Gifts to the family for the New 2018

Gifts for the family for the New Year 2018 - the most important component of the holiday. They help to show attention and care for relatives, to give a piece of the heart and soul to relatives. But what to give the family for the new 2018? How not to present an ordinary thing, which will be forgotten a day after the solemn date? How to present a rare and exclusive item? How to turn the gift ceremony into a bright event? More on all this in the following lines.

Family Gift Ideas for the New Year 2018

There are many ideas for giving gifts to the family for the New 2018. The most original are:

  • Interior items;
  • DIY gifts;
  • Exclusive gifts that are suitable for family members of a certain age;
  • Certificates for services.

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Further details about all the above types and gifts that fall into these categories.

Interior items

If you need to make one creative gift to all family members, you should immediately think about purchasing items that will advantageously complement the interior of your home.It is undesirable to give such things to families who have moved to a new house (apartment) 1-11 months before the New Year and have not yet decided how the apartment should look. Ideal fit into any habitat:

  • Frame for 2-6 photos;
  • 3D lamp with original print;
  • Decorative figurines in the form of motorcycles, airplanes, wild animals;
  • Floor lamps in the classic style (available with a set of replacement lamp shades);
  • Small elite mats for meditation;
  • Decorative pendulums in the form of balls or a globe;
  • Candle holders in the form of wine glasses or street lamps.

Gifts that are made personally

Gifts that are made personally always loved by relatives. Far from each of these gifts requires the presence of rare professional skills. But before you start making such a present, you need to answer a few questions:

  • How much time is needed for dressing and is it possible to carve it out of a tight schedule of work (study)?
  • Where to get materials for gizmos? Some details (types of beads, accessories) need to be ordered via the Internet and wait 3-7 days for home delivery.

If you have the necessary time and a wide range of materials, you can make yourself:

  • A card with pockets for chocolate bars and tea bags;
  • Candy stand;
  • Hanging decorations for the entrance to the dwelling or crib;
  • A box for a photo or jewelry;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • Small handbags, wallets, pencil cases;
  • Artificial flower compositions.

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Creative gifts for young families

Young families can give almost any items. The main thing is that things are not hinted at vulgarity, health problems and marital fidelity. Creative gifts for young couples are:

  • Mug for car with engraving;
  • Exclusive Vietnamese coffee Luwak;
  • Pedigree book with places for pictures and records of loved ones;
  • Tablecloth with original images or inscriptions;
  • Photos that were made in the glass block using 3D engraving technology;
  • Funny figurines depicting the faces of family members;
  • Sets of flasks, glasses, cups with inscriptions;
  • Supports for bottles in the form of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Interesting gifts for families of mature age

Mature families, whose members have already taken place as professionals and parents, can be presented with small stylish accessories. Such things will emphasize the consistency and well-being of the social unit, will amuse the spouses and children. Interesting gifts for families of mature age are:

  • A set of towels with personal embroidery;
  • Certificates on the plots on the moon;
  • Swarowski crystal paintings;
  • Weather station with a thermometer of Halley;
  • A teapot with a crown on the lid;
  • Stainless steel separator;
  • Decorative table easel;
  • Piggy banks for beer caps made of glass or transparent plastic;
  • Geographical scratch card, which marked seen countries and cities.

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Unusual Gifts for Older Families

Older families will find unusual gifts that will facilitate household operations, remind you of pleasant moments of life, or improve your well-being.

  • Box-piggy bank;
  • Plaid with a photo or collage, which consists of pictures of all family members;
  • Knitted or woolen slippers in the form of a tank (for grandfather), a cat or a dog (for grandmother);
  • Retro telephone;
  • Modern player, where you can listen to records. (This gift will especially appeal to spouses whose vinyl products are gathering dust in the attic or in the pantry);
  • Sleep mask sets with embroidery;
  • Device to search for keys from home or car.

Service Certificates

Depending on age and hobbies, families can be served:

  • Coupons for health services in medical centers;
  • Certificates for trips to beauty salons;
  • Certificates for the right to perform extreme walks (on skis, quad bikes, horses);
  • Entrance tickets to entertainment facilities (children's centers, water parks, quest rooms, dolphinariums);
  • Certificates for individual excursions in the native or nearby city;
  • Coupons for romantic dates (on the roof, in the botanical garden or planetarium).

There is a huge number of different certificates for the right to receive services. The above are only those that will bring pleasure to married couples and families.

The main thing is not to hand over a certificate with a certain amount of money for which spouses and children can receive services in this or that institution, since such a document will show how the donor evaluates their relationship with the family. The ticket, which is described above, will seem like a handout, not a valuable gift.

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How to give gifts to families?

There are many unwritten rules for presenting gifts to families. The most important ones are listed below.

  • If the gift is intended for the whole family, and not for individuals, you need to wait until the relatives gather together and present the gift only in the presence of all relatives;
  • In the hallway you need to hand only flowers. All other gifts must be presented in rooms or in a hall;
  • When presenting gifts, you need to say only pleasant words. No remarks or edification, like "I hope now you will be the closest pair";
  • Presents must be packaged in beautiful colored paper. This can be done in special departments and salons. As a person is “met by clothes,” so is the gift “they will be recognized by the cover.”

Compliance with these rules will allow all members of the cell of society to have pleasant impressions that will be remembered for a long time.

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