Exciting chewing gum "Detonator": reviews

The days were already gone when the agent wasthe famous "Viagra". Now on the market among these products are many different drugs that increase potency and libido. Chewing gum "Detonator", reviews of which are somewhat contradictory, confidently outstrips the popularity.chewing gum detonator reviews

Why do you need

Means for excitation are required for those who haveweakened erection or low level of libido. It is noteworthy that the chewing gum "Detonator", reviews of which from women are very commendable, is universal. That is suitable for representatives of both sexes. Many women are so tired for the day that in the evening the strength for intimate feats is no longer enough. In men, with age, the erectile function is weakened. Exciting chewing gum "Detonator", according to the promises of the manufacturer, helps to cope with all these difficulties.cud chewing gum

How much is

Of course, the price depends on wherethe product is purchased. So, for example, the manufacturer does not have a surcharge, so the cost will be slightly lower than from representatives or in stores / pharmacies. However, before the "Detonator" (chewing gum) will be bought by you, it is worth to get acquainted with the reviews of those who have already bought this remedy. But only with truthful, not paid for PR. It is worth, by the way, exciting chewing gum "Detonator" is not small, 990-1300 rubles per jar. Not the cheapest means, however most of the pathogens cost even more.

Official site

Chewing gum "Detonator", reviews about whichon the manufacturer's website only positive, offered at different prices. To believe what the grateful customers write on the official page, it is not worth it. Why? The company is not interested in people seeing negative feedback about their products, so they simply do not post them. However, on the site you can find out what the price of chewing gum is, what is included in its composition, how it affects the body. This information is freely available, there is no reason not to believe it.detonator chewing gum отзывы

The very comments

Mediators and producers are interested inshopping, so the network is full of positive eulogies, under which there is necessarily a button "buy" or "order." It can not be said for sure that those who wrote lies. However, one should treat with some apprehension to such praises. First of all, there are always dissatisfied people. If there are no messages, then they are erased in time or not allowed to enter the network. Secondly, any product has its drawbacks, which are usually written much more willingly than about virtues. "Detonator" is chewing gum, which is no exception. First of all, you need to pay attention to the composition.

Afrodisiacs in the product

It is noteworthy that manufacturers assembled in onethe causative agent is some of the strongest aphrodisiacs. Naturally, the product is positioned as a powerful tool for stimulating libido and erection. What does the "Detonator" consist of? Chewing Gum contains:

  • rhodiola rosea;
  • eleutherococcus;
  • the Leuzeaux;
  • pomeranian.

What is special about these components? All of them affect the central nervous system, stimulate the sexual system, increase sensitivity.excitatory chewing gum

How to use

So how correctly to use the "Detonator"?Chewing gum, the instruction to which is not too clear and understandable, is accepted simply. What does the producer write? It should be chewed for 5-20 minutes before sexual intercourse, and it will immediately begin to act. Is it really? In fact yes. The aphrodisiacs that make up the body really start to actively influence the nervous system. The person experiences the strongest excitement and desire. By the way, the effect does not all occur precisely in the above time period. Someone does not act immediately, but someone immediately feels excited.

What can not be done?

What is dangerous in such a preparation as "Detonator"(gum)? The responses of some men talk about how they offer a tool to girls without warning about its effect. You can not do this. Why? First, all organisms are different. It is possible that one of the components has an allergic reaction. Secondly, it's not too honest. If you do not warn that the chewing gum is exciting, then the girl will have a strong sexual desire, but do not realize what it is connected with. So you can not use the remedy.

Rhodiola rosea

Chew "Detonator" (where to buy, will be toldbelow) in the composition has a harmless at first glance pink radio. However, there is some danger in it. The substance is actively used in medicine as a means to combat sexual disorders. In addition, the radiolocation actively affects the central nervous system, stimulating its activity. The substance itself is not particularly dangerous, because it is natural, but in combination with other aphrodisiacs can have unpredictable results. chewing gum detonator where to buy


This component is widely used as ameans to reduce stress and increase stressfulness. And it is one of the components of the gum for excitation. It is noteworthy that eleutherococcus helps to relax, to distract from unpleasant thoughts, to become more relaxed and free in actions. "Detonator" - chewing gum, the reviews about which cause some doubts, consists, though from natural components, all the same possesses a somewhat intoxicating effect. It definitely should not be confused with liquor, because the result can be unpredictable. Exciting chewing gum "Detonator" in combination with alcohol can "kill" sexuality.


It is a plant component that issoothing. It is noteworthy that for men it gives extra intimate power, and for women it helps to get rid of fatigue, that is, as an agent, leuzea is very effective. It is not addictive, does not have any side effects, except for one: strong drowsiness after a rush of vivacity. Therefore, with the substance, too, it is worthwhile to be careful.


This aphrodisiac is the strongestThe main purpose of which is to increase sexuality. In small quantities, pomeranian really gives an intimate power to men and women, but in large numbers can cause allergic reactions. In some cases, an overabundance of aphrodisiac causes sexual dysfunction. Chewing gum "Detonator", reviews about which for the most part are still positive, should be applied no more often than 1-2 times a week, strictly in limited quantities.cud detonator

What men say

At representatives of a male quite often ariseproblems with potency for various reasons: fatigue, age, an overabundance of impressions, a bad mood, overexcitation and others. Some, having tried the "Detonator", again gain a good erection, perform intimate feats and generally lead a normal sex life. Accordingly, their reviews about the drug are only positive, because you do not have to avoid sex under various pretexts. However, if the potency appears only after the reception of the chewing gum, and the rest of the time is absent, it is worthwhile to visit the urologist and sex therapist. Firstly, an intimate disorder does not arise just so, there must always be a reason. Secondly, it can only be learned by a specialist doctor. Let the chewing gum remain one of the spare options in case of misfires, and not the main "dish" of the evening.stimulating chewing gum detonator

What women think

Low libido is one of the most acutemodern problems. Daily routine exhausts the female body, which affects sexuality. The representatives of the fair sex who tried the "Detonator" really feel a surge of strength and desire. However, get involved in the drug is also not worth it. Grateful girls leave praise for chewing gum, which affects the opinions of those who read them. But there are other ways to adjust the libido without any pathogens. For example, a good dinner, seasoned with natural aphrodisiacs (parsley, dill, basil), or seafood, rich in vitamins, which give sexual strength and desire. And most importantly: it is safer, because nothing accumulates in the body, does not harm it.

Where to buy and whether it is worth

So, already told about what is chewing gum"Detonator". Where to buy it? Perhaps, on the Internet, because in pharmacies you can hardly find it. By the way, this should cause some suspicion. After all, the drug is positioned as an additive, and pharmacies are actively implementing them. Perhaps the lack of offline means is due to its novelty. Should I buy it? If there are any sexual disorders, you must first consult with a specialist. "Detonator" - chewing gum, the instruction to which indicates the absence of contraindications, raises some doubts in sexopathologists. Therefore, before buying a visit to the doctor is required.

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