Highlighting hair in 2019: fashionable colors and types


Hot beauty trend of 2019 - highlighting of beybilayts. This type of coloring came up with Jack Howard - the author of three fashionable methods of coloring. The principle of a baybilights is a combination of traditional highlighting and balayazh. The result surpasses all expectations - strands look like they burned out in the sun. It is no coincidence that the second name is “kiss of the sun”. Thanks to the smooth transitions, the hair looks as natural as possible, and the correctly chosen tones and the good location of the “burnt out” curls make the hair style lush and voluminous, even without styling.

Fashionable 2018 BabybillsHighlighting of Beybilayts for 2019


Balayazh invented in France in the 70s of the last century, but it still does not go out of fashion. It is considered a universal type of coloring, which looks good on both dark and blond hair. Balayazh adds style and grace to the image, favorably emphasizes the shape of the face and refreshes. At the same time, it looks natural, because for work the master uses paint 1-2 times lighter than the natural shade of hair.Balayazh - a practical option for girls who can not often visit the salon to update hair.

Fashionable balayazh staining for 2019Fashionable balayazh staining for 2019
Balajazh fashion 2019Balajazh fashion 2019
Fashion balayazh 2019Fashion balayazh 2019


In 2019, it will not lose its relevance of obmre - a real gift for dark-haired curly beauties. According to stylists, this type of highlighting will go to them the most. Coloring captures all hair, from the middle to the tips. The wizard performs a smooth transition from one color to another horizontally, creating the effect of slightly regrown hair. Ombre gained immense popularity after the release of the TV series “Sex and the City”, where Sarah Jessica Parker showed him.

Ombre 2019 ColoringFashionable Ombre for dark hair 2019

Creative girls in 2019 should pay attention to the color ombra with a bright, contrasting transition. For example, the color purple turns pink, blue turns blue.

Ombre with a pink shade 2019Ombre with a pink shade 2019
Color Ombre Trend 2019Color Ombre Trend 2019
Ombre with a red shade 2019Ombre with a red shade 2019
Ombre with a mint shade 2019Ombre with a mint shade 2019

But the sombre, which is a softer and delicate ombre, creates the effect of sun glare on the hair, makes the hair more lively and voluminous. Such an excellent result is achieved due to the clarification of the near-face strands, which effectively contrast with the dark curls.

Fashionable dyeing for dark hair in 2019Fashionable coloring and highlighting in 2019


Brondirovaniye - multi-staining, allowing you to create a magnificent shine curls, increase the volume due to the game of color.This is a kind of compromise between blondes and brunettes, it is not by chance that the self-name “bronde” is a mixture of such words as “brown” (brown) and “blond” (light).

It owes its popularity to Hollywood stars, including Jennifer Aniston, who immediately appreciated this type of highlighting. Brondirovaniye can be in the classic version, in 2019 the zonal staining, performed as an ombre, becomes particularly popular. For light hair use nut, coffee, amber shades, for dark - light brown, chocolate, chestnut.

Fashionable booking in 2019


Another fashionable highlighting in 2019, as can be seen in the photo, is shatush. Coloring is the clarification of individual strands of one or more shades and the transition of colors horizontally. A smooth and artistically blurred color transition is created by bleached, randomly arranged locks and a darkened basal zone. The hairstyle looks spectacular and natural, and the most important advantage of shatush is that it can be updated even once every three months.

It is noteworthy that for highlighting not foil is used, but a comb or a special comb for stretching the tone.

Shatush coloring technique 2019Shatush - the trend of 2019

California highlighting

Invented by American stylists type of coloring, creating the effect of sun-bleached hair, does not lose its position in 2019. California (caramel) highlighting, like Jennifer Lopez, for example, is a great way to diversify the styling, add a stylish zest to it and give the desired volume to the hair. This coloring looks great on long hair, as well as medium or short haircuts.

This is a gentle form of coloring, the features of which are:

  • lack of strong chemical exposure;
  • preservation of hair structure;
  • preservation of softness and naturalness.
Highlighting the California style fashion 2019Highlighting the California style fashion 2019
California highlighting fashion hair dye 2019California highlighting fashion hair dye 2019
Fashionable California highlighting 2019Fashionable California highlighting 2019
California highlights short cut 2019California highlights short cut 2019

Naturalness is an actual trend, which could not but affect the beauty industry. Perhaps the best fashionable natural hair color, as you can see in the photo, is presented in the Californian highlighting. By the way, even conduct it preferably in the fresh air.

The color transition on the hair look smooth and neat gradient, to create which can be used up to 6 shades.

Highlighting the California trend of 2019California highlights technique of 2019

As an alternative to Californian highlighting can be considered Venetian, running on dark hair, while caramel - to lighter.

For girls, for whom even the delicate and soft California highlights seem to be a procedure that could harm hair, stylists recommend adding at least a pair of blond hairs to the bangs. Especially this advice is relevant for owners of short boyish haircuts.

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