How to cure a dog?

Dog plague is a viral disease that, toFortunately, it's not scary for humans, but deadly for dogs and some other predatory animals. Most often, the puppy is sick with pups and young dogs up to two years old, although adult dogs can also pick up the chum.

Calls a special Morbillivirus, whichfalls into the canine organism through the mouth or nose of the animal and then spreads throughout the body with the flow of blood. The plague virus firstly settles in epithelial cells of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs and the genitourinary system. Further, morbillivirus overcomes the blood-brain barrier and causes inflammation of the membranes and the main substance of the dog's spinal cord and brain.

Any owner should know how to cure a dog from this terrible disease.

How can you cure a distemper in dogs?

Trying to cure a dog from a plague by usingpeople's means - it's absolutely hopeless. Some home-grown experts advise you to pour vodka or moonshine into the mouth of an animal to get rid of it, but it should be understood that by acting like this, you and the dog will get rid of the dog itself - the pet will not take such an execution and die before your eyes. The dog's liver is not adapted to alcohol processing at all, so ethyl alcohol is very harmful even for a healthy animal, not to mention a seriously ill dog for which vodka can be a deadly poison.

At the first suspicion of a plague it is necessary bothyou can sooner turn to a veterinarian - on how quickly you do it, in many ways depends on the further course of the disease and its outcome. Properly diagnose the distemper and appoint the necessary treatment can only an experienced specialist.

The following symptoms characteristic of the plague may serve as an occasion for addressing to a vet:

  • a small rash that appeared on the inside of the thighs and in the groin of the dog,
  • diarrhea,
  • loss of appetite,
  • oppressed state,
  • runny nose,
  • redness of the eyes,
  • photophobia,
  • vomiting,
  • dry and hot nose,
  • pus, accumulating in the corners of the eyes.

In most cases, the plague occurs against a background of high fever, but in some dogs that have become ill, the temperature may remain normal.

Unfortunately, the scientists have not yetcame up with a single medicine that is guaranteed to heal a dog plague, so your pet will be treated by a veterinarian with various medications. A complex of medicinal products is selected individually for each dog. The choice of medications used to treat the plague, primarily depends on the form in which it occurs.

How to treat a distemper in the beginning of the disease

In the first days of the disease the dog was injectedantiplague serum or a special gamma globulin, which stimulate the production of antibodies. But the introduction of such drugs makes sense only at the initial stage of the disease, when as a result of their intake in the vast majority of cases, the animal recovers on the eighth-tenth day. In later terms, the use of serum is already ineffective, and after two weeks from the onset of the disease, its administration can even significantly worsen the condition of the animal.

Other methods of treatment depend on the location of the plague virus.

How to treat a respiratory mold of a distemper

If the virus mostly affects the respiratory system and your pet coughs and sneezes, and the nose and eyes have purulent discharge, then you can talk about the respiratory form of the plague.

In this case, to treat its manifestations applyvarious antibiotics such as "Oxacillin", "Ampicillin", "Carbenicillin", "Erythromycin" or antibiotics in combination with "Biseptolum". Usually all these preparations are given to the dog orally, in the form of tablets, and only with severe pneumonia, antibiotics are injected. Discharges from the nose and eyes are regularly wiped with cotton swabs, the dog's eyes are washed with strong cooled tea and dig in them "Dexamethasone" or "Sofradex", and the inflamed and cracked nose of the dog is smeared with a child's cream that does not have a smell.

How to treat intestinal form of distemper

With the intestinal form of the plague, the dog has a strong, sometimes indomitable vomiting and mucous stinking diarrhea.

In this case, dogs are prescribed antibiotics -"Levomycetin", "Salazodimethoxin" and sulfonamide-containing antimicrobials, in particular "Ftalazol". To eliminate the vomiting, dogs are given "Tserukal", from diarrhea they appoint a "Intestopan" and decoction from any plants that have astringent properties, for example, from the bark of an oak.

How to treat dermal cuticle

Some veterinarians separately distinguish also the dermal form of canine distemper, others consider skin manifestations of this disease as symptoms accompanying the respiratory or intestinal form of the plague.

All kinds of rashes on the dog's body, cracks in thePads of paws or abscesses on the skin are treated according to indications. It helps in these cases to treat painful skin areas with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory aerosols, such as Polcortolone and Oxycort.

Nerve Dew

The most severe form of canine distemper is the nervous one. She is very difficult to treat. In the case of a dog's disease with the nervous form of the plague, further prognosis is extremely unfavorable. The owner of such an animal should be understood that the majority of cases of neural plague disease end in a lethal outcome.

How to treat a dog from other diseases is described in our article How to treat a dog.

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