the balcony from wind and cold.After installing double-glazed windows it is necessary to seal the remaining cracks. This can be done using foam, which is easy to use and has all the necessary operational properties. If you are constrained in means, then it is possible to make warming of windows the hands.

To insulate the balcony should choose the right material. It must have a low thermal conductivity to conserve heat, and its dimensions and thickness must also be taken into account, since too bulky materials can significantly reduce the useful space of the balcony. Universal material is polystyrene foam: it is environmentally friendly, easy to use and has good thermal insulation properties. You can also use slabs of mineral wool. After selecting the material proceed to its installation. The easiest way is to glue it; you can also fasten materials with bolts with screws or special fasteners. It is worth remembering that for reliable insulation it is necessary to lay insulation on the walls (including those that adjoin the room), floor and ceiling.

how to sheathe and insulate the balconyIf we consider the option of warming the balcony with polystyrene foam plates, then it is necessary to take into account some points. The thickness of the slabs can be in the range of 2-10 cm, but polystyrene is usually used 4 cm thick. First, wooden logs of the same thickness as the thickness of the polystyrene foam are attached to the wall on the screws. The distance between these lags is chosen the same as the width of the expanded polystyrene plates. In this case, the foam is tight between the lags and provides good thermal insulation. The main task is to achieve as little as possible seams.
When fixing polystyrene foam plates, two methods are used: plastic dowels with a large cap, designed specifically for foam plastic and glue. You can combine these two methods. If the option with dowels is chosen, then the distance between them should be about 40 cm - for a foam sheet with dimensions of 50x100 cm, it is necessary to score 5 dowels, four in the corners and one in the center. Then the seams between the plates are filled with sealant or foam.

If foam polystyrene is also used to warm the floor, it is worth remembering that drilling it is tantamount to weakening the entire balcony structure, and therefore glue should be used to fix the foam plates.

Then a layer of foamed foiled polyethylene with a thickness of 4-10 mm is laid on the foam plastic and logs - it serves as a vapor barrier, and in addition it is an additional insulation. It is attached to a layer of polyurethane glue.

how to insulate the balcony yourselfBefore the final finishing of the balcony it is necessary to lay all the necessary communications - electrical wiring, batteries or a heated floor. Installing a central heating battery is quite a costly material, but then it is more economical to use than a heater and an electric floor heating.

The final finish is chosen depending on the capabilities and tastes of the apartment owner, but it is worth remembering that everything done will be visible, therefore, finishing work must be carried out carefully.

As for the floor (excluding electric floor heating), it is better to use wood for its insulation. You can put wooden logs, pre-treated with an antiseptic, and then nail the floorboards to them. Under the boards can be laid various types of insulation - expanded clay, slabs of mineral wool, etc. Then the floor boards can be sanded and varnished or linoleum can be laid on them.To finish the walls on the balcony is better to use moisture-proof materials - lining, drywall or PVC panels.

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