How to cushion headlights?

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How to cushion headlights?

Emphasize the personality of your carunder the power of each owner, by making all the tinted headlights. And you can darken both the front and rear optics of the machine, including the lower fog lights, and a stop signal on the spoiler. There are two ways of how to sunk the headlights: by painting and toning with film.

  • The first method is completely useless, since if you need to remove the tint, without damaging the headlights, you can not do it and then you will need to change the optics.
  • When toning the headlights with a film, if there is a need for rastering, it can be done easily and in the shortest possible time, and at any time.

How to cope with film headlights

  • First, prepare everything you need:
    • tinted flax;
    • screwdriver;
    • sealant;
    • industrial dryer;
    • technical alcohol.
  • There are several ways in whichto tint the rear lights, but for self-tinting it is better to resort to sticking the film on the glass of the headlamp. Begin this work by pulling the negative terminal out of the battery. Use the instructions for servicing your machine and, guided by the instructions in the section called "electrical equipment", disconnect the wires from the rear lighting fixtures.
  • At this stage, disassemble the rear lights. Prepare a normal industrial hair dryer: put the switch in the desired position, warm it up to 300 degrees. Now the joints of the sealant on the body smoothly and evenly warm up. Hold the heating device along the seam and draw it over at least five times, in order to completely melt the sealant.
  • Disconnect the body and the glass of the headlamp (whenyou can use a screwdriver) and, until the sealant has hardened, gently peel all joints from the formed residues. If there is no special cleaner, you can clean the headlights with ordinary technical alcohol.
  • Prepare a special tint film. It is better of course to glue only from a high-quality material with a plastic plasticizer and a light transmittance of 85-90 percent, which will ensure a uniform headlamp color in any light. Violation of these standards may serve as a reason for clarifying relations with road inspectors.
  • Start evenly and carefully (so that no excesses form) to paste a tint film on the glass surface of the headlamp.
  • When finished, collect the headlights and the bonding pointsscrews, seal with sealant. If there is a vibration during the movement of the vehicle, this will prevent the unwinding of the fasteners. Glue together the glass surface and the body of the headlight sealant, tightly pressing them while doing this. Fix in this position for the period specified in the instructions for use of your sealing compound. After waiting for the seams to solidify, reinstall the lighting fixture in its place and connect the terminals and wires. Check for operability.

Note: in the same way you can sunk the headlights of your car.

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