Game of Thrones (Season 8) - the series in 2018

  • Premiere: the end of 2018 (with the possible postponement of the release to the beginning of 2019)
  • original name: Game of Thrones
  • Countries of production: United States, United Kingdom
  • Genre: fantasy, drama, romance, adventure, thriller, thriller
  • Directors: David Benioff, dB Weiss, Miguel Sapochnik, David Nutter
  • Cast: Peter Dinklage, Lina Hidi, Emilia Clarke, Keith Harington, Nikolai Koster-Waldau, Macy Williams, Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Alfie Allen, Carys van Houten, Iain Glen, Nathalie Emanuel, Rory McKann, W. Bee, W. Beyne, John Carter van Houten, Ian Glenn, Nathalie Emanuel, Rory McCann, W. Beyne, Wright, H. , Jerome Flynn, Jacob Anderson, Christopher Hivu, Hafthor Bjørnson, Daniel Portman, Gwendolyn Christie, Conlet Hill and others.

The premiere of the eighth season of the series "Game of Thrones" will be held approximately at the end of 2018. This will be the last chapter in the story of the battle between people among themselves and at the same time with their dead brethren. Interesting?

Game of Thrones. Eighth season. The end of all living things

Who has not heard of Game of Thrones, raise your hands ?! The series, which became the most popular on the planet in history.The creation of "Benivays", turned the head a considerable number of viewers. Fantasy, which has a lot to do with reality. Agree, even if you don’t like him, it’s hardly possible to ignore this cultural phenomenon.

Even if for some reason the person was able to resist mentioning the “Game of Thrones” until today, he will probably retreat by the eighth season of the series. Surrender, but not on their own. And because the society will impose it on him.

John snow

What are we talking about? You can long talk about what scale of fame managed to achieve the "Two Torturers" in the person of David Benioff and D. B. Weiss since they once embarked on a television adaptation of George RR's megapopular fantasy saga. Martina "A Song of Ice and Flame."

Readers of the books knew about the “Game of Thrones” as early as the 90s, but film fans got acquainted with the events taking place in them only at the beginning of the second decade of the second millennium.

It seems that the popularity of the series eventually reached the peak of the popularity of the books of George Martin, if not surpassed them. Whatever it was, but by now “modern Tolkien,” as his contemporaries like to call Martin, has not finished his saga.

George Martin

From a certain point, "DiDy" themselves began to invent the development of further events in the series.At the same time, they, of course, met with the “parent” of the “Game of Thrones” in order to confer with the question of whether they had chosen the right course for themselves. That “Bennweiss”, in fact, long ago told the ending, the final, as he sees the end of the story he had invented.

True, it is no secret that the "sweet couple" Benioff and Weiss can easily later ignore what they heard at that meeting.

So far, the seventh season of the series, written by them, as they say, from scratch (that is, without support in the form of a book source), seems to be a success. And his ratings were not affected in any way by the “random” appearance of scenarios at that time, future episodes on the Web, or the “random” “draining” of one series in advance (one week earlier than expected), or various other misfortunes that the HBO channel had to face. in the process of showing the seventh season of "Game of Thrones".

Of course, there are many things to blame for the two illustrious Game of Thrones show runners, but why do this? In general, the series continues the story begun in 2011. Now he brings her to a logical end. And to judge the reasons that led to the achievement of the desired result, it seems to us, is irrelevant.In the sense that the history of cinema based on a literary source should be different from its book version. And then, how will Martin sell his books later, if everything in them is the same as was shown in the series?

If you are a true fan of the books of George Martin and do not tolerate the series "Game of Thrones", then just pass by. Wait for the imminent release of the "Winds of Winter" and "Dreams of Spring", and enjoy the read. All the rest, you are welcome to wait for the final series of the most popular television project to date. Perhaps the most rated in the history of television in general.

In the meantime, let's talk about the creators of the eighth season of the Game of Thrones.

Project Directors and Scriptwriters

Six episodes, which will be in season 8, invited Miguel Sapochnik and David Nutter to direct. These two are well acquainted with the "igropolis" story.

Miguel Sapochnik

Miguel Sapochnik previously put four episodes of the series.

On his account are the following series:

  • “Gift” (season 5, episode 7);
  • Hardhouse (season 5, episode 8);
  • Battle of the Bastards (season 6, episode 9);
  • Winter Winds (season 6, episode 10).

Also, the English director at one time was engaged in the production of the second season of the TV series “Real Detective” and “Doctor House”.

David nutter

Along with him, Daynt Nutter will return to the project, who previously had the opportunity to deliver six episodes of Game of Thrones at once.

So, David Nutter directed such series:

  • “Old Gods and News” (season 2, episode 6);
  • “A Man without Honor” (season 2, episode 7);
  • “The Raines of Castamere” (season 3, episode 9);
  • Misa (season 3, episode 10);
  • "Dance of the Dragons" (season 5, episode 9);
  • Mother's Mercy (season 5, episode 10).

In addition, David Natter was once attracted to the creation of the TV series “Entourage”, “Motherland”, “Terminator: The Chronicles of Sarah Connor”, ​​“The Pacific Ocean”, “The Mentalist”, “Clan Soprano”, “Mystery of Smallville”, “Flash” , "Arrow", "The X-Files", etc.

