Family holidays and traditions

best family holidays and traditions

Family holidays and traditions are the way and lifestyle of the family. These include respect for elders, mutual aid, discussion of books and new films, Sunday dinners, going on trips and much more. Good family traditions have a positive effect on children and shape their life ideas. They also dictate the behavior of children and give the family a sense of unity with sisters, brothers, parents.

When a child gets used to family holidays and traditions, he creates a positive attitude towards the future. For example, a child happily awaits Sunday fishing or a trip to a country house, a museum, a theater, prepares for the wedding anniversary of a grandfather and grandmother, gladly awaits the gathering of all relatives for a holiday dinner, and at night before going to bed looks forward to reading fairy tales and kissing. From these children grow up positive and sociable people. Such optimists have a great chance to achieve a lot in life.

Forming traditions is necessary when you create a family, and with the birth of children, you need to develop them.

Remember, that:

  • all family members should enjoy the traditions and holidays;
  • traditions must be systematic;
  • traditions must be remembered and delighted;
  • create traditions with joy and love, and not in order to establish strict rules.

What traditions are there?

Family reading

A long-lost tradition is family reading. Previously, during this beautiful tradition, all family members listened to someone who recited aloud. Today, children prefer to watch cartoons, play computer games. They do not like to read. Therefore, it is necessary to set an example unobtrusively and instil a love of reading. When kids are small, you can read ordinary literature, and schoolchildren should also read the tradition: reading books together

Traditions in family education

The family is considered strong and friendly, if all households have a single point of view on important issues. For example, intellectual families put knowledge in the first place and therefore expand the horizons of children. In upbringing, such customs and traditions are important as respect for elders, helping those in need, keeping the house clean, teaching the child to tell the truth and not to family traditions

"Embrace in the family"

So that children grow up calm and confident in their abilities, psychologists recommend parents to hug their babies more often. In adolescence, children are already in the "calf tenderness" mothers, sisters. Therefore, hugs need to be turned into a tradition, so that they become another source of support and inner strength. If, instead of affection, embrace and say that you are all together, the children will become accustomed to such manifestations.hugs are a good family tradition

"Secret handshake"

A handshake with family members is very important than a sign that you are, for example, “from the Sokolov family”. This is tangible evidence of warmth and support from the household. Adding fingers in a special way, shaking hands several times, clapping with the palms are all examples of a secret handshake that gives confidence in a responsible step when parental closeness is very important. This can be when getting a diploma, at a wedding ceremony or in difficult life handshake

"Joint meal"

Eating together is a very good tradition. Today, for whatever reason, you do not always have the opportunity to organize all meals with your family. But once a day, try to eat together.Decide for yourself what time for meals will be convenient: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Be sure that there is no TV, mobile phones, and there was a nice and friendly atmosphere at the table.

Before eating, fix the following good habits:

  • wash hands before eating;
  • dress to the table neatly;
  • look after the table at the grandparents;
  • observe the norms of behavior;
  • Mom help clean the table.

Children imitate adults. When you eat, talk about good things, discuss interesting news, and share your impressions that happened during the day.joint breakfast is one of the best family traditions

Reading bedtime stories

One of the wonderful traditions for the development of the child are nightly reading bedtime stories. Such children, whose parents spoiled reading, successfully learn, make friends very quickly. Fairy-tale characters pick up on age. Sit down on the baby on the bed and read.

The development of attention, calming the nervous system and instilling peace in the babies' hearts occurs during the hearing.reading children before bedtime is a good family tradition

"Walk in the evening"

This tradition must be fixed in their habits. Walking before bedtime, you throw away all the problems, talk on interesting and positive topics and get ready for bed. This healthy habit, you need to educate even in infancy.An evening walk is a guarantee of a good and restful sleep.

"Breakfast on Sunday"

On Sunday, a beautiful tradition is a table covered with a beautiful tablecloth with elegant dishes and dishes that people like to eat very much. On Sunday breakfasts, many children, and adults too, are waiting for long-awaited news, important and interesting decisions. So, more often arrange such breakfasts on weekends.

"Sports Day"

Set a weekend on a day when children play sports: be it football, volleyball, or play tennis. It will be easier for children to determine what kind of sport they want, if their parents have been practicing with them regularly since childhood. The guys, instead of aimless staggering on the street, will look forward to the weekend to practice their favorite sport.traditional family football game


Shopping for a whole week is not very easy, so mom needs helpers, and she can connect all households to this. This help will benefit children. They will be involved in the menu selection, housekeeping and budget calculation. If a child has his own money, adults can help him with a choice, but it is not worth pushing, since the choice is free and he is your son or shopping trip

"Visiting interesting places"

The tradition of going to native places or watching a sunrise, stargazing or eclipse will be very interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Visiting holidays, organizing folk festivals or participating in fairs will also be tradition - hiking

"Small holidays"

You can arrange small holidays that determine the future of a daughter, brother or parents. Let it be a victory at the Olympics, the successful passing of exams or admission to work. Get together and celebrate the whole holidays and traditions 2

Tip:For actions to become a tradition, they need to be repeated on a systematic basis. It often happens that because of troubles at work, tiredness or stress, you forget about the decision made. Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort to clearly establish traditions and support them for many years.

We offer to watch a video on this topic. Let your family always have fun, joy and laughter!

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