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Modern technologies are becoming more and more actively introduced into many spheres of human activity, the construction industry is no exception. All innovative inventions are aimed at improving and simplifying the process of work. If earlier we would use a hammer and nails to connect two parts, then thanks to modern innovations we have a wide range of reliable fastening systems. The mounting systems themselves, in this form, began to be widely used quite recently, less than 20 years ago. The most progressive companies that keep up with the times have become to introduce them into the domestic market. One of these companies is Lex-Holding, a team of experienced professionals who for many years has been a leader in the construction market.

Their difference from competitors is that they represent only high-quality fastening systems made in Germany. Professional employees are constantly looking for new solutions and improving their level.They direct all resources to long-term cooperation. And due to the complex and responsible attitude to customers, the company has developed very warm and friendly relations with its customers. They work with any scale of supply, and it does not matter, these are large lots for factories, less for construction companies or small lots for private trading companies. All arising questions are solved effectively and as soon as possible.

The wide range that Lex-Holding represents is fully focused on the needs of the consumer. This and all types of screws, screws and nails. Especially popular and in demand today are professional fastening systems for pre-fabricated construction. All products are of excellent quality, which is naturally confirmed by the corresponding certificates. All fastening systems undergo quality control, each new batch is checked for mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, breaking strength, allowable loads and maximum twisting force, as well as chemical composition. Agree, the range of tests is more than impressive.Learn more about the company and products on the website

The order is formed by a professional and experienced purchasing manager who not only monitors the order bundle, but will also be able to competently select the necessary type of fasteners for you, depending on your requirements. Orders are taken round the clock on any day of the week.

Lex Holding is the first step to the success of your construction.

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