Heating system design

April 21, 2018

Equipment for the boiler room

Equipment for the boiler room must be selected very carefully - to achieve maximum heat and provide the room with hot water.

Heating system design

For the correct performance of the heating system is required to comply with all the necessary requirements for its components. Boiler components for the house should consist of:

- heat generator for heating water;

- burner;

- water treatment plant;

- pipes for water supply and drainage are already hot;

- stop valves (controls the direction of water flow);

- heat generators;

- sensors for monitoring water level;

- as well as other sensors and controllers.

Проектировка отопительной системы

Heating system

The heating system itself consists of three main parts. The most important thing is the pipes through which heat is circulated. Then comes the heat generator, in which heat is generated directly. And the last part is the heating system, which mainly consists of radiators.Plus it is possible to use other types of heating systems. For example, the “warm floor” system is becoming popular. Systems "warm floor" can be combined with a radiator heating system. These two systems most of all give off heat to the air, and you will always be sure that your home is warm and cozy. Such a combined heating system finds an increasing number of fans, due to its versatility.

Heating system installation

For high-quality work of the heating system, you need to think over everything when it is mounted. Measure to the nearest millimeter of the place where radiators and channels will be installed; to one, specify the number of pipe fittings; choose the best models for the boiler and indirect heating boiler from https://www.teplobak.com.ua/ru/catalog/boilers / vte2 /, calculate in advance the power.

Power can be determined by such a calculation:

1 kW of power is equal to the boiler per 10 square meters of space that needs to be heated.

Проектировка отопительной системы

Knowing this ratio, from the very beginning of the design of heating, you can determine for yourself the boiler model. For example, wall boilers with a power of 24 kW are suitable for rooms with an area equal to or less than 240 m2.And, although you can independently calculate all the parameters, it is best to entrust such an important question to specialists. After all, the masters take into account a lot of different factors: the location of the window openings, the thickness of the walls, their type, from which building material the building was built.

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