How did the lifting equipment

Today lifting equipment is an integral part of production. Need to unload a container or move large and heavy items in stock? Please, all this does not make you much difficulty. But do you know how this problem was solved earlier, before the advent of technical progress?

Unfortunately, a person is not all-powerful, and sometimes his muscle strength is not enough to perform a number of tasks. And this was understood by the inhabitants of ancient civilizations. Here are some facts you might find interesting:

  • Along with human (slave) labor, bulls and horses were used to cultivate the land and transport cargo, which made life much easier in the early stages of civilization.
  • In Egypt, a device was invented such as shaduf. His work was based on the principle of a lever: a leather bucket attached to one side of a pole, a load to another. If it was necessary to move the load on a plane under an inclination, heavy blocks lifted with the help of rollers and gates (in its structure this mechanismsimilar to the well-known winch).
  • The first lifting structures have improved significantly with the advent of the block. On the one hand, this provided an advantage in strength, on the other, it made it possible to change the direction of thrust, which is important.
  • Ancient Greece is famous for its minds, and here it would be unfair to bypass the works of the famous thinker and scientist Archimedes. The theory of the lever, blocks and screws - all this contributed to the development of technology, intended primarily for construction, in that period.
  • Not without interesting discoveries in Rome. For example, the Pantheon was erected with the help of a crane operating with the help of a special wheel, which later acquired a hydraulic analog.

Would you like to purchase a cable laying machine (Bulgaria) in Ufa? But do you know how this branch of mechanical engineering developed in Russia? About this below.

The development of engineering in Russia

Despite the fact that mechanical engineering in Russia began to develop actively only in the 19th century, together with the appearance of the concept of industrialization in the language, and in Russia people did not manage without technology.

A few centuries ago, we had gates, jacks made of hard wood, and blocks. In this case, rope lines and vekosh were used as lifting gear.

Nowadays, electric cranes of the electric type, which are not at all like primitive devices, are very popular, but we must understand that the principles of their work are laid in the deep past.

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