GABT still in disrepair

As the press service of the Moscow MTU Rostekhnadzor, Yulia Chibisova, said, the work to strengthen the walls of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater has not yet been completed.

“Formally, the construction company did not complete the work to strengthen the walls and did not remove the building from its emergency condition,” she said. This reaction of Rostekhnadzor is caused by reports in some media about the completion of the building strengthening and the beginning of the next stage of reconstruction.

In the near future, Rostechnadzor’s management is going to conduct a control study of the building’s structures. In order to confirm the quality of the work performed, the distribution plate and the piles bearing the protecting walls of the building foundation will be checked.

According to Yulia Chibisova, builders will be able to proceed to the next stages of reconstruction and increase the load on the supporting structures of the building only if all the examinations give a positive result.

“So far, the department of state construction supervision of the Moscow MTU Rostekhnadzor has not given confirmation of the quality of work to strengthen the walls of the building,” said Chibisova.

Recall that the building of the Bolshoi Theater was closed for renovation on July 1, 2005. For its reconstruction for the period from 2006 to 2008, the state allocated 11 billion rubles.

After reconstruction, the Bolshoi Theater will become one of the world's best musical theaters for technical equipment, and its appearance will remain the same as it is known and loved by several generations of viewers.

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