Fixtures for suspended ceilings: types, how to choose the best + brand review

Aesthetic, attractive and practical stretched canvas are considered the best way to finish the ceiling. But when it comes to designing a lighting system for them, there are problems associated with the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacturing process of tension structures.

You do not know how to choose the best fixtures for suspended ceilings and which will be safe during operation?

We will help you figure it out - within the framework of this article we will find out what needs to be taken into account when choosing, consider the appropriate types of lighting fixtures, highlight reliable and proven manufacturers of lighting engineering.

Technical features stretch ceilings

The assortment of well-known brands of lighting presents many different options for ceiling lighting fixtures. butnot each of the proposed models of fixtures can be attached to the tension structures.

The fact is that their surface consists of PVC film, fiberglass or fabric fabrics that do not tolerate heating above 60 ° C.

If you buy the first device in the store and the type of light bulbs, without paying attention to the characteristics of the devices, there is a big risk that over time they will burn the fabric.

As a result, the material is deformed, sags, acquires an ugly yellow shade, begins to emit unpleasant odors when the light is on.

Damage to the stretch ceiling
The fabric will be slightly more resistant to temperature effects, but the vinyl or glossy surface of the film can quickly crack, lose shape and primary elasticity.

That is why the lamps installed in the suspended ceiling should be low-power, provide a minimum amount of heat.

It is desirable that the carrier body of the device should be made of a safe thermowell, preventing the spread of heating coming from the filament to the ceiling.

Preferred types of lighting

Discuss the most appropriate types of lighting needed at the stageinstallation of a ceiling covering or development of the design project of the room.

The main restrictions apply to:

  • power;
  • bulkiness;
  • type of fastening equipment.

These characteristics must be compared with the specific design and type of ceiling decoration.

Installing the light in the suspended ceiling
For lighting devices, special holes are cut out in the tensioning sheet, through which they join the fixtures embedded in the surface of the main ceiling.

Wiring and installation of fasteners is carried out before the direct installation of the structure. For this reason, the layout, the required number of light sources also need to think through in advance. In this case, several varieties of fixtures would be appropriate.

No. 1 - universal point devices

Tentative lamps with a tension canvas - the classic and most common combination. The devices are suitable for rooms of any height, even when it comes to critically low parameters.

The body of products may slightly protrude beyond the ceiling plane or be completely embedded in the surface, merging with the canvas.

They are used both for illuminating individual zones and as general room lighting (provided that at least one appliance is installed for every 1-1.5 m²).They form interesting light scenarios, giving the interior design a special personality.

Dot patterns are characterized by numerous advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • ease of installation;
  • low level of heating;
  • variety of design;
  • economical power consumption;
  • moisture resistance due to closed hermetic construction;
  • the possibility of regulating the direction of light flow.

The installation method of compact point devices depends on their type. Recessed luminaires are mounted using a spring mounting, which is inserted into a pre-prepared hole.

Type of spotlight after installation in the canvas
In the niche the spring straightens, tightly pressing the structure to the ceiling. From the outside, the hole is closed with a decorative overlay. Under the built-in equipment it is necessary to leave at least 7 cm of the gap between the main and tension ceiling.

For installation of lamps of laid on type use adjustable racks which are attached by a cloth. In the marked places are glued thermal rings, hiding under the side of the equipment. They help fix the case,and further prevent heat transfer between the device and the material.

To be able to adjust the direction of light, you can pick up the swivel model.

No. 2 - original suspended structures

Pendant lights are suitable for large spaces, but are not recommended for use in rooms with low ceilings. They give a diffused or directed light flux, perfectly illuminate the room, emitting a powerful bright light.

In this case, there is no risk of damage to the tension structure, since the device body and the web are placed at a safe distance from each other.

The weight of the chandelier should not be excessively large. You also need to pay attention to the horns and ceiling. It is desirable that they look down, otherwise the overheating of the membrane and the appearance of glare on glossy surfaces cannot be ruled out.

Pendant lights in the interior
Using lighting equipment of the suspended type, you can radically change the situation in the room: add luxury, visually reduce or expand the area, decorate work areas in an original way.

This category includes track lights, lamps and chandeliers, which are hung on a durable hook built into the base ceiling, made of reinforcement.

The frame of the product is kept on a decorative chain, a cable or a rod with a length of 0.2 to 1.5 m.The fastening mechanism is hidden behind the canvas; only a part of the suspension and a reinforcing ring remain outside.

The main advantages of pendant lamps:

  • simple installation;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • wide angle of dispersion;
  • compatibility with all types of lamps;
  • height adjustment;
  • harmonious combination with different styles of interior;
  • fast cooling of light bulbs;
  • complete lack of risk of damage to the fabric, provided a sufficient length of suspension.

Suspended lamps are impressive variety of color, design, decorative design. The body is made of metal, plastic materials, glass, wood.

Ceiling lamps are made in the form of balls, spheres, geometric shapes, climbing stems, interesting compositions. The design is modular, independent, rotating, stationary.

