How to build a frame house


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Speaking about the advantage of a frame house, it is worth noting that it is reliable, durable, durable.
The walls are a frame made of wood, which is the entire load. The frame is sheathed oriented strand board. In terms of material consumption, the cost is minimal. Construction of frame houses price now it is all inexpensive and fast.

By the time the walls are built very quickly. All this makes all construction not expensive at all, because only wood will need four times less compared to a log house. And if you consider that such a house weighs much less, you will not have to spend money on a powerful foundation. The heat of the building is completely dependent on the effectiveness of the insulation.
It is permissible to carry out interior decoration immediately after the erection of the walls, because it practically does not shrink to, which cannot be said about a log house, which needs at least a year to do so. Insulation fill the wall space. Outside the walls are covered with a windproof membrane, siding, clapboard. If desired, they can plaster.As already mentioned, the house is obtained at a very low cost, but if you wish, you can arrange a frame house on credit, which will not be burdensome at all.
In order to eliminate drafts in the house, to reduce the transmission of noise, to reduce heat loss, the heater is filled into interroom ceilings with partitions. So each room will have a good microclimate. It is possible to decorate the walls inside with drywall, but it is advisable to lay a vapor protective film under it in order not to dampen the insulation and wooden structures.
The durability of any home depends primarily on the foundation. There is a lot of types of the base: from monolithic to screw a pile. The foundation pillars are laid with the help of a double-acting drill. This method will cost less than ferroconcrete and monolithic. Establishing such a foundation is not entirely simple and requires a certain amount of experience and skill.
Anybody will suit the foundation of a frame house; everything depends on the estimated amount that will go to it. The most expensive option is a monolithic slab. Although for a frame house it is not required. For finishing the outer surface of the walls use paint, siding, wall paneling, tile, facade plaster, brick, insulation panels.
For heating, use a fireplace, stove, any boiler. This allow walls, floor, ceiling.
Long-term operation is provided by PCBs, which have not only acceptable rigidity, but are not afraid of aggressive environment.

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