English Championship 2017-2018

The England Soccer Championship of 2017-2018 is just around the corner, and the fans are anticipating uncompromising matches, sensational results, tense duels of the best coaches in the world. This tournament has always attracted keen interest among both ordinary sports fans and reputable experts. The upcoming season will not be an exception, because it will bring a lot of surprises.

Competition rules

The football championship of England starts on August 12, 2017, and will end on May 13, 2018. This tournament will be 26 in a row in the history of the Premier League, established in 1992. The prestigious trophy will traditionally be attended by 20 teams that will play two matches between each other (in the home stadium and on the opponent's field). There are 38 rounds in total, the last one of which will start at the same time.

England Championship

The winner of the tournament automatically gets the right to take part in the most prestigious European football draw - the Champions League. At the time of publication of the article, the first line in the 2016-2017 season belonged to Chelsea, and with a 90% chance until the end of the competition, this club will not give it to anyone.

Teams who took 2nd and 3rd places in the standings will also play in the Champions League. The fourth position gives the right to participate in the qualification for this tournament. The club, which turned out to be on the fifth line in the championship, will play in the second most prestigious draw of the Old World - the Europa League.

The football teams, which occupied the last three places in the table (that is, from 18 to 20), drop out of the competition for the next season and go to the division with a rank lower - Champion League. Almost in all draws of the Championship of England on football, 36 points were considered salvage from departure. Recently, however, the density of the results has increased so much, and the level of commands has become equal, that this number has increased. Now experts say that only 38 points scored will save the club from the basement of the table from being lowered in class.

Who will replenish the tournament next season?

In return, Sunderland and Middlesbrough will most likely fly out of Brighton and Newcastle. It is noteworthy that the first line in the Champions League was taken not by the “magpies” under the leadership of Rafael Benitez, namely “Brighton”. Until the very last moment, few people believed in the success of the “gulls”, but the competent selection and solid financial contributions of the team owner Tony Bloom did their job.For the first time since 1983, “Brighton” is returning to the elite of English football, to which the fans from the small town on the south coast of Albion are very happy.

Brighton Fan

For the last ticket to the Premier League, the following squads will lead the fight in the play-offs:

  • "Reading";
  • Fulham;
  • Sheffield;
  • Huddersfield.

Player newcastle

Predicting the winner of the felling between these four teams is almost impossible, because at the finish of the Champion League draw, they were separated by no more than 7 points (for 46 rounds this is an insignificant amount). Who would not have moved from the clubs in the elite division, he will have to work hard to not fly back. In solving the problem of maintaining a residence permit in the Premier League will help significant revenues from the rights to broadcast (from 80 million euros per season), proven players and, of course, the support of native fans.

Title Applicants

The England Football Championship 2017-2018 is considered an unpredictable tournament, since at least 6 clubs claim to win it. In addition, sensations are not excluded, such as, for example, when the modest Leicester won the trophy in the 2015-2016 season. We put out of brackets the possible victory of one of the "underdogs", and we are left with an extensive list of contenders for the title:

  • Chelsea;
  • "Arsenal";
  • "Liverpool";
  • Tottenham;
  • "Manchester city";
  • "Manchester United".

The most likely contender for the first line is Chelsea. Roman Abramovich's team has everything to repeat success: an experienced coach, a solid budget for summer transfers, the best players in the world. Rumors about the transfer of such players as Diego Costa, Eden Hazard, Thibault Curtois periodically appear in the media. Even if someone leaves the team, Chelsea management will undoubtedly select a worthy replacement.

Chelsea FC

Oddly enough, the success of Arsenal in the champion race can be expected only in the event of the departure of permanent helmsman Arsene Wenger (he led the team back in 1996). Nobody denies Arsen’s coaching talent, but under his leadership the “Gunners” have not taken the Premier League trophy since 2004. At the end of the 2016-2017 season, Arsenal is generally at risk of being left without European cups, which prompted some fans to chant at Wenger Out stadiums. A change of coach and a thorough purge of the squad will help correct the situation and include the “gunners” in the list of possible winners of the tournament.

Arsene Wenger

“Liverpool” under the management of Jürgen Klopp shows nice football, but the team still lacks stability. In the season of the Championship of England 2017-2018, the club did not lose to any strong opponent, but with an enviable constancy it lost points with opponents from the middle of the table.If the coach sets up his players for a battle in each match, and the club management buys a good goalkeeper, then in the new rally, Liverpool will be able to climb much higher than 3 places.

FC Liverpool

At Tottenham, the best young players in the English Championship are currently playing, but the “eternal losers” syndrome has not let the club go for years. In the next draw, the players of the “spurs” will have the main thing - experience and an irresistible desire to prove to themselves and the fans the chance of what happened. Right to the title "Tottenham" deserved, but to win the trophy wards Mauricio Pochettino need a little luck in the form of misfires competitors.

FC Tottenham

Josep Guardiola started a massive revolution in Manchester City. Several new players came to the club, who should determine the game model in the coming years, and recognized leaders sat "at the bank" (for example, Yaya Toure). All this inevitably led to conflicts, insulting defeats and the disappearance of hopes for the title. In the English Championship 2017-2018, Guardiola will no longer have excuses, because the Arab sheikhs annually pour in hundreds of millions of euros not for the club to occupy 4th place.

Josep Guardiola

The long-suffering Manchester United found his happiness in the form of the head coach Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese immediately sent to the bench the symbol of the club Wayne Rooney and fully relied on the talent of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibra, of course, was dragging the team, but at the end of the season, he “broke down” and left the Red Devils to their fate. If Mourinho does not find a worthy replacement for the Swede or does not teach young people to score, then you will have to qualify for the Champions League again through the Europa League.

FC Manchester United

The England Football Championship 2017-2018 is really worth watching, because it brings together famous coaches and players who dream of winning the next trophy. The heat of struggle, genuine emotions, spectacular goals - all this awaits us in the upcoming season, which every impatient game of number 1 in the world is waiting for.

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