As you can see, a return to the project of two people took place, which in past years managed to give fans of Game of Thrones, perhaps their favorite series.

It’s hard to choose one thing: someone before losing his pulse can argue that "The Stern House Massacre" and "The Battle of Bastards" is the best thing that happened to them in life, while in opposition to it they can easily to speak and those who recall that the “Rains in Castamer” were long before the Hardhome and the clash of two bastards face to face on the battlefield.

Well, how can you not mention the delightful denouement of events in the episode "The Wind of Winter"? It's practically “The Red Wedding”, even if it was for its main actors, everything ended in an instant, read without pain. Well, okay, you can argue for a long time, if you are talking about the "Game of Thrones", so we leave it to you.

As for the other directors, it is still known that the Benivays themselves will put the final episode of the series.


Nor can we say that David Benioff and D. B. Weiss claimed responsibility for writing the scripts for the four episodes of the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

They chose episodes from the third to the sixth, while they would have to come up with a plot for the first episode of Dave Hill, and for the second episode - Brian Cogman.

The creative couple of Hill and Kogman has successfully passed the way of acquaintance with the production of the most popular TV series on Earth. Therefore, I want to believe that “Two Torturers” selected for the execution of the good deed the right people who know how to write fascinating stories.

The names of other authors of the 8th season, if they will be announced in the near future, we will also present to you.

The cast of the series "Game of Thrones" in the eighth season

Game of Thrones

Well, now let's talk about the actors of the final game of thrones season.

So, on the arena all the same:

  • Peter Dinklage,
  • Lina Hidi,
  • Emilia Clark,
  • Keith Harington,
  • Nikolay Koster-Waldau,
  • Macy Williams
  • Sophie Turner,
  • Isaac Hempstead-Wright,
  • Alfie Allen,
  • Caris van Houten,
  • Ian Glen,
  • Natalie Emmanuel,
  • Rory McCann,
  • John Bradley,
  • Liam Cunningham,
  • Jerome Flynn
  • Jacob Anderson,
  • Christopher Hivu,
  • Hafthor Bjørnson,
  • Daniel Portman,
  • Gwendolyn Christie,
  • Conlet Hill et al.

Important note: if you did not find someone specific in the list, this does not mean that the character whose role is played by this actor (or actress, if you will), has already been killed. We just listed, in our opinion, the main artists. Well, almost all of those. We tried not to forget about any of the weighty personalities.

Also remember that the series can easily be replenished soon with completely new names, as it was before, when Ed Sheeran, Jonathan Price, Jason Momoa, Ian McShane, etc. lit up in “Game of Thrones”. Not all, by the way, of them have already been killed, if that.

Perhaps in the final season there will also be a couple of old heroes, whose death has not been shown to us.For example, it is strange where Stannis Baratheon, whose role is played by Stephen Dillane, disappears all this time. Yes, and Yaken Khgar, whose role is listed for Tom Vlashiha, disappeared somewhere without a trace. Well, at least he is Nobody, so he can disappear without a trace.

The plot of the final six episodes of the series Game of Thrones

The plot of the final six episodes of "Game of Thrones", of course, kept in the strictest confidence. But even this does not help to fight with villains (although someone, on the contrary, loves and respects them), who continually fill the Internet with endless rumors about further developments in Västerås.

So, now, for example, there are rumors that the Dragon, which is ruled by the King of Night, immediately after the destruction of the White Walkers of the Wall, first of all, burns the Black Castle. Read More The army of the dead is going to move inside the newly conquered territory. The dead will walk slowly along Västerås toward the Red Castle, that is, towards the Royal Harbor. There are apparently no such rivals on their way, because people are fighting each other, although, it seems, they agreed to unite until spring comes.

Well, all the other details you can study on your own.We simply prevent you from accidentally meeting with unwanted spoilers. It will do you exclusively benefit, in particular when you watch the series itself.

Release date

Well, now about the most important thing. Isn't that why you came here?

Release date of the eighth season of the series "Game of Thrones" - the end of 2018. This is indicative for the time being, because it can easily be transferred to the beginning of 2019 (due to the fact that the creators need much more time for post-production).

According to rumors, under well-established circumstances, in December 2018, the premiere of season 1 of season 8 of the Game of Thrones will take place. The next five episodes will be screened out on HBO releases until February 2019.

It is expected that the 6th series can have a duration of about 90 minutes, or even as much as 2 hours. However, it seems that the creators can do extended timekeeping for several other episodes, and thus, only 6 episodes will become as many as 6 episodes.

IMPORTANT! Finals will be removed a few, but will show, of course, one. So they will fight the “pirates” and their premature “plums”.

We are waiting for the moment of the premiere to see the outcome in the battle between people and their dead brethren with their own eyes. As they say, Valar Morgulis.Winter is close, so we all should hurry and meet her with dignity. Well, ahead is the long-awaited spring. It will come for all those who survive the harsh winter, which in Västerås, to say the least, is unique. Spring will come - winter will recede.

TrailerSeason 8 of the series "Game of Thrones" is expected soon.

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