Dream of Disease

Car -, if the car knocks the engine, then you should check the heart.

Accident.An accident at a power station — magnetic storms are occurring that can dramatically affect the health of many people.

Plane crashObsessive thoughts that destroy health.

Gas station.Raising the tone. The influx of new forces.

Alcoholic. Seeing yourself drunk - this dream predicts that you are in danger of a nervous shock that can trigger a disease. The acquaintance was drunk; he is having events that cause nervous experiences. Many drunks are waiting for noisy events related to nervous experiences, not only for you, but also for other people.

ClimberIf you see yourself falling into the abyss, a nervous breakdown, with negative health effects.

Angel.If the angel is in heaven and calls to you you are a threat of serious illness. If an angel speaks of something, such information should be heeded.

Angina.. Possible inflammatory processes in the region. throat

OrangeThere is an orange - fast recovery of health. A set of energy.

Anesthesia..Perhaps you can protect a person from stress.

Antonovka.. Your body is fine with vitamin C.

Appendicitis. Intestinal problems.

Pharmacy.You should do preventative health promotion procedures. Possible temporary loss of health. A one-time procedure will remove the pain symptom. Events may entail a temporary loss of health.

Apocalypse. Events that do not end very well .. If you dream of a dream in context with your health, the threat of death.

Watermelon. If you eat meat in a dream and there is a watermelon next to it - a tumor. Perhaps your body does not have enough water.

Rent. the disease, if treated, will go away. All this will require your strength and possibly financial costs.

Aspirin.Prevention of the disease. The need for treatment.

BalykThe symbol of a neglected disease. If you eat it, you will soon find out about it. .If you cut with a knife (or prick on a fork) a balyk - pay attention to cutting (stabbing) pains - this is where your illness is present. Spoiledbalyk(rotten, moldy) -the disease has arisen from damage (or other negative energy effects from the side) Before treatment, energy cleaning should be done.

Balcony.The symbol of the balcony is associated with the human nervous system. And its contact with the outside world. Stable balcony with good walls, speaks of a strong, healthy nervous system. Destroyed walls are about sick. If you fall from the balcony and fall to the ground, there will be a nervous breakdown followed by a diseased condition. If you stay on a ruined balcony, the nervous system should be treated - you are at the limit of the nervous state.

Balm..For a sick person, an indication to be treated with herbs.

Bumper. Energy protection. (In the body can indicate the immune system) A clean, shiny bumper protection set by a good specialist (or a good immune protection). Dirty bumper is necessary to rearrange the protection, it has accumulated a lot of energy dirt (weakened immunity).

Bathhouse.Bath can dream of illness, with a temperature. There is a hint of the root cause of the disease - contaminated organs, blood vessels, body, energy. And until this cleansing happens, the disease will not subside. It is necessary to help your body. The symbol of the bath can also indicate an extreme situation in which you can get and from which there is only one specific way out. If there is hot air in the sauna and you are choking - check the bronchi or lungs; perhaps there you have problems.

Ram. If you eat lamb skewers, you will get sick of the disease, the root cause of which may be your stubbornness, unwillingness to think about your actions.

Hairless bald.If you see yourself bald or sparse hair (although everything is all right with the thickness of the hair), this is a dangerous symbol: a lack of energy can trigger a serious cancer.

Bacon.There is bacon information about a disease that is already in your body. A rapid course of the disease with a high temperature. The threat of disease due to excess weight.

Pregnancy.If a man sees himself pregnant, it is necessary to carefully check their health, there is a chance of a tumor. A woman who sees herself as pregnant should also be examined (if she, besides, does not feel very well) on the subject of cysts, fibroids, myoma, other tumors.

Belmo.Disruption of energy in the body.

Petrol.Symbol of strong energy. If you dreamed of gasoline flowing out of the car, waste of energy.

Birch .. Broken birch - a heavy ill relative. Or an accident. Plant birch - improve the genus

Infertility.It can literally mean - if a person has not had a pregnancy result for a long time.

