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Funny marketing - female course

1. At the party you see a nice guy. You come up to him and say: 'With me it's great in bed'. This is direct marketing.
2. You came to a party with friends and see a nice guy. One of your friends comes up to him and says: "With her is cool in bed." This is an advertisement.
3. At the party you see a nice guy. You approach him and ask for a phone number. The next day, you call him and say: 'With me it's great in bed'. This is telephone marketing.
4. At the party you see a nice guy. You get up and fix the dress, come up to him and pour him a drink. You say: 'Allow' and come closer to him to straighten his tie, and at the same time you touch his chest with his hand, and then you say: 'By the way, it’s cool with me in bed'. This is PR.
5. At the party you see a nice guy. He comes up to you and says: "I heard that you are great in bed." This is a recognizable brand.
6At the party you see a nice guy. You persuade him to go with your girlfriend. This is a sales office.
7. Your girlfriend does not satisfy him, so he calls you. This is technical support.
8. You are on the way to the party and suddenly the thought occurs to you that in those houses, past which lies your way, there can be many nice men. You climb on the roof of one of the houses located closer to the center and shout loudly: 'With me it's great in bed!' - this is spam.
9. At the party you see some nice guys. You write notes to all of them about how cool it will be with you in bed. This is a direct mail.
10. You come to the party, see the awesome guy, come up to him and say, “let's go upstairs, I'm very good in bed”. And he says “I can't, because I love boys” - this is the wrong choice of the target group.
11. At the party you see a nice guy. By clever frauds you make a dirty squabble between the girls present, and you yourself stand aside. When everybody gets over it, you say 'let's go out of here! By the way, it's great with me in bed! ” - this is black PR.
12. You come to the party and say, “I'm cool in bed, but I want chocolate and champagne for my body.” This is a barter.
13. You come to the party, and there are a lot of beautiful girls.You lower the strap and say: “You don’t need chocolate in bed and chocolate with champagne” - this is dumping.
14. At the party you do not enjoy success. You run to the plastic surgery center and make yourself look like Merelin Monroe. This is plagiarism.
15. At the party, you immediately loudly declare - "Who is interested in what I am in bed - for me!" and take them to another party. This positioning ...
16. At the party you did not go at all, but they say there is only about how good you are in bed. This is a popular brand.
17. The party is held at your home and only the guys you slept with are invited. This is a developer conference.
18. You came to the party with your friends, and together you see a nice guy. Each of you tells how cool she is in bed and what she wants for it. This is a tender.
19. You came to a party with friends and you see a lot of nice guys. You say that you are very cool in bed and the one who offers more champagne and chocolate can sleep with you. This is an auction.
20. You came to a party with friends and see a nice guy. You approach him and say that your name is Svetka. Everyone knows how well in bed with Svetka.At the same time, Sveta knows that you have impersonated her. For this Svetka gets a chocolate bar. This is a franchise.
21. You come to a party with a friend. At the party, everyone knows that you are well in bed, you recommend them to your friend and say that you taught her everything and she knows everything that you know. In the morning you share champagne and chocolates among themselves. This is technology transfer and scientific and technical cooperation.

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