Electronic bidet covers: types, device, how to choose a good model

Electronic caps bidet belong to the elite plumbing. In terms of comfort with this multifunctional device, no other sanitary fixture can match. They are designed for hygienic procedures after using the toilet.

This cover replaces the bidet. It can be adapted to any imported model of a modern toilet bowl, but the installation requires careful study of the instructions.

Electronic Bidet Cover Device

Structurally, the electronic bidet cover is simple and consists of 2 main parts: the seat and the toilet lid. The main difference between a useful and convenient device is the presence of a control panel. Designers placed it on the side. Water is supplied through a sliding faucet built into the seat. You can activate it by pressing a button on the remote. For drying, there is a special nozzle that supplies heated air.

On average, the remote can be placed up to 13 buttons.In addition to the 2 wash buttons - quick and vibrating and drying ‚it is possible to activate a massage jet‚ to regulate the temperature of the water ‚drying and the seat itself. Equipped with a remote and a special button for children ‚deodorization button. You can turn on the power saving mode ‚adjust and clean the tip.

Cover elements
Each individual model of electronic bidet cover has its own set of functions. They are controlled by the buttons on the remote (+)

Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cover

The main benefit of buying an electronic bidet cover is that all the amenities will be in one place. Its presence allows you to perform all hygiene procedures, eliminating the transfer from one sanitary device to another from this process. The whole list of advantages consists of several points:

  1. Saving space by turning a standard toilet into a 2 in one appliance - a toilet plus a bidet.
  2. Install the lid allows the design of most toilets. It is used both for home sanitary facilities and in other places - sanatoriums, clinics, beauty salons, hotels.
  3. Existence of convenient additional functions and several modes allowing any person to feelcomfortable
  4. Using a bidet cover is an excellent prevention of infections and inflammations ‚because all procedures are carried out by a contactless method.
  5. The ability to connect only to the line of cold water. The design includes heating elements that heat water before supplying.
  6. Automatic cleaning of the washing nozzles.
  7. Easy installation thanks to the detailed manual attached to the device.
  8. The presence of antibacterial coating.
  9. Existence of function of purification of air. In some models, this is done with a fan mounted in the cover. In this case, the cover is connected to the ventilation shaft. In others, the presence of a carbon filter that prevents the formation of unpleasant odors solves the problem.
  10. Getting over the purchase of toilet paper.

Despite all the obvious advantages, some are confused by the fact that the lid may not be suitable for an already installed toilet bowl. This problem is solved simply: before going to the salon plumbing you need to take measurements.

The second significant minus for many is the high cost of a bidet cover. Her price is really considerable - at least $ 500,but because our well-being is more expensive? Especially necessary is a device in a house where one of the family members suffers from hemorrhoids. They will appreciate both light massage and delicate cleansing.

Methods for determining the size of the bidet cover

First, measure the distance between the centers of the fastener points. On modern toilet bowls ‚produced by Panasonic‚ Geberit ‚Roca it is adjustable from 0.8 to 1 cm.
You should also make measurements of the length of the toilet inside and the gap between fasteners and the edge of the bowl. An important parameter is the step between the edge of the toilet and the drain tank.

It is important to take into account the size of the control unit cover.

Measurements that must be performed before choosing a bidet cover. A - the distance between the bolts, B - the internal length of the toilet bowl, C - the edge of the bowl - fasteners, D - the edge of the toilet bowl - drain tank

There is also an easier way to choose a lid - to make a piece of cardboard ‚outlining the contour of the toilet bowl. If a toilet is installed with a non-standard geometry, the bidet cover can be ordered for it. When choosing a cover ‚besides dimensions‚ it is important to take into account the geometry of the drain tank. The cover ‚in the back part‚ must repeat it exactly ‚otherwise the correct installation is impossible.

Manufacturers of "smart" toilet lids

The leading manufacturers of electronic bidet covers are:

  • Izumi ‚Panasonic‚ SATO ‚SensPa - Japan;
  • Geberit - Switzerland;
  • Yoyo ‚Nanobidet‚ LS Daewon - South Korea;
  • Roca - Spain.

Basically all covers manufactured by these companies have standardized dimensions ‚therefore they are suitable for most toilet bowls.

SATO Bidet Covers

These covers are created by the efforts of designers in Japan. They are very technological and modern. There are different models of these devices, varying in size. Factories producing products ‚are located in South Korea. They are equipped with the latest equipment, and quality control is carried out by engineers from Japan.

SATO Covers
In the photo bidet cover SATO DB300 round. This is the best-selling model in Russia. It is sold mainly in 2 sizes: S is short and M is round. The last option is most common because has universal options

The design includes a nozzle of the combined type ‚storage water heater‚ adjustable heated seats. Functional cover allows you to carry out a general washing ‚and use a bidet for women‚ children. You can perform a massage ‚apply an enema by increasing the jet pressure‚adjust the drying temperature ‚soften the water‚ change the position of the nozzle and perform other actions. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 5 years.

Japanese brand Izumi

The Izumi bidet cover, which can be installed instead of the standard toilet seat, is more than just a bidet.

Lid izumi
By pressing the corresponding button on the lid of Izumi, the nozzle is activated, the heated and cold water is mixed, or the latter is simply heated, the pressure is regulated and the temperature is heated, the seat is heated, hydro massage is performed, drying is performed.

This is a marvel of engineering ‚having many functions‚ is powered from a 220 V socket with a frequency of 50 - 60 Hz. A maximum of 1347 W is consumed, for normal operation it is necessary to ensure a pressure of about 0.75 atm. The lid weighs 4.8 kg with dimensions of 48.7 x 50.5 x 15.4 cm.