Linen. Underwear - symbolizes the intimate sphere of a person (the one that the person is not ready to discuss with other people.) Bra, dirty and white in color, may indicate problems in the chest. This disease has developed on the basis of nervous shock. But a person can handle them on their own. If the bra is black (it can be a depression or a black spell) with these problems, the person can not cope on his own — specialist help is needed.

Rabies.. The threat of an accident

Heartbeat.If you clearly felt a heartbeat in a dream, you should check your health: you may have problems in the area of ​​the cardiovascular system. Love. The rhythm of life.

Bandage.If you bandage someone's wound, you can console a frustrated person who will need your participation. If you bought a bandage in a pharmacy, as a physical injury to you or your relative. If someone has a bandaged arm, or a head, it can indicate diseases in these organs.

Steak.If you ate beefsteak, the disease is inside you.The disease can occur from a stroke (physical, psychological). The disease is with temperature, quickly passing.

Pale..To malaise

Disease disease.The symbol of a disease can be literal - indicating a disease of a separate organ or psychological state. (For example, depressive). If in a dream you see your loved one as sick, he needs your help and support. permissible (for example, alcohol, smoking, excess in food, sex) or aggravated negative character traits (despondency, greed, aggression). This, like any illness, should be recognized and treated. her and installations)

PainInner experiences If in a dream you felt pain, you should check the organ where the pain was. It is there that the disease begins (or progresses).

Hospital.The hospital symbol indicates the need for treatment. If you see that you are lying in a hospital ward - and you have a sick relationship with your second half for the time being, the help of specialists (a psychologist and a psychotherapist) is required.This situation, radically undermined your health, not only on the psychological level, but also on the physical. If you leave the hospital, leave the patient condition. (or treatment is successful)

HospitalYou need rest, otherwise you can get sick.

Borscht. If you eat soup with meat, a disease that you will soon find out about. Cooking soup with meat, you get the money, but they will get very difficult (they can undermine health).

Warta. For an infectious disease. It should be checked for cancer. (Polyps, fibroids, fibroids, cysts are possible)

Bronchi. If in a dream you warm the bronchi, you should check the lungs and the entire respiratory system, then you have a health problem.

Belly.If you see yourself in a dream with a big belly (belly), you may have problems with the intestines. You should also check for the presence of a tumor. Insecurity. Excess weight, which threatens diseases.

Bouillon.Drink meat broth- get information about the disease.

Bottle.It is necessary to determine which product is poured in it or for what this bottle is intended. If vodka - and you pour it in glasses - be careful: you have a predisposition to alcoholism.Bottles of milk to the nervous experience. Empty bottles are empty alarms.

Bra.If you see a black bra on yourself, these are emotional experiences associated with a funeral or parting. You need the help of a specialist or friend. You cannot get out of this state by yourself. the bra becomes transparent and begins to melt, as if the problem goes away.


Validol.Shocks. Mental tests. It should check the heart, especially ifabout the dream felt pain

Vata.This symbol is associated with medicine, injuries, wounds. If you see blood on your relative's cotton, there may be an injury or a very soft, harmless nature. If you give away a vatu, you have a good, soft and clean attitude to this person. Vata in your ears, check the serous plugs in your ears, especially if you have begun to hear poorly.

Widow.The likelihood of a serious illness of her husband, with a fatal outcome.

Bucket.A bucket of pure water - good mood, health. Sometimes a bucket symbolizes the energy centers of a person - chakra. The broken bucket - energy leaves, or the chakra opens.At this time, possible pain in some organ of the body.

Fork.In a dream, prick with a fork the meat of an illness pointed to by stabbing pains.

Vodka.If you drank vodka in your sleep, soon you will have nervous stress. If vodka is on the table, for a holiday, a feast that may not end on a positive note. You have seen that someone drinks moonshine-man winds himself up to nervous stress.

