Happy Birthday Santa Claus

Good day! If you believe his birth certificate, then his name is Grandfather, his last name is Frost; date of birth - November 18; year of birth - unknown. Approximately about zero year of our era. Place of birth, patronymic, religion unknown. To be honest, then the date of birth of Santa Claus is unknown, it was invented by kids. On November 18, on his birthday, Santa Claus receives not only numerous friends and guests, but also their relatives. Finnish Joulupukki, English and American Santa Claus, Yakut Grandfather Chishan, Pakkaine from Karelia, Mikulas from the Czech Republic and many others come to him for the holiday.

The holiday comes to Great Ustyug, and, earlier, more than a month than in the rest of the world. In the central square of the city begin dancing, holiday concerts, in the center stands the beautiful Christmas tree and the first to appear is the hero of the occasion - Santa Claus. Happy Birthday to Santa Claus - November 18th.

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Happy Birthday Santa Claus in verses

The native land of Grandfather Frost is Ustug,
He lives there in the snow and snowstorms,
He was born in such beauty among the white snows
Among the brilliant icicles and harsh cold.
Today we are happy birthday congratulations,
And we still want to meet with him
We will be waiting for the new year with trepidation
And then the whole year is a wonderful holiday to remember.

You fill our childhood with a fairy tale,
A holiday New Year's wonderful needles,
You make our wishes come true,
And you bring us wonderful gifts.
So let the frost hold you under your sleigh,
And let the miracle on the trees light up,
And you will rush to the top three under the snow,
Favorite Grandfather Frost, on the New Year!

Happy birthday to you, our beloved Santa Claus,
Today is a fabulous and wonderful holiday of yours,
Probably, and of course you are waiting today
Friends from fairy tales, at the table to his home.
Today, only you alone,
All gifts, congratulations, miracles,
And this is all for the fact that in every new year,
For us you work all night long without you.

Live and be healthy Santa Claus
After all, you are so necessary, like a miracle, to all children,
We wish a lot of snow, kindness and love,
And so that you never have problems.
Let your wonderful sleigh always be on the move
And let the joys be more in the coming year.
Happy Birthday to you today we congratulate
And as a gift, we send our smiles to you!

Our beloved and kindest Santa Claus,
We congratulate you happy birthday,
And all the kids, together, in one voice,
Wish you a lot of happiness, without a doubt.
We wrote these poems for you,
For a whole year we are looking forward to you,
But soon you will come to visit us,
We would love to invite you to tea.

Today is an unusual and fabulous day,
So let's throw away the hustle and bustle,
Today is the birthday of our Santa Claus,
So let's say hello to him before it's too late.
We wish new creative ideas for gifts,
And obedient, lovely and grateful children,
So that the frost grew stronger, and the snow spread everywhere,
Santa Claus will be waiting for you on a holiday too.

Homeland of Santa Claus - Ustyug!
There he was born amid the winds and blizzards.
There he lives amid the sparkling snow,
Among icicles and cold weather.
Happy birthday to him we congratulate
Meet the soonest wonderful wish!
We look forward to it
Holiday last all year to remember.

You fill the holiday with happiness,
Wonderful smell of pine needles!
You turn a dream into reality
In the good gifts of their own.
Let the snow come under the sled.
On the Christmas trees, let the lights come on,
Rush in the top three over the snow
Our grandfather Frost for the new year!

Happy Birthday, Santa Claus!
Today is your holiday!
And look forward to you
Guests to his home!
Today to you alone
Gifts, Miracles
For every new year
You work yourself.
Live and Hello, Santa Claus,
Children need you all!
We wish you happiness and love
And no problems!

Birthday at the Frost!
He is not a Grandfather at all.
It does not age at all
For many, many years.
We all love him very much,
Waiting for Frost a whole year.
And when he comes to us,
Joy a great deal.

Happy birthday to you!
This holiday is special for us.
We look with joy and admiration
For your gifts every time.
We love and thrill in heart
We are waiting for you. Come to the new year.
In every house you, in every childhood
Rebetnya is looking forward to!

Santa Claus has a birthday today,
We wish him a frosty and ruddy mood,
Let the frost be his silver beard,
We wish you a long life for many years.
Let today surprise you with gifts
And the kids entertain with songs and dances,
Go round dances and ride sleds from a hill
Dance, have fun and enjoy the holiday!

Grandpa's friend has all the children,
Today is a birthday. We will celebrate!
Give him cool gifts:
A trip to the far-distant countries hot.

Perhaps he does not fly there,
But at least he dreams!
And we are with such a good mood
Congratulations to Santa Claus - happy birthday!

Santa Claus writing to you

For the holiday letter.
Happy birthday to congratulate
I want a long time.

Every year all the guys
Holidays are.
Birthdays, New Year -
They are all congratulated.

But you, my Santa Claus,
Often overlooked.
You give out gifts
And you do not give!

So come on every year,
On your birthday
I will send you a letter
With a big bag of luck!

Even wizards have birthdays,

Such congratulations also go to them:
We are for Santa Claus
We wish you snow and frost,
May he always be in his element
And in my native expanses I did not huddle.
Strong team with deer,
Days are winter, not spring,
Gift whole warehouses,
And letters of tons and poods.
From all the more thanks,
And among adult popularity!

Happy birthday, wizard,

A fan of all sorts of ideas,
Magician, storyteller, prankster!
Come on your happy holiday.
You give us, grandpa, treat
Pour cold, sweet tea.
We wish Grandfather Frost,
To the winter you are not cold.
Get the mountain gifts
And never be disheartened!

The whole country and all the people

This holiday is celebrated
Santa Claus from the heart we
Happy birthday congratulations!

Cheerful let it be,
Let his days be sweet
And let us not forget about us
And give gifts to everyone!

Birthday Santa Claus sms greetings

Brought a tale into our life,
Glorious, kind Santa Claus.
Everybody knows you,
Even tiny kids.
Happy Birthday to You
Congratulates the whole earth.
Children gave a dream
Faith, joy, kindness.
You are a magician without a doubt!
And happy birthday again!

Let the drifts not melt,

The cold will not disappear
Blizzard let rules in,
There is enough ice on the river
Let the usual microclimate
You habitually sting your nose.
Happy Birthday sweetheart
Good Grandfather Frost!

Santa Claus has a birthday today.

We will lay a table in honor of him, we will put treats.
Everyone loves him from the heart -
Both adults and kids.
We wish you, Santa Claus,
There are a lot of gifts, a whole cart,
About us, look, do not forget
On New Year's Eve, come to us!

Santa Claus Holiday

Celebrated in the country
May all dreams be fulfilled
And everyone will be happier

And I wish you
Believe in a fairy tale and a dream
Happiness, joy - I know for sure
Then they will come to your life!

Congratulations to you, Santa Claus,

And wish on your birthday,
So that every moment you carry
Only joy, good and luck!

And let this cold day
Our love warms you!
Let gifting a huge bag
For you kid sends!

Happy birthday Santa Claus!

I wish you fun, like in fairy tales,
With white snow fluffy forecast,
To come Frost on a sled!

To bring a good grandfather to you gifts
And fulfilled any desire.
That the holidays were all bright
And they came without delay!

Spend this day interesting and with humor will help you congratulations happy birthday Santa Claus, choose any and delight your friends!

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