No. 3 - bright raster lamps

In a separate category emit modular raster fluorescent lamps. They are cellular metal structures equipped with a special reflective grid that diffuses light.

Raster lamps in the tensioning canvas
Square or rectangular devices provide bright uniform illumination that is appropriate in large spacious premises. There is no designer originality in their design: the models differ only in the type of mirror plate profile

This type of luminaire has the following advantages:

  • simplified installation and disassembly system;
  • additional protection for lamps;
  • mobile dimensions and design;
  • strict minimalistic design.

For home furnishings, this option is not always advisable. But for offices, offices, trading floors, exhibition halls, dressing rooms raster lighting devices will be an ideal choice.

No. 4 - LED strip for contour lighting

One of the most original and spectacular types of illumination - LED tape, glued to the surface of the canvas. Basically it is used as an additional decorative lighting of rooms.

Stretched ceiling decoration with LED tape
When combining LED strips with other more powerful lighting equipment, you can create unique light drawings, 3D-pictures, contours, complex patterns

In the assortment of some manufacturers there are models with 120-240 bulbs, which are quite capable of coping with the role of the main source of light.During the glow they do not emit heat, which makes them absolutely safe for ceilings made of PVC film and fabric.

Advantages of LED strips:

  • compact dimensions, flexibility, lightness;
  • simple mounting in hard-to-reach areas;
  • low power consumption;
  • reduced light output;
  • brightness, color;
  • big working resource even at long continuous use.

On the LED tape is a lot of glowing crystals, mounted on the board. Their number and density of landing determines the power circuit.

Tapes can have a moisture resistant and ordinary coating, be equipped with LEDs of various colors. They often have a function of regulating the glow.

Optimal types of light bulbs

Each type of lamp corresponds to a certain type of light bulb. For example, incandescent bulbs are unacceptable in LED models. This nuance is important to consider when choosing products.

Lamps with various lamps for suspended ceiling
For installation on the tension fabric use energy-saving, LED, halogen light sources, incandescent lamps, fiber optic filaments

In general, any sources of light are suitable for tension structures, but with a few clarifications:

  • it is better to give preference to opaque bulbs;
  • in point luminaires do not use incandescent bulbs;
  • together with halogen light sources, the installation of an additional transformer is required;
  • permissible power of incandescent lamps - no more than 45-60 W, halogen - up to 35 W.

Incandescent bulbs are installed in suspended chandeliers, mounted at a minimum distance of 0.4 m from the film ceiling. They emit a standard diffusing light, but are the most uneconomic option among the rest.

Halogen lamps are more economical and durable. These devices are characterized by good color reproduction, provide intense bright light in the room, but are very limited in color.

The most optimal, environmentally safe and cost-effective option - LED-bulbs. They almost do not heat up in the process of work, because they are the best type of light source for suspended ceiling surfaces.

On many models, manufacturers give a long warranty for up to 10 years.

LED lamps are characterized by a wide range of color temperatures - from cool white to warm yellow. Devices do not create a flicker effect, emit a rather soft light.

Luminaires with integrated LEDs
When purchasing lighting devices with built-in LEDs, you need to clarify the possibility of replacing them. If it is not provided, then when the light bulb fails, the luminaire will have to be changed.

Energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs are also durable and safe. They provide high-quality diffused lighting, do not heat, do not illuminate the surface. Due to the low energy consumption, the relatively high price of products quickly pays off.

Since they are characterized by relatively large size, they are not suitable for each model of the lamp. The main disadvantage of fluorescent lamps - low startup speed.

Another option for the light source, which is often combined with tension fabrics - fiber optics. They are characterized by low heat emission, a small amount of light. Usually they are used solely as a decorative light.

Ceiling decoration with fiber optic threads
With the help of luminous threads and special nozzles in the rooms they create fascinating effects of the starry sky, tongues of flame, and the northern lights.

The cost of optical fiber is much more expensive than other elements, but it is justified by its durability.

Overview of the best manufacturers of lighting

There are many different brands on the market for lighting products. To be sure of the quality of the equipment, it is wiser to purchase models of proven manufacturers. Consider the top three in this area.

1st place - the brand Ecola (China)

Most experts believe that the most reliable and inexpensive fixtures for tension structures offered by the company Ecola.

Almost all presented models are equipped with a special system of protection against moisture. Installation of this equipment does not cause difficulties. There are minimum requirements for the height of the installation and the size of the niche made between the basic and stretch ceiling.

Lamps of the Ekol trademark
The products manufactured by the manufacturer emit little heat, consume a minimum of electricity, and serve for a long time. The special design of the device prevents unnecessary glare on translucent canvas

The model range of the manufacturer is quite diverse. A record number of positive reviews received recessed fixtures GX53, MR16, surface-mounted device type GX70.

They meet the most important criteria for users: the quality of lighting, environmental safety, stylish design.

2 nd place - Philips (Netherlands)

Products of the brand Philips Lighting (new name - Signify) are famous for their versatility and reliability. In the collection of the brand there are many lighting devices that are compatible with suspended ceiling structures.

