Horoscope for the Rat for 2019

The rat heads the 12-year circular cycle of the Chinese horoscope. According to legend, she first managed to cross the cold river and stand before the Buddha. She was awarded for resourcefulness, perseverance, cunning. Since then, these traits of character sacred creature reward people born under its auspices. What difficulties does the horoscope for 2019 predict for representatives of the Rat sign?

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Horoscope for women

Sexy, open sign like the people of the opposite sex. These personalities are economic, neat, hardworking, with a delicate sense of taste. They are tied to the family. In 2019, the eastern horoscope recommends doing the image, changing clothes, do not save on their needs.

But spending money should be reasonable. Women born in the Year of the Rat are prone to unplanned, useless purchases. They love sales, promotions, often fill the house with unnecessary things. It is worth investing in travel, health promotion, the purchase of quality clothing.

The Yellow Earth Pig is a family animal. In 2019, astrologers recommend marriage. But if the chosen one is not in a hurry in the registry office - do not insist. Girls who show restraint and patience, waiting for a marriage proposal. Free women will have a serious fan by the end of the year.

Family ladies, thanks to a pragmatic and active nature, will be able to overcome difficulties at work and at home. Tangible income is expected to be stable. Prudent housewives will be able to save money for expensive acquisitions.

It is important to correctly plan time and effort, pay attention to work, and relatives.

In 2019 begins a period favorable for the birth and conception of a child. Despite being busy, the stars recommend not to forget about the kids already growing up in the family. Otherwise, there will be serious differences in adolescence.

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Horoscope for men

Representatives of the sign love adventure, bright events, risk. At such moments, they feel the fullness of life. But 2019 will be calm. Unexpected turns of fate are possible at the end of winter or at the end of the year. Trips, walks in the night city, meetings with friends will help avoid boredom.

Men born under the auspices of the Rat are charming, amorous, prone to fleeting connections.In 2019, this behavior will cause spiritual emptiness, a feeling of loneliness. Family representatives expect the support and understanding of loved ones.

Successful will be creative work and self-improvement.

According to the eastern horoscope, men born under the auspices of the elements of Water (1972), Earth (1948) and Tree (1984) are more reasonable. They will manage to control the feelings, to maintain peace of mind. Representatives of the Metal (1960) and the Fire Rat (1996), the stars are advised not to go to extremes. Impulsiveness, the desire to get everything at once will lead to losses.

The representatives of the sign of a dual nature. They are stingy, but in a state of love wasteful, make unreasonably expensive gifts. Such financial generosity in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig is fraught with debts. Astrologers claim that the money invested in their own business will pay off in the near future.


Career horoscope

In order to achieve material well-being, representatives of the sign are ready to work hard. Yellow Earthen Pig is impressed by the stubbornness, ingenuity, efficiency of people born under the auspices of the Rat.She will give many chances to succeed.

Astrologers warn that in 2019 it is necessary to lay the foundation for future success. Do not count on instant results. Vain expectations will cause a desire to go ahead. Aggression and assertiveness do not like the leadership, and modesty, patience, it will appreciate.

Yellow Pig - a rectilinear animal. It encourages the ability to work in a team. To succeed you should not:

  • manipulate people, gossip, weave intrigue;
  • shift your duties to fellow workers;
  • to give vent to anger, to lose composure.

It is important to competently build relationships with colleagues, to demonstrate professionalism, goodwill.

Astrologers recommend using intuition, the ability to analyze the situation before making a decision. These qualities are developed in all representatives of the mark. It is not necessary to take up several cases at once. The lull in work is best used for professional growth.

A high probability of getting a promotion from people born in 1960 (the element of Metal). But for this it is necessary to show flexibility, willingness to compromise.The element of Water (1972) gives representatives of the sign the gift of diplomatic persuasion. In order to accelerate the advancement of the career ladder, you will need initiative and openness.

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Love horoscope

Representatives of the sign have a developed fear of low-income old age. Because of this, they demonstrate greed, the tendency to hoarding. But with respect to the beloved one, people born under the auspices of the Rat are generous and generous. If a person is happily married, he opens up as a romantic and passionate partner. In 2019, the second half is expected care and attention, gifts.

People born under the sign of the Rat, astrologers do not recommend divorcing, parting in 2019. It is not necessary to force the gap of old relations in this period. It is better to make an effort to save the family. Otherwise, the divorce will bring protracted lawsuits, material costs, depression.

Lonely representatives of the sign are surrounded by fans who aspire to a relationship without commitment. In 2019, bachelors who are tuned to serious connections should take a closer look at their old acquaintances. It will help to find a half passion, hobby.Astrologers recommend taking initiative, to show sympathy to the person you like.

People born under the auspices of the Rat, caring and gentle parents. The likely appearance of a child will strengthen the marriage. Representatives of the older generation will face family reunification, family relocation. The ability to enjoy simple things will help to survive crises on a personal front.

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Health horoscope

Representatives of the mark are hardy, are considered long-livers. They are active, they like to have fun surrounded by friends, unfamiliar people. But prefer to restore power in solitude. Therefore, at the first symptoms of fatigue, time should be allowed to relax in silence.

If the situation in the family is favorable, communication with family will help restore strength.

Tight work schedule on the background of congenital anxiety, anxiety without reason is fraught with insomnia, mood changes, chronic fatigue. Walking, a course of vitamins, sports will keep the shape. Attention requires the prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums. Otherwise, malaise will make undesirable adjustments to the plans.

Stars advise to abstain from alcohol.This also applies to low-drinking people. In 2019, the danger of poisoning a low-quality drink is great. Excessive passion for alcohol in the company is fraught with conflicts, a spoiled reputation. Astrologers warn of the danger of injury.

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