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Interest in Cyberpunk 2077 Poles are heated, starting in 2012, the year. And even though no one was in a hurry to publish it, perhaps it was done for nothing.

Firstly, the studio honed its skills at such its brightest franchise as The Witcher, in all its angles, that it already says a lot about the level of the project being prepared and the talent of the creators.

And, secondly, it was commercially logical, because it was necessary to wait until the universe of Deus Ex does not become obsolete so as not to interfere with breathing and developing the vision of this concept, which is called, on the other side of the barricades.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - RPG / Action
  • Setting - Cyberpunk
  • Developer - CD Projekt RED
  • Publisher / Localizer - CD Projekt
  • Release Date - 2019

More has already been invested in this project than in the last sensational hit about Geralt, and the ambitions of developers, even by the most loyal estimates, are called exorbitant.

Perhaps, there is little in the history of games projects, around which for years such an intensity of passions would boil from tightly tied up rumors, gossip, official denials and large-scale advertising campaigns.

One gets the feeling that the designers from CD Projekt themselves get endless pleasure from the hype around their offspring. Does he burst like a bubble? We will see in a year ...

Story line

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The basis of this one of the best cyberpunk nuarius sagas, abruptly mixed with rock, madness, rebellion and chaos, was the board game Cyberpunk 2020, pen of the great Mike Poundsmith, but chronologically its events will be preceded by those described in the popular board.

By the way, the author closely followed the project implementation process, acting as a constant consultant to developers, therefore, it is worthwhile to wait for a high-quality play of the autobiographies of the characters, with interesting plot twists and a powerful psychologization of the narration.

As the name implies, the non-linear scenario will take us to the not-so-distant 2077, and the goal of events will not be a corporate war, but a human life. With all its tough choices and rushes, intricate discoveries and a brutal fight against the oppressors in the face of the Japanese from Arasaki in the name of justice.

Game world

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Players waiting for a dangerous journey into the world of Cyberpunk 2077, the heart of which was the city of Night City, invented to the last of its brick, nestled somewhere on the halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

It is gloomy, rainy and generally very bad in all respects - the creators were clearly inspired by the views of "Blade Runner". But this does not prevent us from manifesting the wonders of heroism in the matter of saving this world - it will only inspire new achievements.

The card is promised to be seamless and in sizes, much larger than it was in Pozmina, with canonical landscapes of the 90s, without tedious supertechnologies (approximately, as in W. Gibson’s “Neuromante”), but, like a curtsey of modernity, some Internet ideas are present will be.

And, by the way, there are hints that the matter will not be limited to one city - probably, in the course of the disclosure of the plot it will be possible to happen in other agglomerations.

Gameplay Cyberpunk 2077 2019

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The creation of heroes who modularly grow in skills through the introduction of different implants, with varying appearance and classes, sometimes even quite unusual, as for RPG games (something like “journalist”, “executive director”, “rock star” and . p.) - they with all the meticulousness migrate from the desktop version to the computer.

But, each character will have its own story, on which the whole gameplay strongly depends.The tasks of the protagonists will be divided into two global activities: the study of the world and the plot component, often using stealth.

In the gameplay, much will be tied to the mechanics of implants: getting into certain parts of them turns off certain organs. In general, they are assigned a colossal role as the only possible way to strengthen themselves enough to withstand crowds of opponents.

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The battle system will become a kind of analogue of V.A.T.S. from Fallout. Another borrowing may be the introduction of some tactical combat modes, resembling an active pause in the aforementioned legendary game.

In terms of weapons, numerous shooting types are available, amenable to various modifications, and the mechanics will be worked out with manic realism, fully responding to the eternal worship of natural physics of CD Projekt.

The studio was faced with the task of not only breathing life into the brats and fencing, but also combining the shooting of movements with the skills of the character, so that it all looked natural and practical. Well, those who have gone through all the parts of the Witcher, do not even doubt that they will succeed in it at the highest level.

It is also expected a huge variety of playable equipment, both transport (and ground, and air), and weapons, and the significant role of full-fledged robots.

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From the exotic promise special hubs, usually located in popular institutions of the city, such as bars and clubs, for multiplayer in a kind of mini-games, but these entertainment will be completely different from what we are used to in the MMO.

It is possible that the characters will even teach to dance. The network component will have to diversify the process and ensure long playability. True, it will be available, most likely, only after the full passage of the plot. Also a huge role will be played by the mysterious drug Braindance, which allows you to read the memories of someone else.

Graphics and music

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Brian Mantle is working on the soundtrack (yes, the same drummer is Guns N'Roses!), Promising a completely different “music of the future”, and Melissa Rose, the author of the compositions of Bloodborne, and Archive, who melted the hardened gaming hearts of its "Bullets".

For visualization, the technologies of three-dimensional scanning of models from guest actors and the environment were used everywhere.And the author's RED Engine under Cyberpunk 2077 had to be completely rewritten, and the detailing and mechanics in this regard grew by an order of magnitude, judging by the videos walking along the network.

System Requirements and Platforms

The game will be immediately cross-platform, without offending, which pleases anyone. And it is planned to distribute it in three ways: through PSN, Steam and XBLA.

A little alarming hints of the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 about the expectation of unprecedented commercial success, because, most likely, it will be a question of large-scale monetization.

And, it remains only to hope that she, at least for the sake of appearance, would wear only a cosmetic background (as it was done in GW2), and not turn the project into a full-scale PtW. And you want to believe in it very much, because we are promised a full-scale series that can inspire for many years.

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