The creators of Izumi paid special attention to its safe operation. It is equipped with a switch, triggered in the event of a leakage current, a fuse, a thermal switch. With cover bidet Izumi compatible model ladders, hanging toilet firm Roca, Laufen, Duravit, Vidima, Jacob Delafon, Vitra, Suntec, Keramin, IFO, SMARTsant, Villeroy & Boch, Della, GSI, Kerasan and others.

Panasonic Universal Cover

Full comfort and pleasant sensations when performing hygiene procedures allows you to feel the Panasonic cover with great functionality. Its versatility lies in the fact that it is equally convenient for both sexes, as well as for children and even for people with disabilities. For the manufacture of products used only environmentally friendly material.

The electronic cover with Panasonic bidet function brings comfort to the bathroom. It saves energy. It has many modes of operation and at the same time is compact and easy to operate and maintain.

Panasonic covers are equipped with microlifters ‚therefore they close smoothly‚ without creating any noise. Its weight is only 4.6 kg, and its overall dimensions are 47.7 x 52.9 x 18.2 cm. The manufacturer’s warranty is 1 g.

YOYO Covers from South Korea

QUOSS or YOYO bidet caps comply with European standards. They have several modes of massage ‚they can be adjusted to the anatomical features of a particular person. The low pressure in the plumbing system compensates for an air pump mounted in the lid.

Cover YOYO
Pictured on YOYO YB-3000A long. With dimensions of 40 x 54 x 17.4 cm weighing 4.8 kg.The model is adapted for use in Russia (+)

The new model is supplemented with an aroma sachet, a UV light, a water shutoff valve, and a long hose. Instead of a water pump, an air pump was installed in it, which allowed increasing the pressure to create an aerated stream. As well as designers have updated and improved electronics. The warranty period set by the manufacturer - 2 g.

Electronic Doom Covers

Under this brand produced a huge number of models of bidet caps. A special place among them is Roca multiclin advance. It is characterized by great functionality.

Roca multiclin advance
Roca multiclin advance is equipped with a convenient liquid crystal control panel. It is combined with toilet bowls Senso, Hall, Dama both suspended, and established on a floor

This is a removable seat with antibacterial coating, equipped with heating and lighting. Closes gently ‚has‚ as a supplement ‚mechanical control. Controls 5-level water pressure and 3-level air temperature. A suitable model for the system "smart home".

Nanobidet Bidet Cover

In the line of Nanobidet not so long ago a new model appeared - MonteCarlo belonging to the Premium class. It is programmed to perform 47 functions.Equipped with a flow-type water heater, a built-in sensor, controlling the lid raising, night illumination, remote control, presence sensor, Bidet mode, Turbo mode, Children, Super bidet.

Nanocide MonteCarlo
MonteCarlo nanobide has convenient dimensions - 48.7 cm in width, 50.5 in length, 15.4 cm in height and weighs about 4.5 kg. Here you can adjust the nozzle departure. Filter purifies water using silver ions

Make a cover bidet plastic Duroplast. It is designed specifically for the production of sanitary products, high quality, impact and thermal strength. It also has antibacterial properties and increased resistance to mechanical damage.

Geberit Bidet Cover

These lids are combined with most toilet bowls that have an oval-shaped bowl. The product can not be called cheap - the price starts in the region of 600 euros, but if you take a quality detached bidet, the price is almost the same. But revenge will be saved and there it will be possible to install household appliances.

Geberit AquaClean 5000plus
Cover Geberit AquaClean 5000plus. It consumes 850 watts of power. When the economy mode is on, consumption is reduced to 1 W, and when the heating is on, it decreases to 6.7 W

The seat can withstand a load of up to 150 kg.The cycle of washing with water, heated to 37⁰, lasts about 20 s. You can adjust the temperature in the range from 10 to 39⁰. Water consumption is 0.08 l / s.

SensPa Bidet Cover

All components of SensPa covers are made in Japan using high quality materials. The assembly is performed in South Korea. On the market there is a wide range of these products with different sizes.

SensPa JK750C
Model UB-7035 is combined with toilets having a length of 490 mm or more. The measuring tank is taken as the starting point, and the outer leading edge of the pelvis is taken as the final point. For fasteners on the toilet should be holes with center to a distance of 140 - 200 mm

New in 2017 is the Standard class SensPa JK750C model. It is equipped with a number of functions necessary for hygiene and comfort. Goes on sale in 3 different forms. The nozzle having an antibacterial covering is included in the package. In its arsenal, there are only 33 functions. Including has seven functions of hygiene and 10 functions of comfort. Warranty - 2 years.

Installing the electronic bidet cover

When you buy a bidet cover you need to familiarize yourself with the installation instructions attached to it. Recommendations of the manufacturer will have to comply with exactly.

First, turn off the water, remove the old cover, put a new one on the toilet and mount the mixer:

  • connected to a flexible hose ½ inch;
  • introducing the assembly into the hole provided on the housing;
  • fix the mixer using special studs and nuts, and placing rubber gaskets under fasteners;
  • check that the mixer is installed so evenly and finally fix it using a sealant.

It remains to connect the nanorround to the power supply. Do it by directly plugging it into the outlet. The latter is installed behind the toilet so that it remains invisible. The wiring is performed in the cable channel.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What it is and how the bidet cover works:

Bidet cover installation steps:

By installing an innovative plumbing fixture, such as an electronic toilet lid, you can significantly improve the quality of personal hygiene procedures. When choosing a device, take into account its features and dimensions of the existing toilet bowl.

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