Gorgeous country brick grill.

One of the pleasant pastime on your site is meeting friends and cooking kebabs. There is a variety of options for barbecues and barbecue stoves for cooking kebabs and one of them is a brick street grill. Especially if the kebabs are cooked regularly, then it is more convenient to install a stationary country brick grill. This will make the cooking process as comfortable as possible. In addition, the suburban area will look more stylish.

What to build in the country: grill, barbecue grill or barbecue?

To answer this question, it will be necessary to understand the difference that defines these constructions. At the barbecue is always open top, while the grill is closed. In the grill, meat is fried on skewers, and barbecue is a must.

Often a barbecue grill combined in one design. The lid can be removed and the first immediately drawn into the second.

If you fold the brazier of bricks with your own hands, you can provide a removable grill that turns it into a barbecue.With the addition of a structure with a closed compartment on all sides, the oven will allow you to prepare dishes on the grill.

brick oven

Street grill made of brick with their own hands

It is usually installed at a convenient horizontal level. So it turns out that under the brazier there is a place for a roomy woodshed. It is recommended to divide the brazier itself and the space under it with a thick plate.

The lower part is provided longer and slightly wider than the brick grill itself. Above it is recommended to think over the chimney and roof. Then near the barbecue with a roof it will be convenient not only to fry meat, but also to rest comfortably.

The parameters of the construction of the barbecue should not exceed the following dimensions:

  • the height of the frying surface coincides with the level of the wrist of the person standing;
  • firebox length less than a meter;
  • the width of the broiler is equal to the working length of the skewer (from 45 to 60 cm).

The technology that must be adhered to when building a brick-built brazier stove:

  1. dig a ditch with a depth of 15-20 cm, pour it with concrete using reinforcing rods;
  2. if the lighting of the barbecue is planned, then it is necessary to fix the cable in the foundation;
  3. lay waterproofing material;
  4. pour the screed and lay a layer of brick or tile;
  5. to build three supporting walls, which are located on the sides and back of the street barbecue;
  6. moreover, in the space under the brazier there may be several compartments, then you will have to complete the required number of intermediate walls;
  7. the supporting walls of the brazier must be laid out of the brick laid flat, and the internal - on its side;
  8. put a formwork for a concrete slab of a piece of OSB and a rectangular frame of edged boards;
  9. lay polyethylene, place reinforcement rods, pour fine-grained concrete;
  10. wait for hardening;
  11. continue the brickwork for the firebox, leaving openings for the blower, its height should not be very large, otherwise the heat will not spread to the skewers;
  12. fix the exhaust pipe;
  13. install a galvanized box for coal;
  14. make a suitable shed for the summer brick mangal.

Simple brazier made of brick with his own hands

It is as simple as possible. To do this, they removed the back wall of the base, on which a brick grill is being built. Plus, they did not equip the exhaust pipe, all sorts of decorative elements and a canopy.That is, such a simple brazier made of brick looks just like a chafing dish on legs. Only he is stationary.

Technology devices outdoor brick barbecue:

  • pour the foundation, the size of which is 10-15 cm greater than the dimensions of the future furnace, its depth should be about 10 cm;
  • lay waterproofing, for example, roofing felt;
  • perform a tie;
  • lay out the side walls for the support of the firebox;
  • then, similarly to the method described above, pour the stove, which will become the basis for the brazier;
  • perform laying bricks for the firebox, leaving a gap in the lower tier for the blower and ease of cleaning from the remaining coals inside the barbecue;
  • experts recommend that the height of the firebox be 3–4 bricks thick;
  • if you want to leave the skewer on the grill after cooking so that they do not cool down, then you can make the walls higher by two more bricks, then fix the rods on them to support the skewers with ready-made kebabs.

simple brick bbq oven

A few tips on building a brick kiln - barbecue in the garden

Erecting a country brick grill should be guided by the rule of dressing. That is, to put bricks offset from each other.In this situation, be sure to require halves of bricks. Make them help grinder. She will be able to smoothly and quickly cut the bricks into even pieces.

The thickness of the seam between all the bricks should be the same. Pechniki recommend doing it in 5-8 mm. The easiest way to achieve this is with the use of special crosses.

To control the level and geometry of the brick barbecue construction, a tensioned cord is useful. Do not forget about the vertical line. For it is useful plumb.

After laying the last row, the brazier takes about three days for natural drying. Then a few days to make a fire in a roasting pan and drown gently. After that, you can load the brazier in full force.

barbecue place design

How to enter the street brick grill in the landscaping area.

  1. Barbecues can be “built in” into a slope or outlined with terraces “beds” laid out of brick or stone.
  2. Placing a barbecue at an angle is a great idea, and, by the way, rarely encountered.
  3. To build a brazier with a roof of interesting shape, or multi-level, it will allow even more to distinguish the barbecue among other places of rest.
  4. If you like to cook and like to experiment, combine different types of foci within the same barbecue.

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