Film Glass (2019)

This mystical thriller will be the end of the trilogy, which the audience probably does not even realize.

We will tell you how his director has been nurturing the idea of ​​this film for almost 18 years and why this will surely be one of the most popular films of 2019.

The film will be released on January 18, 2019, and filming, which began in October 2017, is still ongoing.

What is known about the film?

The plot will be about a man with supernatural abilities, David Dunne, who learns about Kevin Crumb, a man with multiple personality disorders, and decides to find him.

There is another important character in the film - the so-called Mr. Glass, who moves in a wheelchair, and knows the answers to the questions that worry both David and Kevin.

This film - the end of the trilogy, which includes "Invulnerable" 2000 and "Split" 2016. In "Invulnerable" told about David Dunne, who at first glance leads a perfect ordinary life. He has a family, a child and a stable job.

One day, on the way to work, the train goes off the rails and almost all the passengers die in a crash. Everything except David Dunn, who after the accident did not even have a single cut. After this, the main character realizes that something is wrong with him, and in his entire life he has never even been sick with a cold, not to break bones.

Then he meets Elijah Price, that same Mr. Glass. He is the exact opposite of David, because he has a rare disease since childhood - his bones can break from the slightest blow, hence the comparison with glass.

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This man assures Dunn that he is a superhero and now has to save humanity, but David is not inclined to believe so easily a person who has devoted all his life to comics. However, after this meeting, David begins to pursue a series of mysterious events.

The film "Split" at first glance is not like the sequel to "Invulnerable", there are completely different characters and storyline. The main character there is Kevin Crumb, inside of whom more than a dozen personalities live. One day he decides to kidnap three teenagers right in the parking lot of a shopping center.

The captives soon realize that there is something wrong with their kidnapper, because for some time he may consider himself an elderly woman, and then abruptly turn into a naive nine-year-old boy.However, these personalities are harmless when compared to the Beast, which awakens in Kevin and wants blood.

Film crew

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The director and screenwriter of this film (as well as the previous two) is M. Night Shyamalan. When in 2000 he released The Invulnerable with Walt Disney Studios, he offered to release a sequel.

Unfortunately, the film studio was denied him, citing the relatively small box office of the film (248 million with a budget of 75 million).

Then the director took up shooting other films, and created quite a few successful thrillers and horror films, including “The Devil”, “Signs”, “Mysterious Forest”.

Most M. Night Shyamalan is known for his film “The Sixth Sense,” which received six Oscar nominations and brought world-wide fame to the director.

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16 years after the release of The Immune, the director finally decided to return to his long-standing idea of ​​a film about a person with multiple personality disorder.

He wanted to put this character in the movie “Invulnerable”, but then he had to be cut out, because then the storyline did not fit into the specified timekeeping and budget. M. Night Shyamalan decided to make a solo film about Kevin Crumba and put David Dunn as a cameo, as if hinting that the events of the two films take place in the same universe.

For this, the director had to negotiate with Walt Disney Studios so that they would allow him to use this character, and they agreed on the condition that if the third film was made, they would participate in the filming. So the trilogy was born, the idea of ​​which M. Night Shyamalan had been bearing for almost two decades.

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David Dunn in the film will still play Bruce Willis, who also starred in the aforementioned "Sixth Sense".

Also, the actor is famous for his role in the legendary franchise “Die Hard”, the drama “Armageddon” and the criminal thriller from Quentin Tarantino “Pulp Fiction”.

James McAvoy will play Kevin Crumba’s character, his many other film critics positively noted his acting game in “Split”, because it’s quite difficult to play several roles of different sex and age at once in one film.

Also, this British actor is known for such films as "The Atonement", "Dirt", "X-Men" and many others.

Elijah Price will play Samuel L. Jackson, who has played in many famous films: “Django Unchained,” “Star Wars,” “Abominable Eight,” “Tarzan. Legend".

Who else is involved in the creation of "Glass"?

film glass with bruce

Produced by:Mark Bienstock (“The Matrix of Time”, “On the Same Wave”), Ashwin Rajan (“Visit”, “After Our Era”), Jason Blum (“The Most Drunk District in the World”, “Judgment Night”).

Also starring:Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Witch”, “Resident of the Shadows”), Sarah Paulson (“12 Years of Slavery”, “For the Abyss in the Rye”), Spencer Trit Clark (“Invulnerable”, “The Mysterious River”).

In the film “Glass”, the most unusual and mysterious heroes of M. Night Shyamalan’s films will meet, and it’s hard to even imagine what a thrilling spectacle awaits us. The film’s slogan - “A Beginning” hints that the plot of this mystical thriller will not leave indifferent even the most selective viewers.

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