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The life of any person would be very boring without a share of excellent humor. That is why today on the Web there are so many different jokes - about animals, blondes, children, motorists, lovers and many others. What are the jokes, jokes, funny pictures and videos won the recognition of the public in 2018?

About animals: wild and domestic

Once a hare runs down the path and suddenly sees a Kolobok rolling towards him.

- Gingerbread man, gingerbread man, I'll eat you, - says gray.

- What are you, oblique, completely lost fear? Get out of the way, and not something so incised that you move the horses.

The runaway was scared and respectfully stepped aside.

A wolf prowls through the bushes, sees - Kolobok rolls towards him:

- Gingerbread man, I'll eat you.

- Hey, jackal, you are not misled? Well, I removed my short tail from my path, until I squeezed your peepers!

The wolf decided not to look for any trouble.

Following out of the oak forest Bear:

- Gingerbread man, I'll eat you.

- What are you, clumsy, the light is not nice? So come here, I will quickly turn you inside out so that life does not seem like honey.

Shook the bear, stepped aside.

Somehow the three of them met. Suddenly they see a fox running alongside, and she asks:

- Guys, and, men, why are you so sad?

“How can you not be sad when Kolobok keeps the entire forest in fear ...”

- What kind of Kolobok? I devoured him six months ago, and this - our hedgehog from the zone lay back!


Evil cat hissesCool catCool cat screaming


One day a little Goat comes up to his father and asks:

- Dad, and Dad, tell me how I was born?

“Oh, baby, this is a very interesting story,” his father replies. “Once I was lucky enough to stumble upon a forest in a sunshine blooming and fragrant glade, in which I saw the prettiest, slender, young and stately goat in my life ... It was your mother.

Then the inspired Kid made up his mind to verify the truth of the above, and a few days later he turned to his mother with a similar question.

- Oh, baby, this is a very interesting story. Once I was lucky enough to graze on a blooming and fragrant meadow filled with sunlight, where the cutest, slim, young and stately in my life suddenly came out of the forest ... Deer!

- In the sense of deer, mom? What about dad?

- And what about dad, what dad? He was like a goat, and remained!


Dog dressed as a bananaJokes with dogsJokes with dogs


This video joke, posted on the hosting "YouTube" in February 2018, has already brought to tears (of course, with laughter and happiness) more than 2 million people! One glance at the cats included in the amusing selection turns out to be enough to understand: without them, a person’s life would be many times more boring.


In the next video of the year 2018, jokes are collected not only with cats, but also with dogs. When representatives of these two species come together, one has to wait or trouble, or something truly comical. In any case, animal lovers must watch!


In the latest in this most funny video section, you can already see everyone in a row - bulls, bears, rodents and many others. The jokes of 2018 gathered in it will make people laugh to tears and help those who have not been to the zoo for a long time to have a good time.

About blondes

Russian jokes never got along without jokes, the main characters of which traditionally were girls with light-colored hair and a burden to get into funny, downright absurd situations! 2018 was no exception, and turned out to be rich in similar humor, which has already become familiar and familiar to every resident of Russia.


There are once 2 blonde girlfriends:

- You know, and I'm pregnant!

- Oh, really? How did you decide that?

“The doctor said so to me.”

- True? And who is the father?

“But the doctor did not say this ...”


Jokes about blondesJokes about blondesJokes about blondes


The blonde, who has just safely given birth to twins, suddenly begins to go into hysterical weeping. The physician taking delivery asks:

- Honey, what are you crying?

- Like what? I gave birth to twins! - sobs girl.

- So you have to rejoice.

- How, rejoice! What will I tell my husband - where did the second child come from?


Jokes about blondes


2 blondes met in a cafe to chat over a cup of coffee. The conversation somehow unexpectedly went on its own to the technical plane:

- Listen, what do you think, why such large propellers are installed on helicopters?

- What do you mean why? To the pilot did not sweat, of course!

- Yes, this can not be. You must be joking…

- And here is not a bit. Just recently, while on vacation, I flew a helicopter. We already had to land, when suddenly this same propeller stopped spinning. You should have seen our pilot sweat in a second!

About a couple: both in grief and in joy

After another noisy feast in the bar, the husband returns home in an embrace with his equally drunk friend. On the threshold of the head of the family meets an angry wife:

- Oh, you bastard! You look at him: got drunk again!

“Honey,” her husband says, stuttering and breaking into an unconscious smile. - Repeat one more time what you just said.

- You are cattle, cattle! - hot wife.

“You see,” her husband smugly smiles, looking at his friend. - Any whim performs my!


Joke about wife


Wife picks up the phone.

- Yes, I'm listening.

- So, beautiful. We took your beloved hostage. You can help him only if you fulfill our requirements.

- Of course! Say what you need?

“You have to bring a box of beer to the garage.”

Somewhere in the background a husband quietly gives a voice: "Two ... Two ...".

About children

One day, Little Johnny comes across the door of the porch with her neighbor, an adult woman, Aunt Galya:

- Aunt Gal, a, Aunt Gal, and why do you still have no children with Uncle Sasha?

“Do you understand, Little Johnny, the stork has not brought them to us yet,” she replies.

- Aaa, well, then everything is clear, since you still believe in storks ...


2 mothers are sitting in the kitchen. One asks the other:

“And yet I don’t understand why you always call your little son“ Descendant ”! Why not like everyone else - by name or some kindly nickname?

- Oh, now you know everything. Descendant, well, march to do homework!

“Mom, why are you stuck, really,” a boyish voice comes from the room. - I'm busy now, then!


Funny dog


Lesson of the world. The teacher asks the class:

- Children, what do you think, why do we first see the lightning, and then we hear the rumble of thunder? Little Johnny, try to answer.

- So it's still clear: just the eyes are in front of the ears.


In 2018, dynamic, vivid and memorable video jokes, which captured real, lively emotions, remained popular. Is it possible not to smile while watching the next 15-minute video, in which everything is perfect - both humor and main characters with their angelic faces, sweet reactions and absolute artlessness.

About motorists: so different, but so similar

The girl crashes into a car that brakes in front of her Porsche. When jumping out of a vehicle, the beauty bursts out a cry:

- What is happening today ?! Why can't you be a little more careful and more attentive! Already 5 car for the day in which I enter ...


Joke about drivers


Funny stories about women behind the wheel have long become the norm, so in 2018, clip-makers continue to take them as the basis for funny videos!


Once at the man the car broke down right on the road.He turned on the emergency stop signal and crawled under the hood. Suddenly he hears - someone behind his back beeps aggressively, irritably. He turns around, walks up to the car and sees that he is sitting behind the wheel ... Blonde!

- Girl, what are you bibic. Is it not clear that you need to go around?

- But how can I go round you. How do I know where you will go?

- By ... Wait ... I don't understand ...

- So you also have 2 blinkers working at once - both to the left and to the right!


The selection of the best jokes of 2018 will be completed with the following video, which absorbed auto fun jokes to the maximum.

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