Doctor. If a person who dreams of being a doctor himself works as a doctor, the interpretation of sleep goes into the sphere of his work. For other people, the symbol of the doctor is interpreted in the field of health (the need for examination and treatment). A dentist indicates a disease that can be fatal.


Hamburger.If you see in a dream that you eat a hamburger, you should review your diet and make it less nutritious (if you are overweight), or more healthy (if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract).

Beef. Meat-always dream of illness, injury. Meat with blood - to dream of the disease of a blood relative. If it is indicated that meat from beef is indicated the root cause of the disease: aggression, laziness, stubbornness, idleness. Raw meat, a piece of injury or illness.Eating beef sausage is a disease of the intestines, and throat. Distributing sausage in the canteen is a disease infected by other people. Smoked meat is a chronic disease. Fry meat is a disease with temperature. To see meat in the refrigerator is a disease that does not manifest itself.

Hump.If you dream that your hump has grown - check your spine - you start having problems with it

To burnIf you fry meat in a dream and the fire is burning strongly, you will have a disease with a high temperature.

Throat.If you see in your sleep that you have a sore throat and you drink pills, you have problems along the female line, you should go to a gynecologist and take a course of treatment

Peas. Rotten peas in a pod - you should visit the dentist. Ate pea porridge in a dream - your body is gaining strength,

Hospital.To see yourself in a dream, lying in a hospital - the need for treatment, after a difficult period of life: the likelihood of psychosomatic diseases.


Pressure.Increased (decreased) pressure in a dream may indicate your health problems, in reg. of cardio-vascular system .

Board.This is a dead tree and it is mostly interpreted to death, the end of events, the interruption of relationships.If in a dream you see yourself lying on a wooden floor, you should check your health — there is a chance of a serious illness.

Milkmaid.If you see yourself as a milkmaid, you will have hard times associated with nervous experiences. If you see a milkmaid who brought milk into the house, the nervous atmosphere in the family is heated to the limit.

Firewood..It is necessary to be careful about cutting wood (especially when driving) —to injury, accidents

Oak. If you see a living tree in a dream, which is called an oak tree from a sort of long-livers ... To plant a young oak to strengthen its health, the tree has fallen to illness or loss of health. Oak shadows - to gain strength.

Hollow.If you see a hollow in a tooth, your close relative may die soon after treatment.

HoleSerious problems often associated with losses..The hole in the wall of your home is a health problem. Hole in the ceiling, problems with the head.




Spruce. See the curve and dried spruce, in your family are diseases associated with a weak respiratory system (for example: asthma, tonsillitis, bronchitis)

If you got a hold of cancer in your handthe threat of cancer

If you see a fat bloated belly, with additional symbols for the treatment of the disease, for tumors, problems in the intestine.

Capacity.If the tank is filled with milk, you should turn to your nervous system — it's time to treat it,




Jaundice.If you see in your dream that you have jaundice, you should check the liver or gallbladder, then health problems begin.

Acorns.If in a dream youcollect acorns as a positive result of working with your body: diseases recede, to improve health, physical strength, longevity. If you see how pets gnaw acorns and eat them, to the serious illness of loved ones.

Stomach.To feel the pain in the stomach during sleep - problems with the gastrointestinal tract begin. It should be checked by a doctor.

Vest.If you see yourself in a vest in a dream, people follow you for compassion and in order to speak out. If the vest is dirty, dirty - this is not good for your health.

Wen.Seeing a Wen is a vain concern about health. Feelings about your appearance. Fear of cancer.

Toad.Hold a toad -to problem skin.

Roast.K disease. Possible tumor.Fry.If you fry meat in a dream, as a fast-passing disease with a high temperature. Fast, active action.

Roast.K disease. Possible tumors

Chewing gum. Chewing gum in a dream- "chew" information about the serious illness of loved ones.

