Holidays in July 2018

In order to properly distribute their free time in mid-summer, Russians need to know what will be the holidays in July 2018 in Russia. To do this, you need to have on hand a calendar with working days and days off.


July Production Calendar

The safest way to find out how to relax and work in the second month of summer is to look at the production calendar. It is approved every year by the Ministry of Labor in order for our country's employers to know in advance how to rationally organize the production process at their enterprises. It has detailed information about:

  • working days and hours with different duration of the working week;
  • weekend;
  • public holidays;
  • shortened days;
  • weekend shifts.

Holidays in July 2018

Based on this calendar, in July there will be the following picture with holidays and weekends:

Number of days in the month: 31
Number of working days: 22
Weekend: 9
Public holidays: 0
Weekend transfer 0
Short days: 0

Despite the fact that in July there will be no public holidays, with relying on holidays, the Russians will not be deprived of professional holidays.This should be taken into account if you do not want to be trapped, not congratulating someone of your friends on one of the professional holidays celebrated in July. If among your friends there are: fishermen, traffic police, firefighters, lawyers, metallurgists, cadastral engineers, river police, parachutists, investigators, system administrators, trade workers and seamen, then you should already look for gifts and congratulations.

Holidays in July 2018 in Russia. How to relax, calendar

July professional holidays

  • 07/03/18 - Day of the traffic police;
  • 07/08/18 - Day of workers of the sea and river fleet;
  • 07/11/18 - Day of the light operator;
  • 15. 07.18 - Fisherman's Day and the Day of Russian postal workers;
  • 07/18/18 - Day of Fire Supervision;
  • 19.07.18 - Day of the Legal Service of the Ministry of the Interior;
  • 07.22.18 - Day of the Metallurgist;
  • 07/24/18 - Day of the cadastral engineer;
  • 07/25/18 - Day of the investigative officer, Day of the river police;
  • 07.26.18 - Day of the parachutist;
  • 07.27.18 - Day of the system administrator;
  • 07.28.18 - Day of Trade Worker and Day of PR Specialist;
  • 07/29/18 - Day of the Navy.

Unofficial holidays in Russia

These days are dedicated to outstanding events in the history of our state. And although they are not weekends, these days are widely celebrated by the public.

  • 07/01/18 - Day of the celebration of the voluntary entry of Buryatia into the Russian state;
  • 07.07.18 - Day of the victory of the Russian fleet over the Turkish fleet in the Chesma battle;
  • 07/08/18 - Day of Family, Love and Loyalty;
  • 07/10/18 - Victory Day of the Russian army in the Battle of Poltava;
  • 07/17/18 - Foundation Day of Naval Aviation;
  • 07/28/18 - Day of the Baptism of Rus.

World Holidays

In Russia, international holidays will not go unnoticed. Those who love sweets will celebrate the Day of jam, cake and chocolate with pleasure. People interested in the life of marine animals and the problems associated with them will certainly take part in the celebration of the Day of the whales and dolphins. Young people are happy to celebrate the Day of Friendship and Kiss. In July there will even be a holiday dedicated to UFOs. It will be celebrated not only by ufologists, but by all those who believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

  • 07/02/18 - International Day of Sports Journalist, World UFO Day;
  • 07/03/18 - Independence Day of Belarus;
  • 07/06/18 - World Kiss Day;
  • 07.07.18 - International Day of Cooperation and World Architecture Day;
  • 07/08/18 - World Allergy Day;
  • 07/11/18 - World Population Day and World Chocolate Day;
  • 07/12/18 - World Civil Aviation Flight Attendant Day;
  • 07/15/18 - World Youth Skills Day;
  • 07/20/18 - International Chess Day and International Cake Day;
  • 07.23.18 - World Day of Whales and Dolphins;
  • 07.28.18 - World Hepatitis Day;
  • 07/29/18 - International Tiger Day;
  • 07/30/18 - International Friendship Day.

