The film "Harrison 7" 2018

The film "Garrison 7" 2018 in the science fiction genre is already being developed. This is an Australian drama, in which the main role will be played by the girls' favorite of the two thousandths, Brian Krause. The exact release date for Australian fiction has already been determined, the premiere around the world will be held in the autumn of 2018.


A country: Australia
Genre: science fiction, drama, action
Producer: Scott Brewer
When released: 19.10.2018

The film grew out of the short film Harrison 7: The Hunt, on which Scott Brewer also worked. Work is carried out directly on the two parts. Both of them are published in Russian in 2018, at about the same time. In addition to the full-length film Harrison 7, we will also receive the film Harrison 7: Fall. In the meantime, the full-length film has not yet gone to conquer wide screens, a short video is available, according to which it will be fashionable to draw conclusions about the work of Scott Brewer and the universe as a whole. And on a short film to see if you will be interested in it when the movie is released in full format.

The film "Harrison 7" 2018


The plot will send us to the distant future. Already opened many worlds and universes, exploring the cosmos and the work in some related organization already surprise no one. Space flights have become commonplace, the answers to the questions of the past have already been found. But the universe is not so simple, but scientists are full of work. Progress on the spot is not worth it. And from all corners of our universe assembled an elite special forces detachment. Here are only the best warriors that could be found. These are trained powerful soldiers who are able to counter any threat.

A summary of the immediate plot tells us about the commander of this elite squad, who accidentally learns about an internal military plot. After that, his family is killed, and the real hunting season opens on him. And at the same time, the war connected with the alien civilization is close. The trailer in Russian will be available after the end of filming at the post-production stage. And in order to understand better now what the film is about, you can watch a short film that has become the primary source!


The "Harrison 7" involved the following actors:

  • Brian Krause (Kalen).
  • Margie Holden (Empress Morgana).
  • Steve Bastogne (Nolan Lor).
  • Hector Louis Bustamante (Sampson).
  • Scott Brewer (Tom Garrison).
  • Derrick Gilliam (The Ghost).
  • Louis Barnett (Connor Harrison).
  • Eric Cartwright (Boud Mason).

The full cast has already been defined. Most performers are known primarily to the Australian audience. However, the actor Brian Krause is remembered by many for one of the key roles in the cult TV series “Charmed”.

The film "Harrison 7" 2018
The film "Harrison 7" 2018
The film "Harrison 7" 2018
The film "Garrison 7" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian
The film "Garrison 7" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian
The film "Garrison 7" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian
The film "Harrison 7" 2018
The film "Garrison 7" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian
The film "Garrison 7" 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

Film crew

Above the film, which can be watched in the fall of 2018, including online, work:

  • Scott Brewer (director, actor, producer, screenwriter, composer).
  • Daniel Brewer (executive producer).
  • Yvette Henderson (producer, casting director).
  • Sarah Madl (makeup artist).
  • Blake Steven (visual effects).
  • Scott Cameron (soundtrack).
  • Troy Kemp (soundtrack artist).
  • Mark Brebner (special effects).

Very much in the production of the film fell on the shoulders of Scott Brewer. This project is undoubtedly very important to him. After all, it was originally just a short film that has grown to a large-scale project. At the same time, veterans of past and present wars are involved in the film, and Brewer himself (who is listed as Rector in the credits) served in the third battalion of the Red Berets.

Production News

At first there was a short film, immersing the viewer in a fantastic world. She came out in 2015. The success of this short film attracted the attention of producers. The short film began to develop into a real full-length project. But the official preparation for the shooting began only in January 2017.

During the preparation for the shooting, the first character photos were created. You can already see what the characters of the film will look like. And the very first teaser of the film’s creators was compiled. Work on the film is a large-scale, the attention of the Australian project has already chained to itself. But how things will be with wide distribution in Russia, is still unknown.

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