Jelly.. See your reflection in the plate with the jelly - your body is loose and full, you should go to the gym.

Jaundice.If you see in your dream that you have jaundice, you should check the liver or gallbladder, then health problems begin.

Acorns.If in a dream youcollect acorns as a positive result of working with your body: diseases recede, to improve health, physical strength, longevity. If you see how pets gnaw acorns and eat them, to the serious illness of loved ones.

Stomach.To feel the pain in the stomach during sleep - problems with the gastrointestinal tract begin. Should be checked by a doctor

Pearl.If in a dream pearls darken, this is an indication of poor health: you should check the blood, the liver. If you wear pearl jewelry and it is beautiful: your health, skin and mood are excellent.

Stomach.If you see a thick, bloated belly, with additional symbols for treating the disease, for tumors, problems in the intestine

Vest.If the vest is dirty, faded, it is not good for your health.

Wen.Seeing a Wen is a vain concern about health. Feelings about your appearance. Fear of an oncological disease


Tieknots on the rope (rope), your nervous system is now needed in a calm state, in order to finish the important thing to the end.

Factory.May symbolize your body. If buildings are destroyed and everything is smoked - you start having health problems.

Bins, stocks. See stocks of meat, fat in a dream - to the problem of health from overweight.

Lock.If you dream that you are locking the door, the window is a sign that you are not inclined to share your spiritual experiences or secrets with anyone. With medical symbols, it may indicate a problem in the intestines.

Get pregnantIf a man sees himself pregnant, you should be checked for cancer. With a negative subject, you should check the urogenital system, for tumors, cysts, polyps.

Excavator.To see in a dream a person digging the earth - to the threat of death. If you are dripping the earth - to the funeral.

Earth. Lying on the ground is a disease, or anxieties that affect health.

Corn. Rotten grain - damage, someone interferes with your fate.



Teeth.Teeth point to death or to the threat of death of loved ones, relatives and friends. To see the fallen molar-death of an old relative, whom you have not seen for a long time. If a tooth fell out in front, you will lose a person with whom you communicate often. Rotten, damaged tooth - death due to damage. If a doctor pulls out a tooth, learn about sudden death, tear out a tooth that hurt, a person who has been sick for a long time will die. If all your teeth have dropped out, check your immune system — you have problems with it.

Itching.If you feel itchy in a dream, you should pay attention to the skin-the body shows that problems begin in this area.

Choking in a dream from the heat- should check the heart.

Lock. When medical symbols may indicate a problem in the intestines

Needle. Pins.. If you have been stabbed with a medical needle, you need to take treatmentInjections with a needle in the area of ​​some organs (for example: the heart) is an indication that the body is not doing well (there are stitching pains, a medical term). To see in a dream how you sew up a hole in the clothes with a needle .

Heartburn.Tormented with heartburn in a dream, problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Insulator.Seeing yourself in a medical facility for a dangerous infectious disease.

Hiccup.If you have ikali in your sleep, you should check the heart, brain or spinal cord, nerves, kidneys, diaphragm (if there were additional medical symbols).

Impotence.If a man sees in a dream that to be treated for impotence, there can be serious problems along the male line.

Hysterics.If a hysterics happened to you in a dream, your body thus relieved mental stress. You should pay attention to your nervous system, maybe the time has come to treat it.

Torture.To torture yourself in a dream - your guilt is so great that your body begins to suffer. .

ToysBroken Christmas tree toys-the holiday will not be fun: a high probability of falling or getting into an accident on New Year's holidays (especially it is necessary to take care of children at this time.

Wheelchair. If you see yourself in a wheelchair, there is a risk of injury, a disease that will lead to disability. Seeing another person is the same, only information goes to the other person.

Icon.If you saw a fallen icon in a dream to a grave death. Icons can be removed to sufferings, troubles, restrictions, to diseases. If the face of the saint is visible on the icon, then your path should be interpreted depending on its fate.

