Full Moon and New Moon in July 2019

The full moon and the new moon are important peak periods of the lunar cycle, which affects all aspects of human life. These days people become more sensitive and excitable. Also, sleep worsens, chronic diseases may worsen, a large number of ideas of questionable expediency arise. Therefore, their implementation should be postponed. In order to prepare for changes and relive the critical moments of the lunar month, you should familiarize yourself with the lunar calendar for July and remember the day of the full moon in July, what number the new moon rises in, periods of decrease and increase.

What to expect from the full moon and the new moon?

The full moon in July 2019 is the time when the following are possible:

  1. Health problems, special danger of opening wounds, bleeding.
  2. Conflicts with loved ones.
  3. Impulsive decisions.
  4. Negativism.
  5. Premature birth.
  6. Excessive libations of alcohol.
  7. Large waste.

Moon phases

The new moon in July 2019 is dangerous:

  1. Exacerbations of chronic diseases.
  2. Cheating by friends and close relatives.
  3. Psychological injuries.
  4. Depressive states.
  5. Weakness and nervousness.
  6. Likelihood of burns and injuries from metal objects.

These are the days when serious quarrels with others are especially likely due to general increased nervousness and physical ailments. Mentally ill people are most affected by the moon.

Moon phases

The full moon and the new moon in July 2019 do not belong to the favorable, how many better important projects to start and health care can be found in the lunar calendar. He will tell you the type of occupation most suitable for a specific period of the cycle of the moon.

date Day of the week Lunar day Phase Zodiac Sunrise /


1 Monday 27, 28 Twins 02:43/19:50 The optimal time to complete financial affairs, the protection of scientific works. It is worth being guided by intuition. There may be conflicts. It is better to refrain from physical activity.
2 Tuesday 28, 29, 1 New Moon Cancer 03:24/20:59
3 Wednesday 1, 2 + 04:19/21:55 Favorable day for the start of new affairs, networking, social activity. Mental activity will be especially successful. Lighter than usual monotonous laborious labor seems.It is better not to lend.
4 Thursday 2, 3 + a lion 05:30/22:38
5 Friday 3, 4 + 06:52/23:10
6 Saturday 4, 5 + Virgo 08:19/23:35
7 Sunday 5, 6 + 09:47/23:54 Successful will all financial transactions. A good day for research, making plans for the future, friendly gatherings.
8 Monday 6, 7 + Libra 11:14/—:—
9 Tuesday 7, 8 I quarter 12:38/00:12 Energetic day, suitable for the realization of ideas. Making difficult decisions will be accompanied by doubts, but you can count on the support of relatives. The injuries received at this time heal for a long time.
10 Wednesday 8, 9 + 14:01/00:29
11 Thursday 9, 10 + Scorpio 15:22/00:46
12 Friday 10, 11 + 16:41/01:06
13 Saturday 11, 12 + Sagittarius 11:57/01:29
14 Sunday 12, 13 + 19:06/01:58
15 Monday 13, 14 + Capricorn 20:06/02:36
16 Tuesday 14, 15 + 20:54/03:23
17 Wednesday 15,16 Full moon 21:32/04:20
18 Thursday 16,17 Aquarius 22:01/05:24 The day is favorable for mental, political and social activities. Excess energy should be sent to creativity or playing sports, otherwise there is a risk of creating a conflict situation. It is recommended to arrange negotiations and conferences on this date.
19 Friday 17,18 22:23/06:33 A wonderful day for marriage and the beginning of a new relationship. Women should devote time to themselves. It is not recommended to contact the highest authorities and government agencies.
20 Saturday 18, 19 Fish 22:42/07:43
21 Sunday 19, 20 22:57/08:53
22 Monday 20, 21 23:11/10:02
23 Tuesday 21, 22 Aries 23:25/11:12
24 Wednesday 22,23 23:39/12:23
25 Thursday 23, 24 III quarter Taurus 23:55/13:36
26 Friday 24 —:—/14:51
27 Saturday 24, 25 Twins 0:15/16:08
28 Sunday 25, 26 00:40/17:25 Fast financial transactions will be successful. Long-term projects are best not to start. You need to carefully treat speech, try not to hurt other people's feelings. It is necessary to rely on intuition, but not on intellect.

Lending money is not worth it, but you can make large purchases. It is useful to do spiritual practices and physical exertion. It is worth listening to the advice of loved ones.

29 Monday 26, 27 01:14/18:38
30 Tuesday 27, 28 Cancer 02:02/19:41
31 Wednesday 28, 29 03:05/20:31


The full moon in July 2019 falls on the 17th. This day is worth:

  1. Take a trip to the mountains.
  2. Exercise in mental work, work with information.
  3. Refrain from large expenses, as serious losses are possible.
  4. To deal with the organization of processes related to real estate.
  5. Collect medicinal herbs.

Moon phases

On the new moon 2 numbers will occur, on this date we recommend:

  1. To start a long-thought-out new projects, litigation will be especially successful.
  2. Spend a fasting day.
  3. Do some simple exercise.
  4. Take time to spiritual practices, prayer, meditation.
  5. Start giving up bad habits.
  6. Buy or sell antiques.

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