Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden.

Aphids can settle on any plant, and on indoor flowers, and on vegetables, and on adult trees and shrubs. During the summer season, aphids can harm both the plant itself and the future harvest. Therefore, the fight against aphids in the garden area is necessary. To deal with aphids need to be very carefully, carefully and throughout the summer.

If you are not a supporter of chemicals from aphids, then we recommend you the popular recipes to combat aphids.

How to deal with aphids folk remedies

Such a question is often asked not only by cabbage lovers on the ridge, but also by those who suffer from aphids on the bushes of berries and cucumbers. In order to avoid the appearance of these pests, you must follow some rules and your struggle with aphids by folk remedies.

As you know, first of all, ants bring in new plots.Sweet milk aphids, serves as a wonderful food for them. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to start the fight against ants, otherwise they will carry more and more young, growing aphids.

A wonderful folk remedy, from both aphids and ants, issoap solution. To make it, you need to rub a piece of soap on a grater so that it dissolves better, and mix it with a bucket of water. With this solution it is necessary to water the beds on which the ants themselves have settled, including the paths along which they move. A variation on this recipe issoap - soda mixture from aphids. In 1 liter of warm water, place 1/4 bar of grated grated soap and 1 tbsp. soda ash. If you use only soda, without soap, it will quickly be washed away under the influence of precipitation, and the composition will have to be applied again.

Also folk remedies for aphids are made fromfrom ash and laundry soap. It is necessary to take 300 grams of ash, pour it into a bucket of water and put it on a fire, bring this mixture to a boil and add half a block of soap to it. This solution can be watered not only on the trails, but also on the plants themselves, it will not cause any harm, and it will relieve them from aphids.Another recipe for how to get rid of aphids with folk remedies using ash - stir a glass of wood ash in 5 liters of water, insist for 12 hours, and spray the affected beds. This is one of the most effective methods of dealing with aphids.

Fighting aphids folk remedies -infusions on potato leaves. Plants "marked" aphids, can be treated with water, which is infused for 3 hours on potato tops. At the same time, it does not make any difference whether it is fresh tops, or dry.

Folk remedy for aphids in the trees - trees and shrubs, you can spraywater with onions. To do this, take 200 grams of onions, chop it and pour it with warm water. Let stand for a day and you can start spraying garden crops.

No worse will help suchdrink like coca cola. It is necessary to pour the drink into a container with a spray and gradually spray it with cultures damaged by aphids.

Tobacco infusion against aphids on plants.You will need a glass of tobacco, tobacco leaves or just cigarette butts. Brew tobacco in 5 liters of boiling water, leave for a day and strain. The solution is quite concentrated, so do not use it on plants before harvesting. Collect the fruit will be no earlier than a week after treatment.

Infusion of citrus peel.Half-liter jar of dried peel of citrus fruits chop and soak for 24 hours in 1 liter of water. Then boil for 10 minutes, strain and pour into a bucket of water (10 l). For best effect, you can add 1 tbsp to the solution. liquid soap.

Acute herbal infusions against aphids.Aphid does not tolerate "spicy dishes." Horseradish, garlic, hot peppers help get rid of this insect without unnecessary trouble. Finely chop the roots and leaves of horseradish, fill the container with a third and add boiling water to the top. Let it stand for a day. 1-2 pods of bitter pepper cut into pieces, cover with a liter of boiling water, let it brew for several hours. Garlic brew prepare a little more difficult. A large head of garlic, finely chopped or crushed, brew 1 liter of boiling water. When the liquid has cooled, add 2 tsp to it. any detergent or soap and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Vegetable, fruit and berry crops process against aphids no later than a month before harvest.

Against aphids infusion of celandine is effective.For 10 liters of water, take 3-4 kg of raw grass (whole plant) or 1 kg dry, let it stand for 1-2 days, strain, add soap.

Infusion of tomato or potato tops.Finely chop the tomato and / or potato tops, fill the container (with a volume of, for example, 3 liters) by half and fill it with boiling water to the brim. Let it stand for a day, after which add 1 tbsp. soap or washing powder.

Onion infusion against aphids.30-35 g of chopped onion heads (you can also add a little onion peel), pour 1 l of water and leave for 5 hours. After this time, add 4-5 g of soap, strain and bring the volume of infusion to 1 liter.

Pine infusion.1 kg of pine needles, pour 4 liters of boiling water, leave for 7 days and stir every day. Before spraying dilute the infusion with water 1: 1.

Sorrel in the fight against aphids.300 g of horse sorrel roots pour 10 liters of hot water and leave for 2-3 hours. Then spray the plants.

Flower infusions against aphids.To prepare chamomile infusion, 100 g of dry stems and inflorescences of chamomile, pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 12 hours. In the infusion, add 4 g of soap. Before spraying, dilute the liquid with water at a concentration of 1: 3. Not bad "cope" with aphids and dandelions.400 g leaves and 200 g of the roots of flowering dandelions insist 3-4 hours in 10 liters of water. The resulting infusion spray the plants.

Essential oils against aphids.In 100 ml of cream dissolve 10-15 drops of essential oils of lavender, tea tree, cedar and thyme. In the resulting mixture, add 2 cups of water and spray plants with it 2 times a day. Already after 3 days you will see an excellent result.

The fight against aphids folk remedies and spraying spend in the evening. Plants are treated abundantly, until the affected areas are completely wetted. Try to get the solution to fall on the lower surface of the leaves, where the aphid accumulates especially thickly.

Do not forget that there are plants that help in the fight against this pest. The most famous will be garlic, onion, coriander, mint, basil, lavender, chamomile. By their nature, they emit a strong, frightening odor and this is an excellent cure for aphids in the country.

It is also worth remembering that there are also those herbs that, on the contrary, attract aphids, thereby drawing all attention to themselves and not allowing them to sit on the plants that grow for us. These herbs will be petunia, tuberous begonias, nasturtium, hypnotic poppy and legumes.Trees that attract aphids will be lime, viburnum and bird cherry. Such plants need to be removed from the beds, and then either uproot them, or also process them from aphids.

Prevention of aphids or is it possible to get rid of aphids in the garden forever?

Because of the biological features get rid of aphids once and for all will not work. They adapt to seasonal changes and the physiology of the plants they love. However, it is possible to significantly reduce the multiplication of aphids in the garden plot, if you observe the following preventive rules:

  • The appearance and spread of aphids in trees is reduced by antler belt, eggs laying of which can be spilled with boiling water.
  • Follow the techniques that provide good turgor of leaves (strong, tight leaves are harder to bite through the aphid): sprinkling of the crown, balanced feedings (no need to overload the plants with nitrogen), regular watering, mulching.
  • It is necessary to wash off the leaves from the leaves - a sooty mushroom can settle on it, which will further weaken the plant.
  • Regularly remove young parts of plants that have a sufficiently soft fabric: tops, fattening shoots, basal growths - there is free.
  • In autumn and early spring (before the buds swell), clean the stumps and branches of the old, exfoliating bark, whitewash the stems - this reduces the number of viable egg laying.
  • After each walk, have the children bring ladybirds and produce them on plants inhabited by aphids. The smell of calendula attractive for ladybirds - it can be planted in the garden specially.
  • Sometimes it helps to include plants in flower beds (feverfew, tagges, onions, garlic) that repel certain types of aphids. Conversely, attractive (nasturtium, kosmeya, mallow) is better to plant away.
  • Kalina and linden are the favorite trees of aphids. Try not to plant collectible rarities next to them.

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Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden 76

Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden 66

Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden 88

Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden 99

Fighting aphids folk remedies. 16 folk remedies against aphids in the garden 38