Healing.If you are healed in a dream, your illness goes away. Or the treatment goes in the right direction.




Sausage.If you are in the dining room and they give you sausage, you have a gastrointestinal infection. If you distribute the sausage in the dining room yourself, you infect other people

Stones.Kidney stones - to direct instructions that you need to check the kidneys (gallbladder) for the presence of sand or stones.

Rope.Breaking off the rope and falling to the ground is a nervous breakdown.

Drops.Medical drops to the need for treatment. Drops from the ceiling are psychosomatic diseases.

Cough.To see a person who is coughing in a dream, learn about the illness of a person close to you, you cough yourself, you should check the respiratory system.

Guts.If you see your guts that are falling out of your abdomen - life threatening. If you washed your guts in a dream, intestinal cleansing (there is a possibility of loose stools.

Pantry.If you dream of a pantry in your house (from the word “fold”) filled with canned food, canned food and other food products, this may be an indication that you are undergoing fat deposits and a wrong metabolism.

A computer.The symbol of the computer in a dream is our brain. A damaged (broken) computer indicates that problems are starting in this area.

Orange peel- to death from accident

Root.If in a dream you see the root of a tree, it is a symbol of the basis of your kind. Rotten, spoiled, old kind of corruption, which is passed down from generation to generation. A shrunken root indicates childlessness or generic illness.

Porridge. Just a dream porridge dream to close karma. There is a rice porridge in a dream, a fungus, an oatmeal health, a buckwheat disease.Pieces of meat in buckwheat porridge-sites (tumors) in the thyroid gland.




Hemp.Collect cannabis for mental illness.

Contact lenses.If you really wear lenses (or glasses) in real life, and you dream that you don’t see through them, you should go to the doctor, check your eyesight and change the lenses. If you dropped the lenses on the floor and they broke, then you should visit the doctor Your eyesight needs treatment. If in real life you don’t wear glasses and lenses, but you try on lenses, your eyesight drops.

Roots.Seeing how an old, unpleasant woman brews roots, to a love spell, to spoil. To brew and drink roots in your sleep is a hint to herbal treatments.

Corridor.If you see the corridor of your apartment littered with garbage, you should pay attention to your throat, here you can expect health problems. If there are old newspapers and magazines among the garbage, you accumulate old unnecessary information, this can be the root cause of the disease.

Cow.To dream cows are family events that will require a lot of patience and nervous tension from you. If you can see how milking a cow, then you have “pulled” the corresponding events with your nervous emotions and actions. . Feed a cow - should pay attention to your nervous system - you started to loosen it

Corset.If you are considering an orthopedic corset, you should pay attention to your spine, problems begin there. If at this time your child (husband, wife,) is standing next to you - you should pay attention to his spine - running forms will lead to defects in the vertebrae. If there is a mother or father standing next to you, you have a weak backbone going along the ancestral line; neglected forms will lead to diseases in this area.

Candies. Empty wrappers from sweets on the carpet - to the threat of death of the child

Bonfire.If you see, in your apartment, a fire is burning on the floor, you should check your health. Your thoughts and feelings negatively affect your physical condition. (The root cause of the disease).

To smokeTo dream about how you smoke - there may be problems with the lungs or bronchi. To see a man smoking next to you is in a not very healthy atmosphere that is full of irritation, dissatisfaction and anger. From this you can get sick physically. See a number of women smoking - your internal irritation, resentment, impair health.

HearseIf you eat yourself in a hearse, health should be checked, a disease that, if left untreated, can lead to death.

Boiling water.If boiling water is spilled, be careful, your boiling emotions can provoke a serious illness and even a death threat (stroke, heart attack). To get a boiling pot can cause someone to hurt you with emotional expressions.

Acid. To feel a sour taste in your mouth in a dream — you really should check the gastrointestinal tract, or you start having problems with improper metabolism. If you dream to see (or drink) poisonous acids, the environment to which you are veryunfavorable, it can provoke problems of the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers, gastritis, etc.

