How to get married: 10 tips to help find a husband

on 12.06.2016

At 18–20, the words that it’s time to marry, and it's time to have a child, are annoying, but closer to 25 years each girl thinks about legal marriage. In recent years, there has been such a tendency that men are simply afraid of formalizing relationships, and every girl should be able to push a partner to this important decision.

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How to get married: the advice of a psychologist

“I want to get married already!” - this simple desire haunts every woman, and psychologists say that it is the “aggressive attitude” towards marriage that repels potential suitors. In the soul of every man - a little boy who is afraid to take responsibility, which in fact is the family.

Psychologists recommend that women take some steps that will help to quickly get a ring on the ring finger:

  • Forget about selfishness. It is proved that every girl who crossed the milestone at 25 years old is slowly becoming selfish.Why should I cook and not him? Why he does not give me gifts? Here you will have to forget about such thoughts, and devote all your beloved to your man.
  • Good wives choose a family, not a career. About 85% of men prefer housewives, not careerists. Naturally, it is not necessary for the sake of marriage to abandon their ambitions. But in a conversation with a man, emphasize his superiority, not his success.
  • Stop attributing to your man traits that are not in his character. Many women, not finding their ideal, see in a man something that is simply not in his character, and when He acts contrary to Her desires, offenses appear. So stop thinking and value your partner as he is.

Tip! About 65% of men are able to fall in love with a “little girl” in a woman, so less initiative and more weakness in building relationships.

What kind of women do men like?

What do men like in women? First of all, it is an attraction. It is on appearance that the stronger sex pays attention, but here everyone has their own preferences: blondes and brunettes, thin and tall, short and fat girls.But all men, without exception, believe that the lady should be in time, that is, she should be the mistress, and be engaged in sports to improve the figure, and give the man time.

The second thing that men like is long and well-groomed hair. Hair is associated with a woman, so a beautiful hairstyle is one of the points of speeding up marriage. Anyway, well-groomed plays a big role in relationships: a good manicure, coupled with a hairstyle, stylish clothes and an excellent figure help to find the perfect man.

The third item on our list is flirting. Proper flirting attracts the attention of 92% unmarried men. Flirt is a set of actions that include facial expressions, gestures, and attitudes. Through flirting, a woman sends signals to a man, in which he sees that she is ready for a relationship with him.

Important!Many men respond well to the fact that the lady knows how to appreciate their humor and caustic irony. Therefore, it is recommended that all jokes of a partner respond naturally and with participation.

“I want to get married!” Or how aggressive attitude repels a man

Men are afraid of women, who during the second date begin to seriously think up the names of their future children.In 99% of the first dates, sexual motives lead the strong sex, and if you like a partner, you should temper your own ardor. Do not rush to acquaint him with dad and mom, do not rush to pack your bags to quickly arrange the life in his apartment, because all this pushes away a potential husband.

The man-family man today is a rare exception, therefore attract a partner with your beauty, sense of humor, ability to listen and empathize with him. And only then plan a joint life so that he believes that the decision on marriage is taken independently.

Tip!If for a woman the affairs of a man are boring and uninteresting, then her attempts to marry are doomed to failure. Naturally, many women who are not interested in the affairs of a man marry, but for the most part the stronger sex is impressionable, and during the evening meal it is worth wondering how his day went.

Jealousy - a good helper on the road to the registrar

Jealousy is a relationship engine, but the main thing here is not to cross the line. No man will tolerate treason, but the admiration of other men for his woman ignites interest. You should not be a gray mouse, to which no one pays attention.Stand out, impress, but always focus the attention of the man on the fact that he is your only one.

Do not copy the behavior model of your friends.

If your girlfriend has been living for 5 years with her husband, who tolerates her low economic skills, weeks of “head diseases” and adultery, this does not mean that everything will be the same in your family. Even the best girlfriends are bad counselors in matters of marriage and relationships, so try to refrain from discussing your partner.

Tip! The phrases that “Masha her boyfriend gave me a ring and you don’t give me a ring” are extremely annoying to men. Your partner feels that you are comparing and not appreciating him, because he will quickly try to find a more submissive and educated girl.

You are a good hostess, a tigress in bed and the most loyal friend.

After the child is born, the man values ​​his woman as a mother, and before the appearance of the first child, he rates her as the mistress. The mistaken view that men need sex exclusively is not true.Delicious dinner, cleaned apartment and beautiful appearance - 3 rules of a good wife. It is these girls that men are most often married to in the first year of a relationship.

Tip!Men do not tolerate lies, do not like women who complain about poor health for no reason, and do not care for themselves. In the modern world there are hundreds of ways of inexpensive care for looks, so for the sake of a happy marriage you should not neglect them.

How to get married after 30 years?

Married after 30 years in the eyes of modern society are either divorced women or ladies whose life is unsuccessful. For some reason, people discount women careerists, women who have devoted part of their lives to study or to research. In any case, psychologists say that a woman succeeds in getting married after 30 years only in 40% of cases.

