Furniture and plastic

Furniture is such a simple, familiar word from childhood. Hundreds of products in this category surround and give us convenience and comfort. For millennia, mankind did not have such an assortment of materials for furniture production as it had in the twenty-first century. For many years, wood was the main material for the production of furniture and other devices for human needs. And now the production of furniture from natural material is very important.

At the end of the twentieth century, plastic replaced the wood, leather and fabrics. Artificially created material, firmly established in the production and life. Furniture made of plastic has several advantages: versatility, low cost and durability. Plastic is easy to clean, clean and move. But not so simple. Products made from high quality plastic are sometimes more expensive than products made from natural materials.

Garden furniture made of plastic, made from polypropylene, inexpensive, not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation. At the country house and in the garden, in a city park and in a cozy cafe, polypropylene furniture looks elegant and easy to use.One of the safest polymers from which children's furniture is made is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. There are more durable and environmentally friendly types of plastics.

Recent years for the manufacture of furniture is widely used artificial materials from crushed wood and glue. These are plates of DVP, chipboard, MDF. Furniture made of materials imitating natural wood is suitable only for indoor use. However, natural wood does not like moisture.

Technologists (chemists) will only need to choose the right plastic for furniture production, and this wonderful material will surprise and delight us in the products around you for many years.

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