Fire doors

The quality and resistance to high temperatures of the door in the room also determines the speed of resistance to fire. If the door leaf does not have special protection against ignition, then carbon monoxide penetrates into the room after ignition of the material. If you use fire doors, they will not allow carbon monoxide into the room. Safety material will be the material from which the door is made. If it has fire prevention features, then the fire will not penetrate the apartment quickly.

What is the “secret” of fire doors?

Besides the fact that such products are able to protect the room from fire, there are other features of the door, for example:

  • Noise isolation.
  • High degree of protection against radiation.

The main "secret" of the fire door is its design. Unlike conventional doors, similar products have the following features:

  • The top layer of the fire door consists of steel, aluminum or treated wood with a special composition.
  • The inner part of the door is filled with various insulating materials and shockproof gaskets.Due to this, toxic substances formed as a result of burning do not enter the premises. Fire retardant mineral wool is considered the most effective substance.
  • Use in the design of a special anti-smoke insert. When the door is ignited, it foams, which allows to seal the gap.
  • The use of heat insulating gaskets for metal construction makes it possible to minimize surface heating during a fire. The material used is a mineral plate with basalt fibers. The length of the basalt canvas affects the rate of destruction of the slab. The longer the better. Another popular material for thermal insulation is silica, which can withstand temperatures up to 1,800 degrees.

The big advantage of this type of door is that they do not need special care. Users only need to dust the surface from time to time. For more information about such doors, you can get on the website

What should be considered when choosing a fire door?

During the selection the buyer is obliged to familiarize themselves with the certificate from the manufacturer.This document should present the results of laboratory studies. Thanks to them, you can set the time of confrontation design fire. The most fire-resistant door, according to experts, can withstand 2 hours of heat load.

Before buying, you need to pay attention to the following fire door parameters:

  • The material of manufacture.
  • Compliance with design regulations.
  • Time to fight the fire.
  • The price is an indicator of the quality of the door leaf and the time of opposition to the fire.
  • The presence of anti-panic system on the door It is that the user has the opportunity to open the door from the inside by simply pressing the handle. Due to this, during an emergency to get out of the room is not difficult.

How to install a fire door?

The installation of the fire door is very responsible, so the manufacturer recommends entrusting it to the licensed company. The installation includes preliminary measurement and installation of the door leaf in the doorway.

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