WellTo look into the well is a danger to the threat of death. Overgrown, running well-neglected health problems.


Avalanche.Avalanche may indicate a psychosomatic illness.

LilyIf you see a lily in your hand in the form of a living flower or a lily tattoo - there is a danger of a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer (check it)

Lemons. There is a pleasure in a dream lemons, the need to replenish the vitamin composition of the body. Not enough vitamin C. If you do not want to eat lemons and turn away from them, your body is full of vitamins and as long as it does not need to replenish reserves.

Deprive.See in the dreamelichen, on your body - should be checked for viral diseases

BurdockYour garden is completely overgrown with burdocks - a high probability of kidney or pancreas disease.

Lie on the wooden floor- Severe illness that can lead to death


Ointment.If you smear healing ointment in a dream, to a mildly passing illness. You buy an ointment in the pharmacy for skin diseases.

A car.. Junk motor-problems with your heart.Old, broken car-to the disease, to the difficulties.

A piece of chalk.Seeing your back in a dream is all in mela to a serious condition (illness) due to nervous tension. Seeing your face in the chalk - to a nervous breakdown. If you see that the ceiling in your apartment is whitewashed and cracks have gone on in whitewash should be urgently checked by a doctor.

Blizzard.To epidemics in the winter.

Husband.Black cowards on a husband in a dream indicate his problems, which he himself cannot cope with, requires the help of a specialist (sexologist - if there is a problem with sex, the parapsychologist - there is the likelihood of sexual love) .. To see a husband pregnant with oncology.

Butcher.To dream of a person who chops meat is a fatal danger. If meat is covered in blood, to the death of a relative by blood (or a severe, sudden injury). If the butcher clearly has an ax in his hands, the probability of an accident on a car. to indicate in a dream a cruel person, a rapist.

Meat.Meat dream always to the disease. And all meat products are also related to a disease or disease states (in a relationship, psyche, or setting). Raw meat is caused by injury or a beginning disease.Boiled indicates a long-term illness, smoked meat - to the aggravation of an old, cured disease (chronic forms). Sausages indicate the nature of the organ (intestines, trachea, throat). The meat in the fridge is a disease in the body, but does not manifest itself. If you got the meat out of the fridge, a manifestation of a genetic disease is possible. Meat a piece of cysts, fibromas, polyps, cancer. Smelly, spoiled, rotten meat indicates damage to health. If you have touched such meat, or have started to eat, then your physical poor condition is connected with this root cause. You should energetically clean the Pork Meat also indicates the root cause of the disease, of which there are three: 1. "illness from dirty hands", 2 .of excess weight, 3.of the wrong attitude to material values ​​(excessive accumulation), beef root cause: nerve overstrain (or all diseases from nerves), etc.If you fry meat in a dream–A fast passing disease with high fever. Rotten, spoiled meat- damage to health (diseases)

Milk. If the container is filled with milk- you should pay attention to your nervous system - it's time to heal it.

Mint.Sniffing mint in a dream - your health can be improved by homeopathy or herbs. To drink tea with mint is a healthy rest.

Get drunk.If in a dream you saw how vodka drank - to nervous experiences. If you saw that your own person drank vodka - he needs this period of time in your support. Drink milk - tense situation in the house

Runny noseTo see yourself in a dream constantly blowing your nose to recovery. If you can't breathe because of a cold in a dream, problems with the respiratory organs begin

A thread., Black, fat threads - experiencing and depression for someone or something .. A tangle of black, matted threads - to depressive, obsessive thinking.

LegTo see your feet swollen and sick in a dream, to the disease (possibly a tumor). If you see your feet in a dream with dirty hands, your body should be “cleaned”.

