The brook in the forest laughs,
And the starling sang in the garden.
The sun is hotter warmer
And the winter has come to an end.
The first little snowdrop
Awakened from sleep
He spread the petals:
- I grew up, spring has come!


Bird flocks fly by,
Come back home
And the icicles cry bitterly,
From the roof, jumping his head.
All nature comes to life,
We are all full of joy.
Every year it happens like this
With the onset of spring!

Fun Spring Rhymes for Kids

Spring come
Spring, arrive,
When will
Tender May?
When in the fields
Buzzing tractor?
When will come
Sowing time?
When did the trees
Wear an outfit?
Spring come
After all, everyone is glad to see you!

Drifts melted,
The snowstorms fell
The birds are back
Capel sang.
Smell in the air
Special winds.
It is winter with us
So parting!

Spring, spring! How the air is clean!
Evgeny Baratynsky
Spring, spring! How the air is clean!
How clear is the sky!
His azure alive
He blinds my eyes.
Spring, spring! How high
On the wings of the breeze,
Caressing the sun,
Clouds fly!
Noise streams! Brilliant streams!
Roaring, the river carries
On the triumphant ridge
Raised her ice!
More trees are bare
But in a grove a decrepit leaf,
As before under my foot
And noisy and fragrant.
Under the sun itself soared
And in a bright height
Invisible lark sings
Zazdravny hymn spring.
What is with her? What is with my soul?
With a creek she creek
And with a bird a bird!
With him murmurs,
Flies in the sky with her!


Cold winds still blowing
And cause morning frost,
Just on the spring thaws
Appeared early flowers,
As from the wonderful kingdom of wax,
From fragrant honey pot
The first bee flew out
Flew on early flowers
Explore the red spring,
Soon there will be a guest dear,
Soon will the meadows turn green
Soon, near the curly birch
Sticky little leaves
Bird cherry blossom fragrant.

Hello, spring first grass!
How did it bloom? Are you happy for the heat?
I know, y you there fun and crush,
They all work together in a friendly way.
Send out a leaf or a blue flower
Everyone is in a hurry young spine
Earlier than a willow of tender buds
The first will show the green leaf.

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