Full Moon and New Moon in April 2019

Full moon and new moon - special days of the lunar cycle, affecting not only the processes in nature, but also on humans. At this time, changes in behavior and well-being under the influence of the moon are more pronounced. Most people become irritable, nervous and anxious. At the same time, a surge of energy and activity allows you to do many things. To prepare for the possible consequences, you should know when the new moon and full moon in April 2019.

What to expect from the full moon on the new moon

At this time, notes:

  1. Strengthening of thought processes that can lead to insomnia.
  2. Improving physical condition, energy, desire to engage in vigorous activity.
  3. The disorder of the nervous system, which is the cause of anxiety, irritability, unwarranted aggression.
  4. Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach and heart.
  5. The desire to conflict.

month among the clouds

In general, a person develops and strengthens negative emotions and sensations, but this increases activity. Often, in the full moon and the new moon, people take out their discontent with their loved ones.

Moon phases

Finding out the date of the new moon in April 2019, and when the full moon occurs, you can prepare for the likely troubles and consequences. To provide information on which days are best suited for undertakings, and when to avoid conflict situations, a lunar calendar has been created.

date Day of the week Lunar day Phase Zodiac Sunrise / sunset time Note
1 Monday 25,26 Aquarius 05:21/


2 Tuesday 26,27 Fish 05:41/


At this time, mental concentration deteriorates. It is recommended to postpone the case, and take an active rest or creativity, go on a trip.
3 Wednesday 27,28 05:58/


4 Thursday 28,29 Aries 06:13/


5 Friday 29,30,1 New Moon 06:28/


6 Saturday 1,2 + 06:43/


7 Sunday 2,3 + Taurus 07:00/


8 Monday 3,4 + 07:19/


9 Tuesday 4,5 + Twins 07:43/


10 Wednesday 5,6 + 08:14/


During this period, increased impulsiveness, intellectual activity. It is recommended to carry out short labor-intensive affairs that do not require concentration.
11 Thursday 6,7 + Cancer 08:56/


On this day, increased emotional sensitivity. It is recommended to communicate and build relationships with loved ones.
12 Friday 7,8 I quarter 09:50/


13 Saturday 8,9 + a lion 10:58/


14 Sunday 9,10 + 12:17/


15 Monday 10,11 + 13:42/


16 Tuesday 11,12 + Virgo 15:10/


This day marks the improvement of mental activity.It creates favorable conditions for hard work and self-improvement.
17 Wednesday 12,13 + 16:38/


18 Thursday 13,14 + Libra 18:06/


19 Friday 14,15 Full moon 19:32/


20 Saturday 15,16 Scorpio 20:57/


21 Sunday 16,17 22:19/


22 Monday 17,18 Sagittarius 23:35/


The ability to think in a balanced and logical manner is suppressed by emotional intelligence and susceptibility to abstract ideas. This time is well suited for travel, business trips, physical work.
23 Tuesday 18 —:—/


24 Wednesday 18,19 Capricorn 00:43/


25 Thursday 19,20 01:39/


26 Friday 20,21 02:24/


27 Saturday 21,22 III quarter Aquarius 02:59/


On this day, conflict increases, so communication with superiors is not recommended. This period is well suited for the study of technology, self-improvement in the professional field.
28 Sunday 22,23 03:26/


29 Monday 23,24 Fish 03:48/


30 Tuesday 24,25 04:05/



Knowing the number of the full moon and the new moon in April 2019, it is easier to prepare for negative events and find a way to benefit from it. The hardest days will be April 5th and 19th. It is on these dates that the new moon and the full moon fall. To sustain the highest activity of the moon, you must:

  1. Track your emotional state, do not get involved in conflicts.
  2. To transfer serious cases that require psychological concentration and effort on themselves.
  3. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
  4. To minimize communication with other people on controversial topics.
  5. Tolerance to the problems of life to others.
  6. To diagnose possible diseases - during this period the symptoms are particularly active.
  7. Do not contact with substances that cause allergic reactions.
  8. Postpone decision-making on important matters.
  9. Do planning.
  10. Devote time to passive rest and self-purification - this will help to relax and cope with negative emotions.

full moon in the clouds

The full moon in April 2019 is best:

  1. Pay attention to their own health.
  2. Make decisions on previously scheduled cases.
  3. Devote time to caring for plants.
  4. Present your creative plans and ideas.
  5. Chat with old friends.

The full moon is the perfect time for new beginnings. Brain and physical activity reach the highest level, making it easier for people to cope with complex tasks.

New Moon - the best time for:

  1. Occupations by creative projects.
  2. Brainstorming on unresolved issues.
  3. Exercise.

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