Epoxy resin pendant

Epoxy resin - one of the most popular materials for creativity. From this article you will learn how to work with it correctly. We will understand this process on the example of creating a beautiful pendant with dried flowers inside. We have prepared for you a step-by-step instruction with photos, as well as some useful tips and tricks. In the future, you can use them to create other decorations and interior items.


Epoxy resin is different. Technical is a material for the manufacture of glue, plastics, insulators and other means. We will work with its other variety. Epoxy for creativity - a special kind of this material. Part of its components form the resin, part - hardener. After hardening, epoxy resin looks like glass, but it is a more plastic material that does not break when dropped, for which the masters especially appreciate it.

With the help of additional tools and accessories, craftsmen create various decorations from it (the most popular are pendants with dry flowers inside, ornaments with insects, earrings, rings),as well as home furnishings (coasters, paintings, colored coatings for wooden furniture). Products made of epoxy resin are baked in the oven, they are often pre-mixed with various dyes. This material has gained wide popularity, as it is affordable, easy to use and beautiful. Externally, it resembles organic glass.

Epoxy resin for creativity, like other epoxy resins, is a toxic material, so you should be careful when working with it and not only wear gloves and a respiratory mask, but also ventilate the room during work. Toxicity also limits the scope of epoxy - it can not be used to create accessories that will somehow come into contact with food. In case of contact with the skin (pendants, rings), it is not dangerous.

pendant with dried flowers

So, go to our master class. It's time to learn how to make an epoxy pendant with your own hands.

What do we need?

  • epoxy resin for creativity
  • dried flowers
  • silicone tins
  • Accessories for jewelry

Material preparation

The composition must be mixed according to the instructions on the package.Often resins of different companies differ from each other, therefore it is difficult to give general recommendations. The main thing - leave the resin for 1-2 minutes after mixing at rest, so that excess air bubbles that got into it when mixing out. So its texture will be more convenient for work, it also helps to make it transparent, without unnecessary play and lumps. By the way, some companies produce a resin that is already ready for use - you just need to squeeze it out of the bottle into the form.

Silicone molds for jewelry, like epoxy resin itself, are tedious to look for in the departments for creativity. If you could not find the molds, make a flat pendant, the shape of which you just need to draw. The work will turn out a little more, and the pendant itself will not be as level as it could be when using forms, but still this is the way out.

Prepare dried flowers or other decor that will be placed inside the pendant. Someone chooses sparkles, someone likes to work with butterflies, and someone seals even pictures.

dried flowers

If you have silicone molds, pour a thin layer of epoxy resin on them. Then put the decor on it and fill another layer.If you don’t have them, draw a full size picture of the pendant on paper. Pour the epoxy drop into the paper. Place the sheet in the oven.

epoxy resin

How to bake epoxy?

Heat the oven to 80-90 degrees. When the oven heats up, turn it off and gently place the molds or the prepared resin inside. Leave it in the oven for 15 minutes. Then take out the product and leave it alone for a day. Ensure that there are no drafts in the room.

epoxy resin

If you used not molds, but your workpieces, then after hardening the material you need to get rid of the irregularities using a nail file or emery paper. Smooth out all edges. Then we place a decorative element in the center of the future pendant, and fill it with epoxy resin on top. Repeat the baking procedure again.

pendant with dried flowers

The final touch is to attach the pendant to the fittings. Hole for inserting chains or earrings hooks can be drilled. If you do not have a thin drill, insert a skewer before baking, and then remove it. If you highlight the ring with a large decorative element, simply stick the frozen epoxide to the workpiece.

epoxy jewelry

That's it, the original pendant is ready! We hope our tips and tricks will help you to make epoxy resin jewelry that will delight you and your loved ones.

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