How to choose a tile for the kitchen

How to choose a tile for the kitchenDecorating the walls in the kitchen requires careful selection of finishing materials that will be distinguished by high strength, long service life, resistance to constant steam, moisture and aggressive household chemicals. In addition, a great role is played by the appearance of the finishing material. All these qualities are inherent in ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen can be used not only for wall or floor tiling. It is used for window sills, kitchen apron, as well as for the countertop. Ceramic tile differs from other finishing materials in its strength, durability and immunity to negative environmental factors. It is enough to buy a mosaic for the kitchen once, and for several decades you can forget about changing the flooring.

For facing the floor in the kitchen, it is necessary to choose ceramic tiles that belong to the 3rd wear resistance group. The floor of the kitchen is constantly under a very large load and is subject to frequent mechanical damage - constant movement of chairs,risk of dropping sharp knives and heavy cooking utensils on the floor. If you need to buy tiles in the bathroom, you must consider the level of moisture resistance and porosity of the tile, and for the kitchen the main quality of ceramics is strength and durability.

Unlike most finishing materials, ceramic tile is an environmentally friendly material, the manufacture of which uses only pure natural materials. It does not react with oxygen and does not emit harmful impurities into the atmosphere. Ceramics - fireproof material - it does not burn and does not conduct electrical current. In order not to be mistaken in the choice of tiles, it is recommended to buy porcelain stoneware in St. Petersburg in hardware stores where sellers will help you find the best option.

Today, a large variety of ceramic tiles allows its use in interiors of any complexity. The main thing - to choose the right texture. It is not recommended to use tiles with a glossy surface for the floor, as it is rather slippery about itself, and if water falls on it, there is a great risk of serious injuries.For walls, you can safely use glossy tiles. Glossy ceramic tiles will repel water from their surface, and grease and other contaminants will not accumulate in it.

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