Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 for grades 9 and 11

What should be the hairstyle for the prom? First of all - beautiful and memorable. No less important is its "durability", because the celebration of the end of school lasts all night long - with the obligatory meeting of the first dawn in adult life.

Thirdly, the hairstyle should be in harmony with the chosen image and dress, emphasize and shade the outfit. If the hairstyle will correspond to all these items, it will not be equal - just like you.

So, there is already an entry for the hairdresser, it remains only to choose the hair that can be shown to the stylist and with a confident voice say: “I want it that way”. In order to quickly determine what a professional will do with your hair, carefully study all the relevant options.

Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 are quite complex "designs" that will require a lot of time, effort and hairpins. The leaders of hairdressing trends are intricate weaving and braids on the basis of braids.

Lovers of laconic style in general, you can stay on the classic braid, just decorate it with a few invisible women with rhinestones or a neat buttonhole with fresh flowers.

If you are dreaming of a princess's hairstyle, choose voluminous bunches, as well as magnificent wrap, decorated with ornate hairpins with stones. About these, and other stylish options for fashion graduates, read our selection.

Twisted hair with large hairpins

To look luxurious, a young graduate can bet on a hair ornament. Hairstyle itself is not difficult. Wind your hair (or order a brushing service in the salon - drying with volumetric brushes and a hot hair dryer that creates stunning curls), and pin the front strands on the back of your head or the top.

hairstyles at prom

Instead of a knot, you can braid a French cone, or pin up strands in a more complicated way. The main focus of this hairstyle in any case will be an interesting decoration. In the fashion of special hairpins - airy and elegant, reminiscent of an elegant twig of a fantastic plant.

Together hairpins you can use stealth or studs with small artificial flowers, or with shiny crystals on the outer ends. You can also use fresh flowers, however, do not get lost with the color.

Choose bright flowers, preferably to match your dress. White and light pink flowers in hair is a privilege of a wedding image, therefore, choose brighter in color.

Laconic weaving for short hair

hairstyles at prom for long hair

Girls with fashionable haircuts such as a bob for the prom can be done a very original and cute hairstyle. Braid braid around the head, while leaving the main length of hair is not involved.

Scroll these curls in soft locks and lightly spray with varnish to maintain the natural mobility of the hair. No less beautiful and touching option - to put a thin pigtail on the temporal zone of the head, and the main mass of hair is also slightly wound and give volume at the roots.

hairstyles for prom 2019 photos

In general, in this way you can create many stylish variations. Braid the volume braid from the forehead to the crown, leaving loose hair on the sides of the head, or make a “disheveled” spikelet from the parting line to the back of the head.

Hollywood style

On the day of release, you can look unforgettable if you resort to proven classics. The languid Hollywood curls came back into fashion again: a soft lush wave at the face, curls falling along the back ...


hairstyles for prom on medium hair

It would not be superfluous to view photos of famous film stars of different years - from Merlin Monroe and Marlene Dietrich to modern stars who prefer this styling - Reese Witherspoon, Ditu von Teese, Megan Fox.

The Hollywood wave is ideally combined with any make-up, both modest nude and bright, elegant make-up. Blondik, of course, should pick up red lipstick to fully convey the spirit of the star image.

Extravagant Hairstyles

hairstyles for the senior class

Often, school rules and form prevent young people from manifesting their individuality. Graduation party - a great opportunity to fully demonstrate the rebellious nature. You can win back not only outfit, but also the image as a whole. Not the last role will play an extraordinary hairstyle.

For inspiration, it is worth looking at professional hairdressing magazines, where they publish the most fashionable, but also provocative constructions of hair. In 2019, the current non-standard styling will be headed by a small and super-flexible wrap.

beautiful hairstyles for prom 2019

Leave the curls in a fluffy cloud around your head, or comb it forward, placing it asymmetrically above the brow.

You can put your hair in smooth hard corrugated waves, or collect it in a perfectly smooth horse tail, complemented by an air frame made of thin braids with hidden wire.

Perfectly smooth hairstyles

Another fashion trend that includes several different hairstyles, equally successful for the school ball. The common denominator is an almost mirror smooth hair.

This may be the perfect bunch of classic braids, or even just loose hair, but without a single sticking out hair or knocked out strands. You can achieve this effect with styling gels.

prom 2019 short hairstyles

If you do not like the brilliant effect of wet hair, align the hair with a flat iron to the reference smoothness, assemble it into a haircut (or leave it so divided into a side parting) and fix it with varnish with maximum fixation.

In order for the idea to succeed, in advance, a few months before the release, start using hair care products that add shine; If necessary, drink a course of vitamins (after consulting with your doctor).

Hairstyles with shawls or ribbons

hairstyle prom prom 2019

This category is complicated by the fact that the accessory of a fashionable hairstyle should be in harmony with the chosen outfit. For a strict evening dress, you can create a neat bundle on the back of your head, and twist it around with a velvet (or silk - depending on the dress fabric) ribbon, tying a bow with long ends.

If you have a light cocktail dress on you, make a bunch on the top of the head and tie it with a colorful summer scarf to match. A simple, but incredibly stylish horse tail will look on slightly curled hair, intercepted by silk or suede tape.

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Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 for grades 9 and 11 87

Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 for grades 9 and 11 17

Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 for grades 9 and 11 3

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Hairstyles at the prom in 2019 for grades 9 and 11 1