Holiday in Loo in 2019

Summer time - the time of hot days, holidays and vacations. And everyone wants to relax, recharge with positive energy for a whole year.

Someone for this goes to the mountains, someone spends the summer in the country, some like international flights and foreign resorts. But if none of the above options suits you, then the best choice for you will be a vacation in 2019 on the seashore in Loo.

If it seems to you that Loo is the name of some Far Eastern town located in China or Japan, then you are mistaken. In fact, Loo is a small Black Sea village located within the Greater Sochi.

A little about the area

About rest in Sochi heard almost everything. Loo village is actually part of a huge resort town and is located about 22 km from the Sochi city center.

The blue sea, the close mountains and the cleanest air of the Caucasus Nature Reserve and the Sochi National Park, which are true wealth, give guests not only excellent rest, but also the opportunity to improve their own health.

Unlike most of these villages and towns, which are stretched to the depths, climbing mountains, Loo concentrated its territory along the coast.

Here, almost all the houses are located in close proximity to the sea. The best beaches of the coast have become good neighbors to human housing, so finding it by the sea is not problematic here.

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From May to the very end of September, the cleanest sea beaches of Loo await their guests. There is always plenty of space here, everyone can find a cozy corner where they can sunbathe and approach the water. In addition, the guests of the village can always count on entertainment, of which there are many.

Horse rest

Not everyone wants to spend their entire vacation on the beach. In Loo take into account the different approaches of people to rest and help to organize an interesting active leisure. Just look around, and you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself:

Fans of equestrian sports can spend their leisure time with pleasure, turning to the Horse-riding base “Paradise delight”. This is one of the most popular establishments in the village. Here you can not only learn to ride a horse, but also spend a lot of time in the lap of nature with the animals.

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In order to make horse riding more interesting, tourists are given small excursions-walks in the surroundings, and they also organize interesting excursions to sights located at some distance from Loo. Each of them is developed individually, taking into account the tastes, desires and skills of the rider of each client.

In addition, the duration of the tour may also vary, in accordance with the physical condition and endurance of tourists. Obedient and calm horses, which are used for the tour, will not disturb the riders, diverting all attention to themselves.

Thanks to the care of the staff, you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature and communication with intelligent animals. Not only experienced riders can go to such trips, but also beginners as well as children.

Mountain SUV excursion

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For those who like to relax at the wheel of an SUV, a special tour of the Caucasus Mountains is organized. Wonderful bird's-eye views of the sea, steep descents and ascents, the roar of the engine and road dust - these are the features of such a journey.

This type of extreme recreation will appeal to active tourists who are tired of the smoothed roads of modern cities.

The excursion is organized in such a way that everyone can enjoy the magnificent canyons and grottoes, waterfalls and gorges, which are not visible from the village. Such "secret" places - a great place for romantic meetings, because not everyone can boast that he visited such interesting places with his beloved.

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The excursion tour includes scheduled stops in mountain villages, where you can enjoy real Caucasian cuisine, pure spring water and just inhale clean mountain air. After a hot beach and sunbathing, immersion in the coolness of mountain silence and turbulent river flows will give you amazing emotions in its strength and purity.


Do you like scuba diving? Or maybe you want to learn to dive with him into the depths of the sea? Then you have direct access to the Aquantis dive center. A flurry of amazement and joy that you get when you look at the underwater world will simply flood you, warming not only during the holiday period, but even in winter days.

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Memories of the life of fish, crabs, mollusks and algae, which you will observe live, will support you at any time and will give you peace of mind in stressful situations.Here you can get uniforms, which instructors will teach you to handle. With their help, you will experience an exciting, but completely safe adventure.

Tea ceremony

Those who like to learn something new about our country, it will be very useful to visit the tea houses. Built in Soviet times, they were used for meetings with foreign delegations. Cozy and original, they can tell a lot about Russian hospitality.

In addition, here you can learn the history of the most northern tea, which is grown in this region. Uch-Der, a village in the mountains, where the Tea Houses are located, is located approximately in the middle of the road from Loo to Dagomys.

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Getting to the place of the most interesting excursion to the world of Russian tea, you can enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery.

In the village a lot of places that offer meals at reasonable prices. Houses and houses are also not expensive, the prices for them depend mainly on the size and equipment, because the whole village is located almost on the very coast.

Other sights

There is a dolphinarium in Loo, as well as guided tours to places such as the Witches Gorge, Mamedovo Gorge,Berendeevo Kingdom, the gorge "Wonderful Beauty", 33 waterfalls, the valley of the river Ashe and many other interesting places. Those who love picnics will be able to use special picnic grounds located in incredibly beautiful places.

Night discos and excursions in the evening Sochi will delight those who love the real "nightlife of the city."

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