Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm

Throughout life women trykeep the youth and beauty of your body. In fact, everything has taken into account and endowed some products with a mass of vitamins and microelements that allow the body to feed from within. For this purpose, a miraculous flaxseed oil is used. Benefits and harm have been studied from ancient times in Greece, India, Egypt. Nowadays the scope of this product is quite extensive and includes cooking, cosmetology and even medicine.

Flaxseed oil: good and bad. Favorable effect

flaxseed oil is good and bad

Such a product has earned itsunique composition. What are the only constituents of its omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 - unsaturated fatty acids, which can not be produced by the body independently, so it gets along with the food. And the percentage of them reaches 90% of the total number of useful substances. Do not forget about the huge vitamin set A, group B, C, F and even E. Such a rich composition allows you to treat flaxseed oil of many diseases. Regular intake of the drug for preventive purposes simulates the operation of all systems and helps the body get rid of toxins that slag the body with harmful substances. Adherents of non-traditional methods of treatment recommend oil to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as it contributes to the destruction of cholesterol plaques. The risk of further development of the disease is reduced by an average of five percent. For women who want to lose weight, this remedy is a real find, because it significantly speeds up metabolism. Some believe that active substances in the oil prevent the division of cancer cells, which inhibits tumor growth.

Flaxseed oil: good and bad. The negative side of the question

Linseed oil treatment

Ladies waiting for the birth of a baby, thisthe product can cause serious harm, because it stimulates metabolic processes in the body, which sometimes leads to an increased tone of the uterus. If you use it, then only in small amounts, for example, adding to a salad or sauce for the main course. The use of oil for therapeutic purposes is desirable to implement after receiving a consultation with a doctor and a thorough examination, since they identify a number of contraindications. For example, the pathology of the urethra, pancreatitis or cholelithiasis. It is not desirable to combine antidepressants or antiviral drugs. And keep in mind that heat treatment for such a product is disastrous - absolutely all useful properties are lost.

flaxseed oil in a pharmacy

Flaxseed oil: good and bad. Application rules

To obtain an enhanced effect, it is recommendedDrink the product in its pure form in a strictly defined dosage, otherwise there is a threat of a reverse result. If the main goal is to get rid of excess weight, then take the drug should be one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach. We drink a glass of water with the addition of a few drops of lemon juice. Half an hour later you can have a full breakfast. To speed up the metabolism, also use a spoonful of the product before going to bed with low-fat yogurt. You can buy linseed oil in a pharmacy both in capsules and in pure form. For the general strengthening of the body add it in the process of cooking healthy food.

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Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm Flaxseed oil: benefit and harm