How to dismantle the old tiles

October 31, 2017
Tile laying

Today, in the presence of the broadest assortment of finishing materials, repairs in an apartment or house can be carried out in a short period of time. The most important thing is to prepare and purchase the necessary amount of materials in a timely manner. Popular plastic panels, decorative moldings, stretch and suspended ceilings and ceramic tiles are popular.

How to dismantle the old tiles

But before proceeding directly to repair work in a house or apartment, it is necessary to dismantle the old finishing material, which will impede the use of new ones. For example, when working in a kitchen, it becomes necessary to remove old tile material that has become unusable.

In this case, you must use plastic wrap, protective equipment for hands and internal organs, as well as a number of tools. First of all, before starting the removal of old tiles, it is necessary to provide reliable protection from objects that are flying away from pieces that are in the kitchen.In this case, most often cover the floor, pieces of furniture and household appliances. You can use a soft cloth for protection or, in extreme cases, a duvet.

It is imperative to ensure reliable protection of your own body and in particular of the eye, which may be affected by flying parts of tile material. Otherwise, there is a chance to get a significant injury and be treated for a long time. First of all, a respirator and special protective gloves with goggles are worn. They will be able to protect the respiratory system and vision from dust particles. Tile removal is best started from the top rows. In this case, a chisel and chisel are used. If necessary, break the tile surface with a small hammer.

How to dismantle the old tiles

An old mortar fixation solution must be removed. If the tiled material does not give in, it is possible to use a punch from to speed up the process. But it is necessary to act very carefully in order to avoid damage to the surface of the wall. For the most part, the process of removing old tiles is fairly simple, but it requires considerable physical effort and special skills to use a percussion power tool.In the absence of free time, you can entrust the removal of old finishing materials to professional builders who will undoubtedly be able to cope with this rather quickly and efficiently.

How to dismantle the old tiles

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