Knife.If you see in a dream that you are being stabbed by a gang of a knife, and it hurts you: cutting pains in the body indicate a disease, in the organ where the pain signal goes, you should consult a doctor. You held a knife in your hand, in a dream: you should be more attentive to your emotions, by your aggression you can injure loved ones. If you were stabbed with a knife, but there was no pain in a dream, only the fear is the danger of aggression or accident


Nanny.. They themselves got a job as a nanny; you may have to take care of someone, due to illness.

Dinner.If in a dream, you saw during dinner what was on the table, then it should also be included in the decoding of a dream. For example, during lunch, in a dream, there was a meal of meat on the table and you ate it. Therefore, sleep indicates that you have an actively developing disease, and you should consult a doctor and immediately make an examination.

Baldness.If you see your loved one is bald (although in real life he has good hair), he needs help, because he has problems that take a lot of energy, and this can lead to illness. If you see yourself half bald, your second half (husband, wife) can get sick with cancer. If you saw yourself bald in a dream, lack of strength, or your goals to which you gave a lot of strength will not satisfy you. It can also lead to frustration and illness.

Burns. If burns hurt in a dream, then there is a chance of an inflammatory disease.

Chills. You see yourself sick in bed and you have a fever — to recovery.

Window.Often a window in your apartment indicates sight.Dirty, dusty windows are eye problems. Knocked windows - broken energy field in the eye area. This is fraught with migraine headaches

NutsEating nuts with pleasure in a dream can symbolize your body's need for protein.

A bit of it.Candlestick to severe illness.

Tumor.To see a malignant tumor on yourself, should be examined. Perhaps a minor polyp (birthmark) may later turn into cancer. It must be urgently removed. Similarly, a malignant tumor can mean a person who literally “drinks your energy.” I.e. energy vampire. You have to part with him - or it can also lead to exhaustion and cancer. If this is your close relative, try to limit your communication with him to a minimum.

Cut off a finger with an axdeath in a family member accident.

Disgust..Distattion to some food, in a dream, indicates that your body may not absorb this product.

Cut off.. Cut off a piece of meat to a disease that gives cutting pains.

PointsMuddy glasses with glasses - should check your eyesight - it gets worse.

Dandruff.to skin problem.

The ceiling weight in the whitewash that is cracked-death from a stroke that occurs as a result of permanent nervous situations.

Climb the wooden stairs, wooden house- your disease progresses and leads to death.


Extinguished candle- to death


Threshold.The threshold symbol is the boundary between two spaces, between two states. Crossing the threshold in a dream means to make a difference. For example, a person is sick: crossing the threshold in a dream, a person is recovering

Prosthesis.The prosthesis can also dream of disability if the dream is interpreted in the field of health.

River.If the river is crossed from one bank to another in a wooden boat, to the threat of death or death.

Mole.If in a dream you see a lot of oncology birthmarks on your body.

Mouth.If, in a dream, you see sores on the lips of the mouth, it should be checked by a gynecologist. See foaming at the mouth - to violent disputes. Or to nervous seizures

Blush.Apply blush on the face to the disease. Natural blush on the cheeks to health

Broken icon that fell halfto death through agony.




A heartIn a dream, my heart hurts - check this organ with a doctor. In a dream, hold on to your heart, go very deeply into other people's problems. To eat a heart in a dream in the form of cooked meat will soon learn about heart disease in yourself.


If a non-smoker sees that he is smoking a cigarette, as a problem with the respiratory organs. There is a strong smoke from a cigarette, to the poisoning of the body.

Skeleton.Very thin man, after an illness.

Stock.Full warehouse-to vitality, good mood, empty warehouse-to fatigue and apathy.

Weakness.Feel weak in a dream — should take a break and rest. There is a need to check the body for cancer.

Collect.Collect mushrooms in a dream - you will get sick with the flu (It's time to do prevention). To collect clothes in the laundry, plan to go to a psychologist or psychotherapist.





Walk away with the dead- to severe illness and the threat of death

Hitting a wooden spoon on the head- death from stroke



Boiled yolk in egg- learn about death.

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