How to get rid of pain!

Applied Kinesiology - what is it?


Applied Kinesiology- This is the direction of medical science and practice, combining the best traditional and alternative methods of treatment.
Kinesiology- science, which studies movement in all its manifestations (kinesio - movement, logos - teaching), mechanisms of formation of movements and the causes of their violations.
Why is learning movement so important? Becausemovement is life, and life is movement.

Movement exists in various manifestations: from imperceptible to the human eye rhythmic cell vibrations to movements of the heart, lungs, joints, blood vessels, muscle contraction, etc. Because the body reacts to any damage or disease by altering the excitability of the muscles, and this causes a disturbance in movement, causes pain.
Such familiar phrase as "metabolic disorder" is also a movement disorder, but at the level of biochemical reactions. Therefore, the ability to assess movement disorders can be useful for diagnosing and treating any diseases or injuries.
The best indicator of movement disorders are muscles. With the help of special muscle tests, the doctor can understand the damage that has arisen in the human body and what needs to be done to restore lost function.
Applied kinesiology can help there and then when conventional methods of diagnosis and treatment are powerless.
A kinesiologist, using muscle tests, can determine the cause of the disease in the early (preclinical) stages, when it begins at the level of functional imbalances in systems and organs. Knowing the cause, it can be eliminated and thereby prevent disease.

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