All of them are united by modern design, in which elegant laconic forms are viewed, allowing to give the interior a special charm.

One of the Philips lamps
Philips lighting devices are easily mounted to the surface, provide natural color reproduction, emit a bright and comfortable light, evenly distributing it around the room. In the process of their manufacture is used exclusively safe raw materials.

Among the available models, ultra-slim downlight embedded devices, ceiling lamps of the ECOMODS series, Probos spot devices, should be highlighted.

3rd place - brand Citilux (Denmark)

As a convenient, efficient and beautiful lighting solutions for suspended ceilings, there is something to offer to the Danish manufacturer Citilux.

The materials used in the design of its luminaires are resistant to moisture, temperature extremes, vibrations. Most modifications are sold at relatively affordable prices.

One of the models of Citilux chandeliers
The products of the brand are made in the traditional simple style with classic elements. With proper installation using different devices, you can model the space in a special way, highlight the necessary zones, create interesting silhouettes.

Owners of such lighting technology note its ease of maintenance, practicality, high quality, long service life.

The best models of the brand include the ceiling chandeliers with a remote control of the Parker series, recessed spotlights of the Alpha, Beta lines, devices of the surface type Luna.

In addition to the brands described, lighting engineering is also worth mentioning.Osram, Massive, Globo, Markslojd, Feron.

Recommendations to the buyer for the choice of the lamp

Going to the store for a lamp, you must already clearly understand what you need. Your choice should be correlated with the technical requirements of the tension fabric, the specifics of the room, the interior design in which the room is decorated.

Precautions when installing the lamp
Extreme care must be exercised during the installation of lighting. Stretch ceilings require delicate handling. Before installation, it is desirable to ensure the integrity of the luminaire design: chipped and cracked corners can catch and damage the canvas

First of all, we determine the external qualities of suitable products:

  1. The form. Lamps have a different shape of the body and the ceiling: standard, asymmetric, geometric. It depends on their choice how and at what angle the light will be distributed around the room. Some models add mirrored reflective plates, colored plastic or glass, which help to create a unique romantic atmosphere due to scattering glare.
  2. The size. All versions of fixtures differ in size, weight. Based on these parameters, the future lighting system is calculated. You should not take too heavy lamps: for them it is necessary to increase the mounting height of the surface so that the ceiling does not sag.
  3. Colour. The housing of lighting devices can be made out in all colors and shades. The palette is so wide that it is easy to choose a device to match the color of the ceiling. If you want to diversify the interior, you can take a few lamps in different colors.

It is important to take into account the characteristics of the room in which the devices will be installed. For bathrooms, where the humidity level is always elevated, equipment with a hermetic enclosure and a special system of protection against water should be selected.

Lighting in the kitchen
The kitchen is usually much warmer than in other rooms. The ideal option in this case - low-power lamps up to 45 W

For the bedroom, matt diffusers are considered the best choice. In the hallways and corridors of an elongated shape, it is recommended to install spot-type lighting devices along the entire perimeter.

It is not necessary to dwell on one type of lighting equipment for the room. It is worth trying to combine different solutions with each other.

For example, install a classical chandelier and add it with spotlights. This will allow to create original light compositions, to emphasize some details in the interior, to divide the room into zones, to avoid shaded corners.

The photo gallery presents spectacular lighting options in rooms with suspended ceilings:

Image Gallery
Photos of
The combination of hanging chandeliers with spotlights
The combination of hanging chandeliers with spotlights
Original lighting for the children's room
Original lighting for the children's room
The effect of the starry sky on the ceiling in the bedroom
The effect of the starry sky on the ceiling in the bedroom
Interesting light patterns and drawings
Interesting light patterns and drawings

Also pay attention to a few general recommendations:

  • built-in appliances must have internal sides, their heating temperature cannot exceed 60 ° C;
  • optimal distance from the wall to the equipment - 15-20 cm;
  • large lamps or chandeliers are mounted in the center of the room or in the work area;
  • only fluorescent or LED bulbs are put into the lights;
  • in rooms of non-standard sizes, it is advisable to apply the scheme of the wave distribution of point devices;
  • when buying, you should specify the possibility of replacing burnt out light bulbs;
  • molded built-in equipment, chandeliers with structural elements sticking up, heavy equipment, lamps with incandescent lamps located close to the canvas are not suitable for mounting into the tensioning fabric.

It is difficult to say exactly which model of the device will be better - this is a matter of the aesthetic taste of the apartment owner or designer.

But most experts recommend abandoning massive and voluminous chandeliers in favor of compact point devices.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of the main types of fixtures for tension fabrics:

Expert recommendations on how to choose appliances to organize a high-quality lighting system in the house:

Properly selected fixtures will not affect the performance characteristics of the tension ceiling structure, will provide a comfortable and uniform illumination of the space.. It is enough to plan in advance the layout of the devices and follow the basic rules of selection and installation, guided by the recommendations.

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