Fashionable clothes for women in 2019

We all appreciate in people their moral qualities - good, honesty, responsibility, sense of humor - all that makes a person good and enjoyable to communicate. But, as you know, the first impression is made up in appearance. Meet on clothes, and if your appearance like others, then learn the subtleties of your character will be much more interesting.

Attracting attention to yourself and making new acquaintances is not so difficult if you follow the word of fashion and take care of your own style. Fashionable clothes of 2019, combining practicality, brightness and modern technologies, will help you to open up from the best side in any company and under any circumstances.

What is it worth to enrich your wardrobe in the coming year? Our new clothes will be a balance between futurism on the verge of a foul, and the good old classics that exist outside of time.

Next door in the closet will be a jacket made of soft holographic plastic, quilted silver trousers and a suit of wool in a strict cage.Leave a place for things of genuine leather and substitutes with a lacquered surface; take the main place in your wardrobe for denim - denim clothing is again in trend.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceberg of fashion trends, to which we rush at full steam. In order not to break and not go to the bottom of the fashionable failure, let's consider all the main trends of the 19th year and draw up our current set of necessary things.

Original trouser suits

Every women's wardrobe should have at least one trouser suit. In this you can go to work, to seminars, lectures, business (and not so) meetings. In addition, the jacket and pants always remain in the top 10 of the most current trends, only the style, fabric, and prints change slightly.

fashion trends 2019 in clothes

This year, new details in the field of costume will be original parts. Huge patch pockets of leather, or decorative sleeves with slits for hands, a dummy belt with a brand logo - that is, those "chips" that will help you and your clothes stand out from the crowd.

Pants in a fashionable two should be straight and not very narrow, perhaps slightly flared (the width difference should be smooth, not obvious).

Mini oversize jacket

fashion trends for 2019 in clothes

A fresh and unusual interpretation of a classic suit will successfully dilute your wardrobe. To repeat the stylish look from the catwalk, combine an elongated jacket or jacket with short shorts, mini-skirt or dress to mid-thigh.

This combination slightly changes the proportions of the body, so it is better to complement the image of shoes with heels, the height of which compensates for the imbalance.

fashion women clothes

Style jacket you can adjust the style of his suit. So, to look feminine and elegant, wear a fitted jacket, and for a “street” look, a voluminous jacket oversized. Underline your chosen look with a beret, pumps, or a large bag over your shoulder.

Clothes from the "cosmic" fabrics

Fashion reflects not only the stylistic mood of the society, but also global achievements in any field. The active development of space technology gave fashion women unique clothing, clearly inspired by flights to neighboring planets.

fashionable outerwear

Jackets made of holographic oilcloth and special soft plastic, trousers of silver, like foil-coated fabric, costumes made of translucent organza or taffeta, poured like a moonstone - this is what is worth adding to your stocks of trendy things.

Sweaters embroidered with large sequins with a reflective surface and transparent brocade raincoats look particularly impressive. The latter, by the way, will be a beautiful addition to the romantic look for a summer evening.

Jeans - all head

fashionable clothes 2019 photos

Jeans with holes, denim windbreakers and trench coats, denim dresses and pants from any other fabric, but dyed under blue jeans - this is one of the main trends of 2019! You can wear these things separately and together, and even better - in combination with blue clothing, but not from denim.

For example, your favorite boyfriend jeans can be equipped with a trench-oversay from a dark blue raincoat fabric, and a blue short sheepskin coat can be worn over a denim sheath dress. Accessories from trendy materials will not be redundant: denim backpacks, berets with peaks and black denim caps.

Shred to shred

what clothes are fashionable in 2019

How can you not love cute rustic blankets made from many colored patches? If you want this motley cosiness to be always there, choose a garment with printed print - another fashionable hit of 2019.

Nice in this style are dense jackets and windbreakers-trapeze, straight skirts to mid-thigh in the spirit of the 70s, and fitted dresses-cases with a shirt collar. In the warm season, you can pick up a few dresses and skirts from flying chiffon.

the most fashionable clothes of 2019

The thinner the fabric, the larger the flaps can be. So that the image does not turn out to be overloaded, and you are not ruffled from your eyes, the patchwork clothes should be balanced with monophonic things.

Dress up cloaks of neutral colors (beige, khaki, black, coffee), skirts - light blouses, and jackets - straight leather trousers.

Clothes from leather and analogues

trendy casual wear

If you still do not have a leather jacket, leather jackets or tight pants made of thick eco-leather, then in 2019 this situation should be urgently corrected. The trend of this year is full of leather products, which, even in the most strict and classic image, will bring a touch of bold sexuality.

For office work, choose tight pencil skirts made from matte leather or leatherette, and wear them with simple monochromatic turtlenecks. For every day, fit leather-fitting trousers in bright orange or black; it is better to wear them with a guipure light blouse and / or a colorful jacket.

fashion styles in clothes

By spring and autumn, fill your wardrobe with a pair of short jackets: a neutral shade (black, beige), and a noticeable color - mustard, orange, scarlet, silver.

Also, do not ignore leather coats - in the fashion of 2019, a variation of a double-breasted military classic of dark colors - indigo blue, dark marsh, purple-black.Finally, for special occasions, you can choose a combined dress with a top made of eco-leather and a wrap-around skirt.

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