Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

“This year I will not be trivial and congratulate everyone with funny poems!” - we all think so on the eve of the New Year. But when it comes to the congratulations themselves, then, as a rule, we don’t have time to find the right cool quatrain. So that in the year of the Dog of Desire, all the same, to coincide with the possibilities, we offer you the help of a “cheat sheet”, which contains comic Happy New Year greetings for friends, relatives and work colleagues.

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings


I hurry to congratulate everyone in verses ...

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

There will be no secret for anyone
That the dogs served faithfully to the people
From them and affection and deeds,
They will help us always!
And in this, the coming year,
Let them help more.
After all, the year of the dog is called,
Let it be the best!


Sands of days fly to hell
And everywhere chaos, noise and din,
All the fuss that so pressed,
And the fate of the year has already come ...

I think maybe still
Hope in the New will help us,
Our skill, our pressure,
Will change the bored nonsense!

And in the year that comes to us, the Dogs,
We are in peace, we will live without a fight,
All in ecstasy and prosperity,
And the days will come that are very sweet!
With this year you, friends,
I want to congratulate myself!

I will say, friends, it may be strange
But we need to change obviously
Less still desire, ask,
And more to touch, to love ...

So that the feelings still surrender,
And not for us to chase.
People, friends need to be everything,
Do not be soulless sluggish herd!

Here is all this to you before
I wish in the new, all in the hope
What is the year of the dog only
And in another way, well, no way!

Short cool greetings

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

Looking for short greetings that can be sent via SMS? Take a look here! With these funny New Year's greetings, you can congratulate all — all of your near and dear ones, and those who are now far away from you.

1. I wish jokes, laughter so much
Enough for the year ahead.
That was not only fun
Under the Christmas tree for the New Year!

2. Happy New Year congratulations
And I wish that fate
Brought a bag of luck
And I was good to you!

3. In the New Year I wish you
Happiness, joy in half
Share among friends
So that you can live more merrily.

4. Brilliant snowflakes of laughter,
Bag with great success
Serpentine big love,
Happiness star lights.
Let this New Year
You all will bring it!

5. I wish to drink in the New Year,
Vodka is for money!
Who does not agree?
Let's say the main words:
We wish you boldly -
So that the morning head
After not sick!

6. Let the New Year be a success
Career schedule will go up,
Love inadvertently comes
And let you in all luck!

7. I wish to celebrate New Year
With a glass of red wine.
And in conversation at the table
Accidentally drink for me.

Funny greetings in prose

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

Did not find a suitable verse for New Year's greetings? Do not despair! You can always congratulate your loved ones and friends with your own words and say what you really want for them. Making such a greeting is not difficult. This is what should be in it:

  • Introduction-appeal - it is best to begin a bright and emotional greeting, for example, “My friends! So the long-awaited night came, filled with magic and bright colors! ... ";
  • wishes - they must be sincere and soulful. If you come up with a comic greeting, then in this part you can ridiculously beat some situation, diluting it with cool comparisons and turns;
  • Conclusion - here you must bring your congratulations to a logical conclusion.

You can not only send your congratulations in prose by SMS, but also enter them in a postcard purchased in advance. If there is no card at hand, but there is a desire and imagination, then you can make your own original card by yourself - draw a picture in the Christmas theme on a piece of thick paper, and on the back side, beautifully enter your invented wishes. That's it! You can give such a card to friends, relatives and colleagues.

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