Holidays in July 2018 in Russia. How to relax, calendar

Church Holidays Calendar

  • 07/01/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 28 day
    Martyrs Leontius, Hypatius and Theodula,
    Rev. Leontius, Canonist of Pechersk;
  • 07/02/18 - Petrov Fasting (Apostolic) Day 29
    Apostle Jude of Jacob, brother of the Lord,
    St. Job, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia,
    St. John the Wonderworker (Maximovich), Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco,
    Rev. Paisius the Great;
  • 07/03/18 - Petrov Fasting (Apostolic) Day 30
    Martyr Methodius, Bishop of Patara,
    Blessed Prince Gleb Vladimirsky,
    The transfer of the relics of St. Gury, the Archbishop of Kazan;
  • 07/04/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 31 day
    Martyr Julian of Tarsus,
    Finding the relics of St. Maxim the Greek,
    Martyr Terenty, Bishop of Iconium;
  • 07/05/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 32 day;
  • 07/06/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 33 day,
    Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God,
    St. Vladimir's Cathedral,
    Martyr Agrippina of Rome
    Righteous boy Artemy Verkolsky,
    The second transfer of the relics of St. Herman, Archbishop of Kazan and Sviazhsky;
  • 07/07/18 - The Nativity of John the Forerunner
    Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 34 day,
    Rev. Anthony Dymsky,
    The righteous youths of James and John of Menu;
  • 07/08/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 35 day,
    Blessed Princes Peter (in monasticism of David) and Fevronia (in monasticism of Euphrosyne), Murom miracle-workers;
  • 07/09/18 - Petrov Fasting (Apostolic) 36 day
    St. Dionysius, Archbishop of Suzdal,
    Finding the relics of St. Tikhon Lukhovsky, Kostroma miracle worker;
  • 07/10/18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 37 day,
    Rev. Sampson the Wanderer,
    Finding the relics of St. Ambrose of Optina;
  • 11.07.18 - Petrov fasting (Apostolic) 38 day,
    Icon of the Mother of God: "Three-handed"
    The transfer of the relics of the martyrs of the unmercenaries and wonderworkers Cyrus and John,
    St. Sergius and Herman, Valaam miracle-workers,
    Rev. Xenophon of Robeisk, Hegumen;
  • 07/12/18 - Holy Apostles Peter and Paul;
  • 13.07.18 - The Cathedral of the glorious and all the 12 apostles: Peter, Andrew,his brother, James Zebedee, John, his brother, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James Alpheus, Judah James, or Thaddeus, Simon the Zealot and Matthias,
    Glorification of St. Sophrony, Bishop of Irkutsk;
  • 07/14/18 - Unmercenaries of the martyrs Cosmas and Damian, in Rome victims;
  • 07/15/18 - The position of the Holy Robe of the Most Holy Theotokos in Vlacherna,
    St. Photius, Metropolitan Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia,
  • 07/16/18 - Transfer of the relics of St. Philip (Kolychev), Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, wonderworker,
    Martyr Iakinf of Rome,
    Blessed Princes Vasily and Konstantin Yaroslavsky,
    St. Basil, Bishop of Ryazan,
    Venerable Anatoliy of Pechersk,
    Rev. John and Longin Yarengskikh
    Blessed John, Christ for the foolish, Moscow,
    Rev. Nicodemus Kozheezersky;
  • 07/17/18 - The Passion-Bearers of Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexy, Grand Duchess Olga, Tatiana, Mary and Anastasia,
    Rev. Andrei Rublev, icon painter,
    Blessed Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky,
    St. Andrew of Crete, the Archbishop,
    Rev. Martha of Antioch, mother of Simeon Divnogorets,
    Finding the relics of St. Euthymius, Suzdal miracle worker;
  • 07/18/18 - Rev. Athanasius, Hegumen of Athos,
    Finding the honest relics of St. Sergius, Abbot of Radonezh, All Russia wonderworker,
    Monastic Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and the nun Barbara (Yakovleva);
  • 07/19/18 - The Cathedral of the Radonezh Saints,
    Venerable Sisoi the Great and Sisoi, the Scheme of Pechersk;
  • 07/20/18 - Grand Duchess of Moscow,
    Rev. Thomas Malein,
    Rev. Acacius of Sinai,
    Martyr Kyriakia (Nedela) of Nicomedia;
  • 21.07.18 - Appearance of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city of Kazan,
    Martyr Procopius
    Righteous Procopius, Christ for the foolish, Ustyug miracle worker;
  • 07/22/18 - Holy Martyr Pankratia, Bishop of Tavromeni,
    St. Theodore, Bishop of Edessa
    Martyr Cyril, Bishop of Gortinsky
  • 07/23/18 - The position of the honest robe of our Lord Jesus Christ in Moscow,
    45 Martyrs in Nikopol Armenian: Leonty, Mauritius, Daniel, Anthony, Alexander, Ianikita (Anikita), Sisiniya, Menei, Virylada and others,
    Rev. Anthony of Kiev-Pechersk, chief of all Russian monks,
    Rev. Silvanus, schema of Pechersk, in the Far Caves;
  • 07/24/18 - Equal to the Apostles Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia, in the Holy Baptism of Helen,
    The remembrance of the miracle of the great martyr Euphemia of the All-martyr, and the like, become established;
  • 07/25/18 - Icons of the Mother of God: "Three-armed woman"
  • Martyrs Proclus and Hilaria
    Rev. Michael Malein, Hegumen,
    St. Arseny of Novgorod,
    Martyrs Theodore Varyag and his son John of Pechersk, in Kiev,
    Martyr Simon Volomsky, hegumen;
  • 07.26.18 - The Cathedral of the Archangel Gabriel,
    Rev. Stefan Savvait;
  • 07.27.18 - Apostles from Akila 70,
    Rev. Stefan of Makhrishchy,
    Rev. Nicodemus Svyatogorts,

  • 07.28.18 - Equal to the Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir (in Holy Baptism of Vasily),
    Martyr Kirik and the Martyr Iulitta;
  • 07/29/18 - The Holy Martyr Afinogen, Bishop of Pidahhoisky, and his ten disciples;
  • 07/30/18 - Great Martyrs Marina (Margaret) of Antioch,
    Rev. Irinarch Solovetsky, Abbot,
    Rev. Leonid of Ustredum, hieromonk;
  • 07/31/18 - The Martyr Emilian Dorostolsky
    Martyr Iakinf of Amastria,
    St. John the Long-suffering, Pechersk,
    Rev. Pamvy, reclusive Pechersk and Pamva (Pamvo) hermit Nitri.

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