But, as practice shows, marriage and in 60 years is real, just worthprioritize properly:

  • Forget the mantra "I want to marry!". You are a free woman who is quite pleased with her position in society, and marriage recedes into the background. Call in the man his hunter's natural instinct, who will become your assistant on the thorny path to the registry office.
  • You have attracted and kept a man who can become a potential spouse. Show him that in your 30 years you know how to take care of your neighbor, you are interested in his life, and do not ship with your own problems.
  • After 30 years, the whole initiative must come from a man.Let him first introduce you to friends and relatives, call you, give gifts. Your independence in this case is the best trump card.
  • In no case do not push him to marriage. A man can get scared and switch to another, more unpretentious lady. Show your best qualities by treating him with delicious food and being a tigress in bed so that your partner will appreciate your virtues. After 2-3 months, the man will get used to you, and after 6-12 months and will not look in the direction of the other ladies.

Tip!Men quickly calculate potential hunters for husbands, trying not to look like this.

At the age of 30, men and women already have time to build a career, to acquire children and personal views on life. Adapting to the well-organized male life often happens to a lady, so show all your tolerance and understanding.

How to marry a millionaire: where are rich men?

An Arab sheikh or a British prince is a dream for the elect, and the average woman is quite like a man with an income above average. But even such potential husbands have a number of requirements for the second half, which is manifested in the minimal knowledge of propriety, good appearance and obedience.

Yes, yes, potential rich suitors are waiting for the complete subordination of their partner. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the male commander will demand obedience from his subordinates, his wife, and even the child. Rich men do not stand in lines, do not hang out in standard clubs, but the main question is, where to find a rich man?

Find a wealthy life partner in such places:

  • Luxury resorts, but it will require material investments on your part (payment of vouchers, accommodation, etc.).
  • Often, rich men are found on dating sites, but in most cases they are firmly married and looking for kept women, not legitimate wives.
  • Expensive restaurants, but not a cup of coffee here. You must regularly visit the hot spots, becoming part of the crowd.
  • Work issues. You can get a job that involves communication with men of different social backgrounds. This may be banking, tourist points or trade, but remember that men from the higher social strata rarely marry women who do not fit them in status.
  • You can get acquainted with a wealthy man anywhere, even in the park, even at McDonald’s.The main thing is to look good around, calculating a decently dressed guy who doesn’t save, and sometimes even surrounded by a guard who walks away from him.

Tip!The best place to meet is business negotiations, during which you can show your intellect, independence, good taste and style. Remember that rich men are extremely afraid of hunters for their condition.

What kind of girls do rich men like?

In order not to encounter a number of rivals who also want to marry a wealthy spouse, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the style of the wives of politicians, deputies and businessmen. Everything, starting with clothes and ending with a hairstyle, in your image should speak about good taste, material independence and unwillingness to marry “by calculation”.

Rich men marry the ladies of their circle, so before the date, read a number of books and manuals that will help you. You should be well versed in modern literature and classics, the ability to support the conversation will add you a plus. Well-groomed, style, ability to stay - this is your credo during a date with a potential rich guy.

Tip!Even the richest men do not always have time to speak out, so try to give him maximum attention and understanding. Remember that pompous desire, the desire to get a lot during the first date will not help you on the way to the “title” of the wife of a rich man.

It is also worth preparing for the fact that your man will be out most of the time. Meetings and business trips, work and fatigue will not give him the opportunity to devote you a lot of time. The wife of a rich man is rather a profession or vocation than a classic family.

Important! Girls who regularly attend the training “How to marry a millionaire?” Rarely succeed. Long-legged beauties cannot find a rich fiancé for the reason that they mark too high, therefore they are honored with the humiliating title of "mistress." The main thing in a successful marriage with a rich man is naturalness and low interest in his solvency.

Female errors that prevent ring on the finger

Summing up, it is worth saying that women most often harm their marriage themselves by making such mistakes:

  • “I want to get married!” Is written on your face and spelled out in your actions.
  • Early intimacy and motivation "If we do not have sex, he will go to another!". Such a motivation is a failure, and all men are more supportive of touchy girls.
  • Imposing, trying to control a man.
  • Excessive independence, the desire to suppress a partner.
  • Serving a man. There is a fine line between a good housewife and a man’s service, having broken that you lose the trust of your partner.
  • Forgiveness is treason. If a man changed at least once, then continue to do so. And if he returns to his wife, then he will experience a neglect of the girl who has forgiven him.
  • Complaints to girlfriends. Women often complain about their men to their girlfriends, thereby making a mistake. You should not discuss your personal life and cite as an example a man a model of his girlfriend’s life.

Be natural, love your man, worry about him - only in this case, your marriage will be successful and happy. About 95% of men are looking for a caring, tender woman, because the representatives of the stronger sex perceive women as the future mothers of their children. We offer for viewing a useful video from a psychologist on how to find a good husband!

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