Gas consumption in a private house

How to save on gas consumption

Gas consumption in a private house: let's talk about this in the framework of this article, on the site "We are building ourselves".GasToday the most affordable fuel for many regions of the country. It contains very few sulfur compounds, so it is the most efficient type of fuel. It is also an eco-friendly type of fuel, since when it is burned, no harmful compounds enter the atmosphere. When burnedgason the walls of the boiler does not appear areas with corrosion.

To keep recordsgas consumption for heating private house must take into account some factors: the area of ​​the room, the height of the building, the presence of insulation materials, the power of the heating system. The amount of gas consumed depends on the power of the boiler.

Heating gas device

It is necessary to take a very responsible approach to purchasing a heater for an autonomous heating system. The main element of such a system is the boiler. They occupy a large part of the market among heating equipment.How to choose a good gas appliance? What could he be?

The main parameters when choosing a gas boiler are:

  • brand of manufacturer;
  • cost;
  • fuel used (liquefied or natural gas);
  • power;
  • number of contours;
  • the material of which they are composed;
  • mounting method (floor or wall);
  • ways to eliminate spent fuel.

The boilers are double-circuit and single-circuit. The boilers that provide only space heating are called single-circuit boilers. And boilers that also contribute to hot water supply are called dual circuit boilers.

Double-circuit are divided into boilers with running hot water and apparatus with a boiler.
Boiler capacity is directly proportional to the size of the room. Also, boilers are with forced and natural.

In natural gas gas boilers - combustion products are removed using their natural convection. Equipment with a forced combustion chamber is closed. Air from the chimney is collected outside. Such boilers do not require additional air during combustion and do not burn oxygen in the room.

Boilers come with piezo-ignition, which is carried out at the touch of a button.And with electric ignition, which is activated automatically. Such a boiler can turn on independently after a power outage.

Also, boilers are floor and wall.

  • Floor boilers are more expensive. They come in iron and steel. Products made of cast iron are more durable and durable. From steel easier and are easily mounted. Floor boilers have a large power range.
  • Wall more popular outdoor and more convenient to use. Such boilers are often used for autonomous heating of a large house or heating buildings from 50 to 500 square meters. m

Wall-mounted boilers remain in working condition even with sudden gas pressure drops.

Buying a quality boiler can reduce gas costs.

Calculate gas consumption

Gas heating- This is a very profitable process. How profitable will allow to understand the calculation of the rate of gas fuel consumption. To correctdetermine gas consumptionIt is important to know the value of the boiler power for heating your home. Power should be derived from the ratio of 1 kW for every 10 square meters of space. If the boiler has more power it is good.Perform the calculation on the example of a house of 100 square meters. m. and boiler with a capacity of 10 kW.

First you need to figure out the heat consumption per month, for this we use this formula:
(monthly consumption) = (power) * (average number of days in a month) * (hours per day)

It turns out the following 10 kW * 30 * 24 = 7200kW / h. The resulting figure is divided by two, as the boiler is unlikely to work full day. We get 3600 kW / h. Next, we consider how much gas is consumed per season.

(fuel consumption per season) = (monthly consumption) * (number of months in the heating season).

The heating period lasts on average about 7 months. Therefore, 3600 kW / h * 7 = 25200kW / h. Then you need to understand how much it will be in terms of money.

The calculation is performed according to the following formula:
(heating costs = (consumption in the cold season) * (price per 1 kW / h).

Having specified the actual price of 1 kW, we multiply the required indicators and get a figure showing our gas costs for the heating period.

How to reduce gas consumption

If the heating of the house takes a biggas consumption, it is worth considering how to cut itconsumption. And are there any simple ways to solve this problem? How to reduce gas consumption is a very topical issue, especially during the cold season.

The most common and effective measures are:

  1. Warming of the roof.It is through her warm air goes. The easiest way to save heat is to lay mineral insulants in the attic.
  2. Wall insulation can be performed using insulating materials. For example, on the walls to install foam or polystyrene plates, which are easily amenable to subsequent finishing.
  3. Replacing windows. Through dilapidated windows usually leaks somewhere 30% of heat. Installing double-glazed windows and door contour sealing.
  4. Thermal insulation of the basement and basement in several layers. First, the vapor-insulating materials are laid, and on top of them mineral wool. Maximum insulation helps to reduce gas consumption by 40%.
  5. Installing a new higher quality boiler, which has great efficiency. Also very effective is the installation of a temperature sensor, which determines how strongly it is necessary to warm up a certain room. Modernize the boiler.
  6. Install a gas meter.
  7. Reducing the temperature in the room by 1 or 2 degrees, which is hardly noticeable to a person, but affects the economy.
  8. It is necessary to follow certain rules in the kitchen: if necessary, cook over a low fire, do not heat the air with a strong flame from the burner and take into account that the oven absorbs most of the gas.

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