How did Putin come to power? Who brought Putin to power?

Details of life and career of state leadershave always been and remain the subject of increased interest of citizens. The Russian president was no exception: the Internet is full of questions, opinions, and speculations about how Putin came to power. Really, how?how Putin came to power

From the history

The official biography of the Russian presidentwell-known, and yet something will be recalled. On the eve of the new year 2000, in connection with the early resignation of Russia's first President Boris Yeltsin, Putin, then head of the Russian government, is appointed acting head of state. Following the election in 2000, Putin is already the legitimate president of Russia, and in 2004 he is re-elected for a second term. In May 2008, Dmitry Medvedev, the former head of the Putin administration, was elected head of state. In the election of the head of state in 2012, Vladimir Putin again wins. The current title of the main Russian leader is the second and fourth president of the Russian Federation. And anyone who is interested in what year Putin came to power should remember all three dates.

How to become presidents

Of course, the population is more interested in thoseinformation that does not relate to officialdom. Sometimes the question is formulated even so: "Who brought Putin to power?" But before we talk about this, we will think: how do they become heads of state?Putin coming to power

If you take, for example, the country settleddemocracy, the US, then the struggle for leadership here is, in fact, between the two competing parties: Republicans and Democrats. The leader of the victorious becomes the American president. This competition is not so much party programs, as life plans. Democrats are more concerned about the rights of the individual and the social support of the population, but such a policy of fawning often leads to a weakening of the state. Republicans are mostly state figures, their programs usually do not differ in populism, and this is not liked by everyone. Both parties are in the lead almost by turns; This changeability can only be explained by differences in civil sentiment, as well as new demands and needs in the society. That is, in the conditions of democracy, the leader wins, whose program settings are most desirable and popular among the people.

Let's return to our question: "How did Putin come to power?" Perhaps the details of his career and purpose are not always on the surface, and they are not easy to explain. But the very fact of his popular election as president in 2000 speaks of the desire of the population to have just such a head of state. We must admit that the first president of Russia, Yeltsin, has considerably weakened his country, and the society desired a stronger leader.

On some features of the Russian voting

The desire to choose the best is peculiar to any people. True, there is an interesting feature in Russia and other post-Soviet countries: the electorate votes not so much "for" or "against".how Putin came to power cob

What does it mean? The population, choosing one or another candidate, does not deceive himself at all. Voters see the shortcomings of their chosen one, but what remains to be done? The rest is even worse!

Let's remember the candidates in the presidential elections in Russiain 2012. Registered was 5: Zhirinovsky, Mironov, Zyuganov, Prokhorov, Putin. The coming to power of the latter in this case is quite natural. Oligarchs in the country do not like, the hour of the Communists has long passed. Mironov lacks experience and charisma, and Zhirinovsky is generally perceived by many as a comedian. Putin was clearly preferable to his rivals!

Why there is no real choice, why do you have to choose less from evils? This is another matter.

About conversations and rumors

The road to which V. Putin went upstairs, the standard can not be called. A boy from a simple family, a KGB officer, who only took up his first civil service in 1991, turned into the head of a huge power in less than 10 years. Naturally, this gave rise to a lot of rumors about the mechanisms that led him to the highest levels, the patrons of Putin (among them the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky was also called). Trying to explain how Putin came to power, KOB (Public Security Concept, political trend) and does begin to talk about the world conspiracy. How to treat these rumors? Just like to any other - do not take into account.

who brought Putin to power

Secrets of political cuisine (not only in Russia, inany country) ordinary mortals to comprehend to the end is not given. Sometimes, over the years, a rumor finds confirmation, but more often researchers of well-known biographies are simply confused in the flow of contradictory information. But is it so important to know about every step of the Putin road to the presidency? Is it not correct to judge the leaders of the state by what they do for their power?

About Putin's activities

Putin's activities as head of stateunambiguous can not be called. The personality of the Russian president is also very controversial, and any action is subject to complete approval, on the one hand, and to fierce criticism, on the other. It does not even matter what is at issue - everything will have its opponents and supporters. One puts in credit to Putin the strengthening of power, another blames him for strangling democracy. Someone praises Putin for ending the war in Chechnya, someone scolds - they say, we feed the Caucasus. One approves of Putin's war on corruption, the other regards the Russian president as the chief corruptor. Someone condemns Putin for aggressive foreign policy, someone, on the contrary, is proud of this policy.

What can I say! Is that again to remember how Putin came to power. At the time of his arrival, Russia, to put it mildly, was not in the best shape. Shortly before his election, Putin published a programmatic article, where he presented his vision of the tasks facing the country. Among them was the strengthening of state power, the consolidation of society, the fight against poverty, and the increase in the efficiency of the economy. At least part of these tasks he decided: Russia is known in the what year did Putin come to power


Both opponents and supporters of the RussianPresident should remind one thing. In the last election of 2012, Putin not only won - he, according to official figures, snatched victory in the first round, gaining more than 63% of the vote. Of course, it is difficult to call Russia the most democratic power, and there are many claims to the election system. But 63%! Such a result can not be faked even in the most totalitarian society!

The Russian president really enjoyssupport of his fellow citizens, his rating is constantly growing. So the question of how Putin came to power, you can give only one answer: he was elected by the people.

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