How to comfortably equip one room

November 24, 2017
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At first glance, a studio apartment may not seem very comfortable. You can not retire, everything is in sight and the place is not enough. Do not rush to draw conclusions, since the total area of ​​22 m2 - this is not a sentence. What is its disadvantage - it is elongated and narrow, can be turned into dignity.

This room is simply divided into zones: a living room, a bedroom and a place to work. As a rule, one-bedroom apartments are equipped with a pantry. If you equip a pantry with metal shelving, then unload the living area from unnecessary things eating up such valuable space. Buy stelazhi from the company UHL-MASH can click on the link.

How to comfortably equip one room

First, sound out the room visually, then materially. For visual zoning it is perfect to use all sorts of floor coverings or wallpapering the walls, the main thing is to clearly see where one will end and another zone begin.It is best to provide a partition. As a partition, a screen or the same rack can be suitable, it is necessary to take into account the general design style.

How to comfortably equip one room

Behind the selected partition there will be a sleeping area. Only when a person sleeps on a bed does he truly rest. In the same place, it is possible to place a dresser with a small sliding wardrobe, it will take places a little. You can provide a large niche in the bed itself, very convenient. Under the rising mattress there is a large storage space. The drawers that come out are also suitable.

You can save space if you hang a Roman blinds or beautiful blinds on the window. This approach is often used by modern designers, it is very convenient and practical.

If you are lucky, and you were the lucky owner of a balcony in a one-room apartment, clean the window, drain the balcony, warm it. So you can extend the sleeping area, where you will relax comfortably.

On the reverse side of the selected partition, there may be a guest zone. In the same place place a sofa which is conveniently displayed and has in addition a niche for storage of necessary things.

If space permits, you can put chairs for comfort. Place a flat-screen TV on the contrary, it is easily mounted on the wall now. A coffee table is also needed, it just turns into a dining room. It is very convenient when the guests arrived and they should be seated. Place along the wall, which is opposite the sofa, also use. Place there a wall or shelves where you will store dishes, beautiful souvenirs, books, disks.

How to comfortably equip one room

Along the entire wall you can position the wardrobe, it is roomy for clothes, practical and modern. Choosing furniture, pay attention only to the functional elements of the models. These practical tips should help in arranging a small apartment.

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