How to get rid of algae?

An aquarium with fish and seashells is, of course,very cute and entertaining hobby. Only this very aquarium can bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience to its owners. For example, to clean, wash and feed fish need to be systematically, not occasionally. After a muddy, rotten water in the aquarium, beyond which even the creatures are not visible, pleasure brings little. So, how to get rid of seaweed in the aquarium, which quickly expand and pollute the water?

The causes of algae

First you need to understand the reasonthe appearance of algae themselves. They can grow because they are often disturbed and touched. The second reason is the abundance of fish, which also leads to the growth of algae. Another important point, saving from algae, is the regular cleaning of the soil and the replacement of water in the aquarium.

How to get rid of green algae

The simplest way to combat algae -mechanical. You can clean the aquarium by hand, or use a conventional toothbrush for this. How to get rid of green algae, which grow small islands around the glass of the aquarium? They can be eliminated with a razor, sponge or scraper. Well, the most effective way to get rid of long green algae is wrapping them on a stick and throwing them away from their favorite environment.

Fighting with kelp

There are still brown algae that are possibleremove in a month. This is done with the help of intensive lighting, which will favorably affect the development of useful plants in the aquarium - ambulias and hygrophils. These plants will eat a lot under the influence of the bright light of the lamps, which means that the algae will not get food, which will reduce their growth.

So, how to get rid of brown algae thatgive a lot of inconvenience to fans of aquariums? You can do this with hydrogen peroxide, which is sold in all pharmacies at an affordable price. This concentrate is added to aquarium water and destroys all harmful bacteria in the filter and soil. By the way, hydrogen peroxide is absolutely safe for the life of fish and shellfish.

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