Film Triple Border (2019)

In the US, they like to create thrillers about drug dealers. Probably affects the proximity to Mexico, where drug lords build entire empires on the sale of prohibited substances.

Recall at least the “Narco” series, which is popular with Netflix streaming viewers, or even the “Killer” movie about drug trafficking, which became one of the best films of 2015. In this article we will tell you about a new film that narrates about drugs in Latin America.

Movie info

To begin with, it is worth noting that the film does not yet have a specific date for the premiere, but the latest official information indicates that on March 26 the film crew finally began to work actively. The film will tell about how five friends go to where the borders of three countries - Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay - cross.

The United States has repeatedly argued that this particular area (not only in the film, but also in real life) is the source of world terrorism, which must be neutralized.There is a very dangerous territory, which was occupied by local drug barons and the traffic of prohibited substances there is almost impossible to stop or at least somehow control.

However, our five main characters received a mission to go there to overthrow the drug lord and establish order in this part of South America. Of course, to accomplish such a task they will need to try and even risk their own lives.

The film has a very long and difficult creation story. Ideas about how to take it, appeared at the film company Paramount Pictures back in 2010, when the border of those three countries really was quite a tense situation. Then the film bought Netflix streaming service.

triple border movie 2019

It is also known that the “Triple Border” is for the time being only a working title. Before that, there was another version of the name "Sleeping Dogs", which is still considered as an alternative.

Make a film going to California, Oahu, which is part of Hawaii, as well as in Colombia, to convey the flavor of South America.

The crew "Triple Border"

In eight years, while the project was under development, he had already managed to completely change the director, the cast, and even the company that will create this film.So, initially, “Triple Border” was going to be released in the film company Paramount Pictures, but they were faced with unexpected troubles.

The director, who was supposed to shoot the film, Catherine Bigelow, could not agree with the authorities of Argentina and Paraguay about the filming there. The leadership of these countries was afraid that the flow of tourists would decrease sharply. Brazil, on the other hand, responded quite adequately.

Triple Border 2019 release date

Because of this position of the two countries, the surveys were postponed indefinitely, and Catherine Bigelow herself decided to take on her other project, Detroit, which tells about interracial conflicts on the streets of Detroit, which soon turned into bloody rallies with thousands of participants. The film received mixed reviews.

Nevertheless, Catherine Bigelow was a significant loss for the project, because she at one time created the film “The Lord of the Storm”, which in 2010 was nominated for Oscar nine times and took as many as six statuettes!

This is a military drama about a demolition engineer who was sent to Iraq to be responsible for the security of the soldiers, but because of his convictions he ran into a conflict among his colleagues. Also, her film “Target Number One” was nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best Film”, but received an award for best sound editing.

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After the departure of Bigelow, the director's chair was taken over by JC Chandor, who will manage the filming process of the future thriller and at the same time will become one of the writers. Prior to that, he managed to remove the dramatic thriller “The Cruelest Year”, the adventure drama “Hope Will Not Quench”, as well as the drama “Risk Limit”, which in 2012 was nominated for an Oscar for the best script.

When everything seemed to be settled down, the film started having problems with the actors who would play the main roles. From the very beginning it was assumed that there would be such legendary American actors as Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp in the caste, but in the end they were forced to refuse to participate.

Then, as a candidate, Will Smith was considered, but because of problems with the work schedule, he refused to shoot in favor of another film - “Ghostly Beauty”, which was already released on December 12, 2016. Then there were rumors that Chaning Tatum, Tom Hardy, Mark Wahlberg would be filmed in the film, but their participation was not confirmed.

Full film crew

triple border actors

Produced by:Alex Gartner ("The Robbery on Baker Street", "Out of Time"), Charles Rowen ("The Dark Knight: Restoration of a Legend", "Final Analysis"),Andy Hortwitz (“Open Grave”, “Suicide Squad”).

Screenwriters:Mark Boal ("In the Valley of Ela", "Lord of the Storm").


  • Ben Affleck (Armageddon, Clever Will Hunting);
  • Pedro Pascal ("Crime Scene", "Game of Thrones");
  • Charlie Hannam (“The Lost City of Z”, “Child of Man”);
  • Oscar Isaac (“Out of the Car”, “Totality of Lies”);
  • Adria Arhona (“Narko”, “Pacific Line 2”).

Now, of course, the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil are not so dangerous, they even allow tourists there, because the relevance of the film is lost.

Nevertheless, this does not detract from the artistic value of the film, for surely it will be an exciting thriller that will surely find its audience.

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