Original DIY gifts

If in childhood we thought that a gift with our own hands is the only opportunity to show love to loved ones, then today unusual gifts ...

Crafts from cones: amazing metamorphosis of forest gifts

Natural beauty, durability, environmental friendliness and availability of cones of coniferous trees makes them a fertile material for crafts. What can be made of cones Cones are open and closed, large ...

Crafts from acorns: autumn mood in the interior

It is a pleasure to create crafts from acorns with your own hands. This is an opportunity to get a useful thing for your home, a non-trivial decor or a toy for a child. Fruits with brilliant ...

Hedgehog from the cones: an interesting hack for children's "skilled hands"

Autumn time is full of riotous colors of foliage, fragrant woody bark, chestnuts and fir cones. In kindergartens and schools this is a season of crafts made from natural materials, ...

Autumn crafts from natural material: create autumn in your home

Autumn is a bright and emotional time, a cross between active and restless summer and quiet, peaceful winter. This is the time when a walk in the park or ...

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