How to hire a stove

Not long ago, finding a qualified specialist in the manufacture of brick ovens was practically impossible. As such, the profession of a stove-maker does not exist and does not want to teach all the intricacies of this case in schools. The secrets of this specialization were handed down from generation to generation from father to son, in villages such families were respected and their attitude to them was special. In the cities, this profession did not take root, and the search for a person who, at least to some extent, was familiar with these wisdoms, could take many months.

At present, there are a huge number of offers for laying brick ovens, a fireplace, etc., the Internet is full of those. Here you can only trust at best 10-12% of these ads. How to find the right specialist who can quickly, and most importantly, make a good-quality brick oven in your house, not to mention modern, expensive brick barbecue stoves.

The best way, of course, is the feedback from your friends and acquaintances to whom a similar service has recently been indicated.Call this specialist and tell about your problem. Be prepared for the fact that you have to wait for some time - a really cool professional stove-cooker never stays at home, he always has orders. It is better to wait a month or two than agree to the services of an unknown person or to whom, and then redo his mistakes. Just be prepared for the fact that the price of their services at a cool stove can be 30 percent more expensive than many. However, having gone after Darmschine, you will surely regret it already in the first heating season, as all sorts of deficiencies and obvious flaws will begin to manifest themselves.

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