Grace is what? Value and examples of use

People ask: "Grace is what is it?". Because the world is for the most part harsh and unfair. True, he was almost always like this. Only Adam and Eve tasted the fruits of the trees of paradise, and we are forced to live in suffering, deprivation and pain, trusting only in the mercy of God.

The meaning of the concept

mercy is

The battery values ​​are as follows:

1. Kind, sympathetic attitude towards a person. "Grace" is approaching in content with the word "pity". True, such a turn of speech is characteristic of the novels of the 19th century, for example, Dostoevsky's works.

2. Grace is trust, disposition. For example, they used to say: "Get in good graces." Now such a turn is not that rare, you will not find it. Now they say "get in trust".

3. Grace is a gift, a favor, a blessing. The example that was above about "the grace of God", is quite suitable for illustrating this meaning. On the one hand, a person in a wicked and cold world can count on the kindness of God, and on the other hand, the kindness of God, like man, is a gift and a blessing.

4. "Your Grace" - that's how they used to address the nobles and landlords. Now this expression can be met except in an ironic sense. For example, the Chief, Ivan Petrovich, his mercy, has raised our salaries, gentlemen!

5. "By your grace." Here, "mercy" is synonymous with "will." And surprisingly, but mercy, which initially has a good value, changes the emotional charge from positive to negative. For example, the girl Katya says to her classmate: "By your grace, Petrov, I first scratched the board with indecent words, and then they left me after the lessons to talk about the behavior, and all because you set me up, I know it's you wrote these vile words on the board! ".

6. Something good that adds positive emotions, pleasant, gentle, and it can be either a thing, or a living thing, an action or an act. Kittens come to mind immediately, small, fluffy and hooliganous, with which everyone is touched, except for those who are allergic to them.

So, we got to the end of the list and found out the meaning of the word "mercy". It turns out there are six of them. We move further.

Ernest Hemingway - the "sweetest" writer

the meaning of mercy

A strange title for the one who created the imagemen, and yet it is so. And it is not clear where it came from. But if you read the prose of the American classic first in Russian, and then in English, the words "cute" in the Russian version, and nice in English, we meet quite often. Although, perhaps, all the fault of the translators. But, one way or another, Hemingway's prose returns to Russian the fine word "mercy" and its derivatives. Therefore, it is urgent to read the author "Farewell to Arms" in order to quickly become human. If you allow yourself some liberty, then we can say that mercy is Hemingway's prose.

Milot and mercy

grace determination

Grace leaves the active vocabulary, andcute actively entered into it through the Network. It is difficult to say, from there this word arose, there is a suspicion that all this is the influence of Japanese culture, namely the anime. There everyone is touched, playing with his face and shouting: "Kawai!". This word can be translated about the same as English nice - nice, good, kind.

True, the craze for young children,seals, romantic dinners, tearful soap operas and transmissions discredit "mercy", there is a tendency to call cute things, in contrast to the general trend, not at all nice things.

But the main thing is not this, but what is behind the general ecstasyabout seals, kids and love stories, people forget the true meaning of the term "mercy". Definition leads unnecessarily, because the word has meanings, let the reader choose from them to your liking.

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